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We follow various habits, and there are such common habits most of us follow that can be wrong and bad for our overall health and the success of our life. Simple wrong habits are followed thinking that they won’t cause any health issues, but they are the ones that push us to have various physical problems in our life. Some don’t mind doing them, while some are not aware that these are the wrong health habits. So let’s first identify the wrong and bad habits that we followed and let’s see how we can get rid of them to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Wrong habits

  1. Checking the phone in the morning 
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The first thing most of us do, when we wake up in the morning is to check our phones. The urge to see what’s new in social media, or the desire to find what our friends and colleagues have messaged us make us use the phone. Some, in the half-sleep use the phone so that they would get off for sleep. But is this right? Obviously no, as this is one of the wrong habits that leads to many physical and mental problems for our health. 

This creates unnecessary stress and anxiety even before you get out of your bed. This bad habit would create a bad and dull mood and makes you less productive. This is because your brain gets distracted. Your time gets wasted as you focus more on the phone scrolling to find more and more interesting things. And so you will end up starting your work or tasks in a hurry and rush. 

Before sleeping, leave your phone in another room, instead of keeping it under your pillow or near you. Once you wake up in the morning start doing what is good for you, brush your teeth, take a wash, and have your breakfast. Prioritize the task and work towards starting a successful day. And make sure you do not use your phone until you have your breakfast.

  1. Multitasking 

Multitasking is doing multiple tasks at the same time. People do this to save time and work things quickly while doing a lot of tasks at once. This is great but it is one of the wrong habits because brains are not as good at handling multitasking as we like to think they are. But this hinders the development of the brain. What you do is shift your attention quickly ad focus from one thing to another. When you switch from one task to another it would get difficult to tune your distractions and makes you slow down.

If you are a multitasker, even when you focus on a single task, you will be less efficient. The brain’s grey matter is responsible for emotions, empathy, and decision making and this will lessen during multi-tasking.

Make sure to stick to one task at a time. Give your focus and attention to them. Set schedules to check mails and switch to other tasks and limit your distractions by finding a quiet place, turning off your notifications, and practicing mindfulness and so this will increase your productivity and protect the brain

  1. Not making your bed
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Most people do not take interest in making their bed once they wake up. Maybe they might have someone to do it for them. They think of it as pointless to do. But do you know that making your bed in the morning makes your day better and more successful? When you don’t make it, the sheets would consist of dust and sweat and you would easily breathe them. People who are allergic to dust will find it more affecting. 

Making your bed is a health ritual that will take you to your day. You would find yourself productive and motivated to tackle your day, as this would be the very first task that you will accomplish. When you make your bed, you’ll be able to improve your quality of sleep. 

  1. Falling asleep on the couch

After a hard day, you end up being tired, sitting on your couch, and watching tv, and within a few minutes, you fall asleep which is a really bad habit. This is a common thing that happens, but do you know that this is really a wrong habit as it affects our overall health.

You should get a complete seven to eight hours of sleep without any interruptions. This is advice given to prevent many health problems, but when you fall asleep on the couch with background noises and then waking up halfway and moving into the bed will interrupt and break your sleep. This will throw off your metabolism leading to gain weight and hormones that will reduce your immune system. 

Turn off the tv, and stop using phones one hour before you go to sleep, instead have some chats with your family, read a book, and make your bed. Make your room darker and quiet so that when you fall asleep you won’t get interrupted and your sleeping quality will increase. 

  1. Sitting the whole day. 
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There is nothing wrong, with relaxing on your couch and having some rest, but sitting all day doing little to no exercise will affect your health. Most of us work from home, sitting in the same place with our laptops and phones, and spend our whole day doing so. This is considered as one of the wrong habits we do because this inactive lifestyle affects both brain health and overall physical health. This will lead to many diseases like diabetes, and heart diseases. 

Let’s break this bad habit by doing your work while making sure to go out every day to at least get some fresh air. Have an evening walk to your neighborhood or join a gym to do your workouts. The more you are active, the more you will be energetic and healthy. 

Let’s break our wrong habits and increase our productivity and be healthy.

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