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Using social media has become a part of our life. It has become a common hobby for most of us. More than a hobby, social media is being used frequently, where during your work, you get diverted to see your phone and start scrolling your newsfeed. When you relax on your couch, you look for photos on Instagram. Many people use it before going to sleep and right after they wake up. People like to increase their followers, get likes and comment on other photos, and share posts in their stories. And if you are one of them, what do you think of earning through social media?

Change your social media hobby into money-making jobs. If you are a person, who can spend time on it, then this is for you. Here are some steps you should consider to make your social media earnings. 

Select your right platform in social media

To start with, you should think about what type of content you are going to create, and how you can keep your people engaged, by liking, commenting, and sharing. The more you engage with people will provide with better results. You can have profiles on many social media networks, but one platform should be your main choice and so be more selective. You can get your results anywhere but some platforms attract more marketers and influencers depending on the type of content you are going to create and engage. Your decision will be influenced by the engagement rates.

For example, if you are going to create things based on news and politics, then Twitter has high engagement rates. If you choose a business, then LinkedIn helps you, and if you are going to create content based on photography, fashion, or fitness, then Instagram is the best platform. Most influencers are attracted by the platforms of Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok in 2021, and if you want to advertise the services and products of yours, then these can generate more revenue.  Other social profiles can be used to enhance the image of your brand and help you expand your reach.

Choose your niche

It is better to go with your passion.  So make a list of what you enjoy doing and then narrow it down to find your niche.   For example,  if you like traveling you can create a travel niche.  If you select it with your passion, then you will focus on it easily by appearing more natural when covering it on social media.  So so be genuine by selecting what makes you happy.  

Your niche should also be profitable, so consider the competition, search volume, and suggested bids when selecting. Go with low medium considering the competition for you to dominate the market,  and stick to 1000 to 10,000  monthly searches so that you know that a lot of people are interested in this niche.  Select for higher bids,  so that the people will be interested in paying you high. After selecting stick to it and make a contains more interesting and in quality to maintain a good level. 

Increase the engagement rates

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Always make sure to provide valuable or interesting content in your selected social media.  Where you post a picture, video, or an article,  the content you provide will decide your results.  People will not get engaged with you if your content is boring. but if you make it in a way that will attract them will boost the engagement rate of the people. You will get more likes comments and will have a reach. 

They Check your profile when they view your content,  and if you have an interesting profile on your social media, you can increase your followers. Other than that you should also engage by going out other people’s content and like them so that you will get it in return. Respond to your follower by commenting on at least give a like to their comments.  When you have a good engagement it brings a personal connection so that when you recommend a brand,  it would make your marketing campaign successful.

Give things free

Many like it when they get things free. This is a technique to increase engagement with your followers. You can give away stuff and request them to follow, like and tag in exchange. Most of them will like to participate. If you have a skincare account, you can give products to a person who has more followers so that they will tag and like you, so this will help you gain more engagement. If your giveaway is handled properly, then you can earn more followers, at least you can gain some attention to help you in the future. But if you are uncomfortable, and find your content doesn’t add value to your followers then you can turn down this offer. 

Use hashtags

People find their relevant content using hashtags. Have a strategy of hashtags, if you want to earn money. Find hashtags in your niche and create relevant content and if you use the wrong hashtag, you will disappoint other people and have the opposite result. Try using multiple hashtags per post according to your selected platform. The easier and faster way to discover hashtags is to check on other people’s posts with a lot of engagement. So that you can easily engage with your followers.

Have analytics and reports

This is a good way to figure out what works for you. You should know your audience to keep going and to make your revenue. Their age, interests, and location are some important details you can find to make your earnings a success. When a type of post is working on your profile and niche then you should create more posts on it. Try to find trends so that you get amazing results. 

Ways to earn money from social media

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Earn commissions using social media

you can promote products or services of other businesses,  which is called sponsored posting.  You get paid when a brand sponsors a post to show up on a relevant page and if a user clicks that ad. Many platforms have sponsored post setups.

You can also promote affiliate products, so each time a sale is made you will be paid a small percentage by the site.  But the product needs to be relevant to the nature and audience you have. You can do this by joining affiliate programs to get your affiliate links.

Partnering directly with brands

This is a classic way of making money. You can promote brands in your videos, where for example,  you can mention the brand sponsoring the video at the beginning and mention to give more details at the end. Well-connected agencies will significantly reduce the time spent to research and evaluate while can often negotiate better deals with the influencer and the brands. 

Sell your products and services

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Build an online store, add your links to your social media profiles and promote them, so that you would get possible value from it more than promoting other’s brands. Or try selling your services to teach something or guide people. 

Test paid to advertise

You can boost your progress by including ads. There are ads that send more viewers to your posts and increase your followers. If you want to become an influencer, then you can try this option. 

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