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We are in search of money and discovering different types of ways to earn it. Day trading is a better option but maybe you do not want to trade a large amount of money for a long time cause you have fewer funds or you do not like to take risks. Therefore let’s see whether you can do day trading with less money. 

day trading

Day trading is one way people find to make money. There was a time when only people who were working for large financial institutions were involved in trade in the stock market. But in recent years it became easier for many when the internet went mainstream stock trading became available online.

People are curious about trading on whether they can make a living through it. Moreover, a few people dream about quitting their job while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle in the financial market. Before you step into day trading, you need to learn how it works. Moreover, is day trading with less money possible? 

What is day trading? 

Investing is where you put money for a long time but day trading is one of the best ways to invest where you open and close your days in a day. They can trade with commodities, currency, cryptocurrency, stocks, and many others. 

Day trading is where stocks are bought and sold with the aim of earning a small profit in the short-term frame, which is typically in a day. It is simply earning a profit on each trade and combining the gains over time. If you do this correctly, you can gain an advantage with these small price moves. But still, there is a risk if you are a beginner or a person who is not aware of strategies.  

Can you start day trading with less money? 

day trading with less money

A lot of beginners are willing to do day trading with less money when they enter the trading world because they do not like to take a risk by putting in a large amount of money. Most of the people feel to do trading for less than $100.

Simply the answer to the above question is yes you can, but it depends on the strategy you plan and use along with the broker. If your broker allows you can trade with a start capital of $100. Making it successful depends on your calculations and doing some detailed research on the idea to trade with $100 will make it clear for you.

Is day trading with less money better? 

There are many things you need to consider when starting your day-trading and maximizing your profits. It is better to trade with money that you can afford to lose because there are possibilities for you to lose it. When you begin for the first time, starting small is better as you will make mistakes and lose money. Until you gain some experience remain with small amounts. 

How to start a day trading with less money? 

Find brokerage


First thing you need to find a brokerage, that will allow you to trade successfully with less money.  It is better if your broker charges you based on the spread as it is charged based on the amount you trade. If he charges on commission it usually has a minimum charge and your small amount of trading on commission-based will trigger the minimum charge for every trade. Your broker of choice needs to have a minimum deposit requirement than the money you trade. 

Choose securities 

Before choosing,  you need to understand how the security trades and triggers. when you are going to trade small amounts you need to aim for higher returns. This can be achieved by higher volatility.  You can go with commodities, currency, bonds, stocks, and various others. But stocks are the most popular securities for day traders as the market is big and active with low or no commissions. 

The best trading stocks will have good volume because they are liquid because they are traded often in high volume so that it allows the Trader to buy and sell without affecting the price.  Day traders use to follow the news to find ideas on which security they can act because the media coverage helps in creating liquidity and volatility. 

Find your strategy 


To become successful it is important to have a strategy with less money for trading.  These strategies will include the amount you’ll invest, the time you will enter, the risk you are going to manage, and when you will exit a trade. 

When to invest? 

The best time to trade is during the overlapping of market sessions. When the London market and the US markets up open the EUR/USD and GBP/USD are most volatile in time.  The UK and Europe conduct transactions in EUR and GBP and the U.S conducts in USD. The supply and demand of these currencies will fluctuate the prices and since they fluctuate the GBP/USD and EUR/USD are very volatile. 


As you are trading a small amount you can take high risks as your losses are limited to what you have in your account. For these trading conditions, a risk of 3% per trade is reasonable. 

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