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Are you trying to start a new business? If so what business to begin with 10K? 

Nowadays the cost of living is so high that it might seem impossible to start a business with a small initial investment. But there are many options for a company to start with 10k. 

You just have to put your effort and time into the business idea to earn extra cash and that will lead to a full-time venture. So what are the great ideas of business to start with 10k? 

Ideas for starting up a business

Becoming an entrepreneur has many benefits including the ability to work flexible hours, and set your schedule while choosing how much money you make per hour. 

When you think of starting a new business, the first thing you need to consider is creating a product that will help millions of people. You need to create a valuable product that lead you to great success in the future. 

Business to start with 10k

But the problem is that it is not that easy to create the valuable product that many people are searching for. Choosing a product and starting a business with a small investment will be difficult as you need to cover and beat the competition to rise above all.

Other than products, even providing services is also a good idea but it doesn’t suit people who are not looking for long-term hectic customers.

Choosing the right products and services is fine but you need to think about the target market. You need to research people who would be interested in buying your product and services. If you find it, you will have an idea of the demand for the business idea along with the competitors and the unique selling proposition. 

When you get to know about these ideas, it will help you to understand the things you need to take care of while running the business. 

What business to start with 10k? 


One great way to make money with a small investment is through Blogging. All you need to do is create content people want and like to read. It can be about anything including fashion, travel, health, and beauty.

It is by far an inexpensive model to make money even by staying at home and spending a few hours every day. You need to invest if it is a self-hosted blog, and spend money on web-hosting, premium theme, and domain name. 

blogging business to start

If you do the right investment, it will help you to learn effective strategies and trends that would work for you. Investing a small amount of money will save time without researching things for weeks and months.

Your website can’t earn money on free hosting sites and so you’ll have to purchase a domain name and hosting services. And additionally, you can invest in software and courses to improve your writing and SEO skills. 

The quality of the content, views, and the charge for ad space will decide how much income the blog will generate. Some make a few thousand dollars each month through ads, product sales, and affiliate links.

Virtual bookkeeper

Do you have a degree in accounting? Or do you have work experience in handling finances for businesses? If so, you can start your own virtual bookkeeper business and it is an easy way to do it from home. 

Book-keepers have a high demand among many small businesses to handle their finances. To make it a full-time job, you can work with multiple clients. To start the business you need to invest in proper technical equipment, including a solid internet connection, a good computer or laptop, and other accounting software.

Other than that, you need to market yourself online and through social media. You would get an income of average hourly salary that could start around $60 and you could increase it to $100 per hour. You need to dedicate 5 to 10 hours per week to a customer, and this depends on how complicated the business is. 

The licensure price varies depending on the state and city and you may need to pay a certification fee and may need to invest in insurance and business permits to start your business safely. 

Custom products 

If you are a creative person and know a bit about graphics, you can create custom clothes,  phone cases, mugs,  and other products.  The great part about this is you have to make these things yourself or start a manufacturing facility. 

custom product business

Instead, you can find a manufacturer who is on demand to print the clothes after receiving orders.  This will lower your investment especially if you’re working as a start-up business. All you need is a good software program to help you design the creations. 

And then create a partnership with a printer to create the custom products and sell your designs on the platforms. you can earn as much as $68,000 per year with this small business. And depending on the design, it may take an hour to create each new design. 

you can target business people, sports leagues, and non-profit organizations. If you find a popular online store that can sell high-end fabrics with detailed custom designs and so you can make over six figures a year. 

Music Lessons

Do you know to sing? Play guitar? piano? drums? It can even be a wind or string instrument. If so, you can teach the skills to others.

You can develop your talents and earn an income as a full or part-time by teaching the clients how to play your instrument of choice. 

You can conduct classes one-on-one or in a group format at your home, or a student’s home, or you can rent a commercial space, or a community facility.

You can expand the business idea by hiring other experienced musicians to teach students. You can split the fees and find the students, and the instructors and teach the classes, and everyone profits. 

Depending on class size, the lesson rates will vary as well as on skill level and instrument.  On average, group lessons cost students $10 to $20 per hour and one-on-one lessons can be in the range of $40 per hour. 

You need to consider the costs of instrument rentals, course materials, and sheet music. If you prefer a business without the added work of operating it, then you can subcontract your musical teaching talents to a music school and earn in the range of $15 to $25 per hour.

