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If you are one who uses dating apps, you might spend hours swiping and liking photos and videos on dating apps. But how do dating apps make money by users swiping and liking? 

In 2021, the dating app market made $5.61 billion in revenue, which is almost $3 billion made by Match Group. Dating apps are used by over 300 million people worldwide, with about 20 million paying for premium features. 

Even during the pandemic, most businesses struggled to survive, but dating apps continued to grow. Have you ever wondered how dating apps do it? Let’s explore the secret behind them. 

How do dating apps actually work? 

how do dating apps make money

For most people, online dating is a practical way to date, where they find their romantic partners online. They come in all different styles and flavors, but essentially offer users the same hope of finding their love at first swipe. 

People mostly make fun of dating apps and swear they would never use them, but at some point, they themselves get addicted to them. Dating apps have just been a platform for connecting people. To pass on someone a user will swipe left or show interest, they will pass on right. Pairs who get matched will start to message. 

The features in the dating app attract a group of users to make them swipe constantly and stay in the app. Some apps work developing a feature of the meeting which takes people from online to in-person dating. People also find that apps provide a new way to make friends.

How do dating apps make money? 

The online dating app industry is with an estimated value of USD 8 billion in 2022 and is forecasted to grow to USD 12.25 billion by 2030. And so there is no doubt that dating apps have become a cash cow. If you are simply curious about dating apps and want to know how do dating apps make money,  here are some strategies most dating apps use.


the meet feature in dating apps

According to New York Times, 70% of Tinder’s revenue is generated from subscriptions. 

The main obvious way for dating apps to make money is through subscriptions.  But there is a question of whether people pay for dating app subscriptions.  The fact is that a considerable amount of people pay for dating subscriptions. 

It is often paid monthly, annually, or biannually. As the industry is very competitive, dating apps use to make the subscription quite affordable.  Most dating apps are known to be freemium.  The dating app developers lock certain features to make people buy subscriptions. These subscription plans come in different packages to unlock different features. 

The paid subscribers are allowed to remove ads for them. While some dating apps encourage users to subscribe by letting them choose a match with specific profiles. For example, paid subscribers get given access to special features including unlimited swipes and the ability to find matches in multiple locations while free users can only look for matches in one area and have up to 25 free swipes per day. 

The idea behind giving a free subscription is that the users, after getting bored of their daily swipes every day for a few weeks or months and will get discouraged and pay for premium features that boost their chances of finding a match.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are another strategy used by dating apps to make money which most of the apps like Social media, games, and productivity take advantage of to increase their revenue. In-app purchases are considered to be one of the most straightforward strategies to make money by dating app developers. 

There are most users love to send different types of text and emojis than regular ones.  This can be anything life emojis, graphics, gifs, and other things. So dating apps get used to these services and find it one of the easiest ways to make money.

Several in-app add-ons are offered by dating apps that users can buy to enhance their experience with the app. It can be anything from increasing profile visibility to swiping more other profiles. 

To increase their odds of getting a match, a few Dating apps sell packs of SuperLikes to their users.  Some dating apps have in-app currency for users to buy and use in the app for several things. While there are some dating apps that sell unique emojis other than the regular ones.


datings apps make money

Owners of dating applications find advertisements to be one of the most profitable options to generate maximum profit or revenue for their services. There are a lot of users who spend plenty of time on dating apps all across the world. Therefore dating apps are captivating insights of every day new users or existing users. 

These dating apps run sponsored advertisements due to how vast and diverse the users of dating apps are, making it one of the best places to advertise products. 

These audiences are targeted by various Industries that are brand promotion advertising of the services related to dating services.  For example businesses like florists, food, greeting card sellers, restaurants, gift stores, and more will try to provide their services. 

Some of the restaurant owners who have developed their apps promote your business applications in dating apps because it is the place where their audiences are.  These types of advertisements help date app owners to generate maximum revenue from the brand promoters.

The dating apps display ads and make money when users swipe to find a perfect match.  Some run ads as a banner at an affordable rate while some use video ads as a  common and profitable type and charge higher.

Affiliate Marketing

Dating apps generate revenue through affiliate marketing. The event app developer has to ask other service providers including restaurant owners, florists, jewelry store bars, gift stores, and many more. And it allows the affiliated services or the marketing to target the expected users of the application. And the app developer in return receives a commission for every sale through these affiliated services.

