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Welcome to the wealthy Saturday. Are you struggling in managing your debts? Then you are on the right section. Many are facing the issue of handling the debts they have, and some find it as hinder and it may obstruct our further moves in life. If these debts are managed well, then life gets easier and certain important things can be accomplished. And so we are here to share about debts and the way you can prevent them from being a long-time foe.

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Debt is simply defined as the money that is owed to pay. From common individuals to large corporates, everyone experiences debts when they are unable to afford with their current circumstances. For example, even United States has undergone debts in 1970, during the revolutionary war. This is done by borrowing money and paying it back with an interest. Debts can be bank loans, mortgages, and credit card debts. It is sometimes in small amounts or in large amounts of money and they should always be under control with one’s efforts. If the managing way of debts is known and practiced, overcoming them will be easy.

How to manage debts?

The first thing to consider in debts is to pay them on time. To do this the debts should be identified initially by creating a list of debts to pay and refer to them periodically to find out the balance. Set alarms of the monthly payments that should be done. These alarms can be set one or two weeks before the exact date as a reminder and so it would be easy to allocate the money. As well an alarm on the date of the payment should be set to pay it on time.

This is to prevent late payments which will result in increasing the debt over time. So it should be given the utmost importance to be focused on time and to prevent the delay of the payments.

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The next thing to consider is planning the budget. To carry out this, the monthly income should be tracked and a percentage should be allocated to pay the debt. The remaining income should be budgeted according to the other expenses. And so the reducing of unnecessary expenditures can be made. If there comes a situation where it is unable to pay the amount and to allocate the budget, make it a habit to at least do the minimum payment.

Although this doesn’t show good progress, the account will remain in a good stand where in the next payment it is only required to pay a little extra amount.

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Deciding and prioritizing the debts to pay first is important. The tip is to pay off the debts that have higher interest rates. For example, if you owe credit card debts, pay it first because it includes a higher rate of interest. Because as it costs more money, the completion of such debts will give the confidence to pay the other smaller debts. To complete the payments of the debt faster, repayments can be an option.

If there is no issue or charges in paying the debts earlier then this could be suitable. As it will reduce the interest rate and it will help in saving the money. Always have a backup plan such as emergency fund saving in case to avoid missing the payments.

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