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To make a good amount of money we go searching for common jobs for which most people work. But what about trying for unique jobs that pay well without a degree? 

It seems that people who don’t go to college are often portrayed to be earning less. But that is becoming a false perspective because there are jobs that pay well without a degree. This suits all age group people, especially students with loan debt who are looking for careers that don’t require a college degree. Unique jobs that pay well without a degree are fun to do similar to low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

We have compiled a list of unique jobs that pay well without a degree. If you’re looking for a way to make money and get paid one of these jobs might be right for you.

Can I find unique jobs that pay well without a degree?

Yes, of course, there are plenty of great jobs with high pay. Maybe you didn’t go to college, but that doesn’t mean you do not have opportunities to earn potentially. On average, 25 years or the ones who are older than that without a college degree can earn $827 a week. 

Unique jobs that pay well without a degree

For recent graduates, a college degree can open up many opportunities, but not all fun jobs demand this level of education. 

The job market offers fun jobs without a degree at entry- and senior-level positions that are both challenging and rewarding.

Unique jobs that pay well without a degree

Chocolate taster 

It is obviously a fun job to do. You will be hired by a chocolate manufacturing company if you are an experienced chocolate lover who can differentiate between flavors and tastes. Being a chocolate taster you need to inspect candies for appropriate softness or cracks in the chocolate ganache coastings. 

To make sure that the chocolates are just right, you will need to spend all day tasting and testing new flavors. You need to sniff the chocolate to make aroma notes and get to savor the taste and creaminess of various chocolate brands before it gets released to the market. 

Moreover, a chocolate taster should have an excellent sense of taste and be able to describe more complex flavors that need to be paired with chocolate. 

To become a chocolate taster, you need to have an interest in chocolate and be able to have an accurate taste. The main way of evaluating the chocolate that you are tasting is through communication skills, so you need to have excellent skills in communicating. The flavor of the chocolate should be ensured to be diverse and high quality to maximize the satisfaction of the customer. 

The tastes of strength and texture should be matched with tasting for flavor intensity, sweetness levels, and acidity.

It would obviously be a dream to earn any amount of money to be a chocolate taster, but on average a part-time job actually offered $11.17 per hour.


Are you good at dancing and do you like dancing? If yes, then this is one of the suitable unique jobs that pay well without a degree. There is no need for any formal education to become a choreographer. Here you need to start out as a dancer and then later through rising ranks you can become a choreographer. But some would choose to pursue post-secondary education and enroll in colleges and universities.  

Dance Choreographer job without a degree

All you have to do is create new dance routines and lead the rehearsal performances. You can direct your dance steps for stage and presentations. In the U.S. the mean annual wage for choreographers is $25,000 per year. This is one of the best fun jobs you can have. 

From 2020 to 2030, it is projected for dancer’s and choreographer’s employment to grow by 31% which is much faster than the average of other occupations. There are many private dance schools you can find to join as a choreographer. 

If you have a continued interest in dance and in pop culture, it provides many new opportunities in dance companies, and you will be able to do it through theme parks, shows, tv, casinos, and movies. 

Chewing Gum taster

Did you know that there is a job where you taste chewing gum? The chewing gum industry has grown to be a multi-billion dollar industry which means there are many gum-related jobs you can find. Here some of the jobs require a degree while some don’t. 

And so chewing gum taster job does not require a degree. Being a gum taster, you need to work alongside gum scientists, called gumologists, and spend many hours trying to perfect the taste of every single flavor before they are released into the market. 

Being a gum taster you need to consider factors beyond flavor and take the aroma and texture into consideration. The gum testers cannot eat, drink, or use toothpaste or mouthwash for at least one hour prior to testing the product. 

According to their sugary strength, You need to sip various flavors and rank the samples. Testers don’t just sip flavors, they sip with their nose pinched closed or sample water or crackers between sips — whatever it takes to arrive at an accurate rating. 

On average you can earn $37,800 annually, and this depends on the company and the qualification. 

Makeup artists

If you have creativity and fashionable sense, then why not become a makeup artist? On average, you will be paid depending on your skill, performance, and experience.

Becoming a professional makeup artist might be a small step with a decent paycheck. All you need to get is a cosmetology or esthetician license and you will need to practice a lot to be a professional. Once you get some certifications and experience this can be very exciting work, and one of the careers that pay well without a degree.

Makeup artist job without a degree

You need to provide beauty services ranging from hair and nails to makeup for everyday people to performers, media, and celebrities. 