These types of revenue-generating activities sell their products or services through the dating app. They ask for all the services that target dating people. With this, an affiliate service can target the users of the app and the app owner. The app owner gets a commission for every sale that affiliate services make through the dating app.

Run AdSense Advertisements

To run AdSense advertisements is generally through the application service which is subjected to little restrictions on the contents.

Most owners use advertisements with the application provided that there is no adult content in the menu. This is taken care of while affiliate marketing along with trying to target the advertisement and it must not contain any adult content which is strictly against the policy of AdSense.

Services of BuySellAds

This is a service provider that connects advertisers with publishers. And through this, your dating app can be advertised which will allow the intended advertisers to find out more about the app and will contact you to learn about the terms and the payment for posting the advertisement on the app. All traditional methods of looking for advertisers can be bypassed using this method and you can connect with advertisers and negotiate the price with them. 

Promote Sponsored Posts 

They should follow a policy to allow sponsored posts to earn money from dating apps. In this policy, all the companies that sell related products to dating services will be allowed to post their content on your dating app. 

So that the app users obtain better services by following the policy and get more revenue from these companies posting sponsored content on the dating app. And so they start making money through your dating app in no time.

Sending Gifts

users find their partners in dating apps

 This is one of the answers to the question of how dating apps make money. The dating apps integrate a service that allows users to choose attractive gifts for their date and send them directly find this is an effective way to make money as they generate some revenue by selling gift items through the dating app.

Some dating apps open an online gift shop of your own and provide its link on the app. Some collaborate with florists and gift shops that include their links in the app. 

Personalized Coaching Service

Some users of dating apps are too shy to approach a person of the opposite sex as they are not confident enough to express their feelings and communicate with the other person. Therefore these dating apps provide personalized coaching services to help them enjoy fun dates with their match and they provide them with different tips and strategies to talk to the other person. 

They offer them tips about body language, appearance, grooming, and how to make the best first impression while meeting their date. They sometimes provide a personalizing one-on-one video coaching session. For providing these kinds of services, you can charge the service provider commission on each successful transaction.

Conduct paid surveys

There are various companies out to find out what the current market users want from these dating services. By carrying out a paid survey they can check the demand among all the registered users on the dating apps. So the registered users will be able to target the perfect audience for such surveys and so many companies who are willing to pay a premium will know the result.

Do you want to start a dating app? 

Dating app development requires both expertise and time. Between paid subscribers, in-app, memberships, and ads, the apps have carved out the business model and transformed the culture into one where one pays for help and get a normalized date. 

The apps need to acquire new customers in order to be profitable and click purchase in a saturated market with a limited budget to spend on dating services. 


If you want to develop a dating app, the cost depends upon features, functions, and the complexity of the project. To develop an app like tinder, you need to consider the exact cost. It depends upon the features and functionalities you add. 

The UI stage could cost around  $5000 to $15,000, the development stage costs around $5000 to $25,000, and the Testing and Deployment stage could cost around $2500 to $10,000. 


When developing a dating app, a technology stack is an essential part. Choosing the right tech stack for dating mobile app development if you are planning to develop your own dating app. Tools and technologies should be used to build a scalable dating website or an app solution for mobile and web.

This includes programming languages, programming frameworks, databases, cloud services, payment gateway,  and other essential tools. 


messaging feature in dating apps

You need a thorough verification system to avoid creeps and fraud. So adding a good and secure verification system is important to secure the experience of your users. You need to allow the users an option to express their objectives on their profile. In-app messaging is another feature where users can connect with each other and talk. Planning dates, and meetings. 

This will help them not only in getting closer but also in understanding whether this match is worth investing their time in or not. You need to consider the push notification feature in the right way to increase app usage and engagement. 

Final thoughts

A dating app is all about swiping and liking photos and videos and finding a match. So how do dating apps make money? Apart from that, dating apps engage in many things to earn money.  In dating apps, it is important to understand that the greater the monetization methods,  that will be more profits in the end. 

There are many strategies and tricks done by app developers to attract users to get addicted to them. There are features people like to use and would pay for new services to use.  The unique features are converted to profits.  Apart from that, they get commissions from other businesses that have the same target audiences. 

In such a way dating apps arising in growth generating great profits and revenues each year.  Did you want to start developing dating apps, then you need to consider factors in order to compete in the market.

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