Producing soaps 

This is a business to start with 10k or less than that. You can begin to produce soaps and perfumes in the kitchen. This is the best business because people will pay a lot of money for unique and homemade soaps today.

It is an advantage if you have good ideas for designing and can produce good scents to make good money. You can create this by doing it from home and it is a very creative job and can be rewarding too. 

soap business to start with 10k

You need only a few hours to make many bars and soaps by mixing the scent down and the molds. You need to get all the supplies first, including scents, soap base, and molds for the soap. You can start by testing soaps to see the smell and feel.  Try selling the products small and local at first to see what the response is. 

You can sell the soap online directly to consumers, at local markets and farmers’ markets, or in local artisan shops. The average soap maker will earn roughly $47,000 per year to start. 

You can sell the products in stores, on online platforms, at exhibitions, and in your neighborhood. Or else you can sell the products to hotels, inns, and offices, among other places. Once your products take off, your clients will continuously request your goods.

Home-based food business

Are you skilled at cooking for a large number of people? If yes, what about starting a home-based food business? There is no need of starting a business like a restaurant or like a food truck, instead, you can do everything in your own home with this business,  and then deliver it to a client. If it is hard to deliver, you can even have the client come and pick it up.

It is hard to achieve in the food business, but you can still make it work out by preparing something that is not that easy to find in the location you live. So that people will reach you to try the food and your food business will have a high demand. 

You might need to invest in your kitchen, depending on what you are going to make and how many people you are intending to serve at a time. This includes a new oven or refrigerator, or both, which might depend on your order. 

To keep up with your needs, have a licensed electrician upgrade your wiring and You might also need a vehicle to make deliveries. Regarding food licensing, make sure you comply with local laws and get set with that. 

You can start the business by offering free samples of your food to schools, houses, and local clubs. Word of mouth will be incredibly important in this business. And you can advertise your business locally. Once word gets around, you’ll be able to start enjoying profits. 

Gardening consultant 

You can change your hobby to a money-making business, especially gardening work. This is a business to start at 10k or less than that. If you are a person who enjoys working in outdoors and playing in the dirt then it is mostly a good way to start. 

If you know a whole lot about trees, flowers, shrubs, and vegetable gardens, then you can be a perfect candidate for the idea of starting a business regarding gardening consulting.

gardening consultant business

All you need to do is teach your clients everything they need to know. You can help them design, plant, and maintain a productive or decorative vegetable and herb garden. To do this, you need to ask questions to find out the idea for the type of garden and features they want. The time frames, budgets, and what they want to install the garden or hire others. 

Knowing all of these, based on the knowledge about plants, soil, rocks, fertilizers, and plant placement, you can create a garden plan in step-by-step detail that suits the needs and garden criteria of each client. 

Gardening work can be somewhat physically demanding, so you need to stay active and fit. And at the same time, once established you can earn an income in the range of $25 to $50 an hour. This is a business that will bring repeat customers and referrals.

You might need to invest in advertising the services locally using newspapers and online. Try to offer free seminars at local garden centers, community centers, and churches to spread the word. This may require an investment under 2K. 

Bridal shows

There are a lot of bridal shows around the US every year and so you can build a business and help the local merchants to look the best. Weddings would be critical to the business of florists, caterers, and dress shops.

This is why business owners want to look their best when they exhibit at shows. And your opportunities to make them stand out from the crowd.

You need to follow some things about how to sparkle at a bridal show and pass it on to your clients.  You need to learn to set up a trade show booth that can be useful and memorable. You also need to involve in pre-show preparations,  like getting samples together, marketing, as well as post-show preparations by adding further value to offer to track and deliver.

You can work in local and regional shows and white needs to visit clients as well. You might need to invest in elegant websites and nice printed marketing materials.  And sometimes you need to purchase props for your clients, and can bill that expense in the fees. 

Final thoughts

You can find plenty of things to become an entrepreneur, and so you can find a  business to start at 10k or less than that. As well as there are resources to learn how to run your business.

A few great businesses include work-from-home businesses, online businesses, travel businesses, and brick-and-mortar businesses with a small initial investment. Depending on the skills you have and the equipment you already have can make it quite easy to start one of these businesses right away. 


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