On average, the hourly rate is $32.49 and the annual salary is $67,580. This depends on who you work for, you can make up to $117,000. These rates are for those who work with performers and media. So you need to remember that you have to start off small to build your reputation. 

If you’re a makeup artist at a salon or in-store, you can make less than $15 an hour to start and about $21,000 a year. Other than that, as a makeup artist, you can work with video and motion picture companies, performing art companies, and personal care service providers.

Netflix tagger

Maybe you enjoy hours watching your favorite Tv show on Netflix. If yes, then to your surprise, Netflix tagger is a real job that you will be paid for. 

As a Netflix tagger, all you have to do is watch a movie or TV show on the streaming platform and then tag it with the appropriate words or phrases that describe the movie or the show. The phrases are entered into the company’s database which helps make the platform’s search functions more exact.

The pay for Netlfix taggers varies depending on one’s effort and by considering other factors on how skilled you are in describing it, how professional, and experienced. You can earn as high as $65,000 a year if you choose to become a full-time Netflix tagger.

Music DJs

Music deejay job that pay well without a degree

One of the high-paying jobs is being a DJ and there is no necessity for a bachelor’s degree. It is true that radio and TV DJs are required to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but DJs who work in nightclubs, weddings, parties, and other events are not required to have similar formal education.

All you need to have is a love for music and entertainment to enjoy working as a DJ. Although it is enjoyable, sometimes you need to work for long hours, and sometimes overnight. 

Estimating how much DJs earn is a bit hard because the pay depends on many factors like the nature of the event and the place you will perform. On average, DJs make anywhere between $45,000 to $200,000 a year.

You need to provide positive energy through your passion and recognize the importance of the event and deliver an excellent performance. You need to have an upbeat personality and an ability to deal with a variety of people in positive ways. Moreover, be up to date with the latest songs and trends. 

Personal Grocery shopper

If you search for unique jobs that pay well without a degree, a ‘Personal grocery shopper’ will be one among them. You can find a company that offers the opportunity to become a personal grocery shopper for people in your area.

A personal grocery shopper shops groceries on behalf of paying customers. From each customer, a personal grocery shopper will receive a grocery list and will drive to the specific grocery store and pick up the items on the list. 

To be a personal grocery shopper, you need a reliable vehicle and access to a smartphone or computer. The job duties would be to receive client orders, shop items on the lists, pack them in an insulated cooler, and deliver the items to the client’s home. 

The qualification you need to become a personal shopper is the age that should be at least 18 years old. Other qualifications include access to a smartphone, a reliable vehicle, a clean driving record, and the ability to lift up to 40 pounds. Moreover, you need time management skills. Experience as a delivery driver is not required, but it can be beneficial.

Worm farmer

worm farmer unique job without a degree

Most probably this is one of the unique jobs that pay well without a degree and also becoming a worm farmer is a low-investment business opportunity that does not need you to have a degree to start. 

You can make money selling worms and selling the worm castings as fertilizer to gardeners. It is a great way to earn a passive income with little effort. 

If you get your farm going, there will be less than one hour’s worth of work to do every week to keep your worms making you money. There is no need for any qualifications to start. But all you need is to take the time to properly set up your worm farm and grow your business each month.

You can sell them to lodging establishments like hotels, motels, inns, gardeners, nurseries,  anglers, and bait shops as fishing bait. You can sell the compost and the worms to animal feed producers. 

In the United States, the salaries of worm farmers in the US range from $33,110 to $113,140, with a median salary of $64,170. 

Theme park tester

Theme Park tester would be a thrilling job where you can both enjoy testing rides and get paid to visit theme parks at the same time. In a theme park, there are plenty of positions to work. This can include food service, gift shop cashier, ride attendant, and more. 

You can start your own amusement park blog to earn money testing rides. You need to describe the thrill of each ride and share about the best restaurants and hotels in the area. Moreover, give people ideas on spending their time when visiting theme parks.

Final thoughts

As long as you are in the right field, there is no need for a college education. There are plenty of unique jobs that pay well without a degree. You will be able to start big the right way even if you are studying, making it so much easier to create a solid financial plan for the life you want.

The world is ever-changing and the job market requirements will also change possibly in favor of those without a degree. The above-mentioned jobs are careers that pay well without a degree. But you need to keep in mind that you should know how to manage and plan what you earn to build your wealth.

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