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Becoming a millionaire is a difficult task and being one can be achieved only by individuals who are ready to put their effort and time. It is not about just settling in life but something beyond it. It will have high risks to give you high rewards. So you might wonder ‘Do I want to be a millionaire?’ and ‘why should I?’

Why do I want to be a millionaire?

It is common to hear people saying that wealthy people are self-centered people who take or steal money to get rich and portray being wealthy as something wrong. But the fact is money is a neutral thing and it matters how you earn and spend it. Most of the wealthy people worked hard, saved, and sacrificed, and as a result, they got to enjoy the results. 

Even though people have different dreams, different wants, and desires. It has become easier than it’s ever been. But not many are willing to do it. Being a millionaire is more than a dream. It is a necessity, especially for a lot of Americans. So here are a few reasons why do I want to be a millionaire. 

5 Reasons why I want to be a millionaire


Money is the source in which society interacts with each other.  So when you achieved the level of financial independence, it will let you invest the time to strengthen the relationship that matters most. There are people who have got retired in their early 30s. Won’t it be amazing, if you retire even before having kids? Although it doesn’t work for everyone,  it is possible for you to get married and have kids before an average person does. 


The stronger your financial situation,  the less you need to worry. When you are free from debt, you do not want to worry about things that you need to lose. You no longer have to worry about losing your job or about how much active income you get.  If you find enough to never work again,  any active income looks simple. 

Healthcare cost

You might think that you are healthy and will not have extensive medical needs.  But the fact is, it is estimated that for someone who is 65 years old, most have a 70%  chance of needing long-term care.  Healthcare in retirement is obviously going to be expensive. So when you have a million dollars, you do not have to worry about the money you are going to spend on your health. Having better options in treatments, dietary conditions, and less stress will make the life of a millionaire healthier. 

You gain control

You gain control

In the world, there are people with two different mindsets.  The first group is with a mindset that fits their lifestyles and wages and on the other hand,  the second group creates their own lifestyle by creating their own wages. More than 90% of the people,  come under the first group and work for money.  It is the money that controls their lives and they live accordingly. 

The second group,  those who have money decide their lives and controls the money.  You will start conducting your own affairs in a more convenient way.  Money gives you an enjoyable life and it is one of the greatest virtues of wealth.  If you become a millionaire you can do what you want,  with anyone and anytime. 

Increase of confidence 

Money gives you a different type of confidence cause when you have the money you will feel like doing almost anything. It allows you to operate more rationally and raises your self-esteem. You can be yourself, without worrying about anything. It gives you peace of mind and after you, you can leave behind the money for your family. 

The way you view yourself directly impacts the money in your pocket. And so you will make confident decisions that will help you to achieve. 



You will inspire people when you have money. Even though most rich people are not affected by money, they will still be an inspiration to people through what they do. You will be able to work on more meaningful and valuable projects. Moreover, you can give your time to do charitable work. People also show off their wealth by driving a rolls Royce or Ferrari, but still, it encourages others to be one. The control over the money you have will inspire others to work towards it. 

This is one of the easiest ways to help people. Every time you spend your money, someone will get benefit from it, like tipping a server, buying products, and so on. So you are indirectly enhancing the lives of other people. 

The millionaires pay more tax and in the U.S., millionaires pay nearly 40% in tax that helps to establish roads, schools, law enforcement, and various others. One million dollars has far more impact than any other taxpayer. 

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