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write in both hands

Have you seen people write in both hands? If yes, then mostly you might have also tried to do so, but couldn’t. Or in other cases, if you have injured the hand you use the most, you might have experienced how hard it is to do things with one hand. But there are people who will not have this trouble because they can use both their hands equally, and so are called Ambidextrous. So how do people write in both hands? Some might notice their children do tasks with both hands ad wonder whether they are left-handed or right-handed? how do you find out whether you are ambidextrous or not? Continue reading to know the Ambidextrous facts. 

Generally, there are four variations of handedness. There are people who are right-handed, left-handed, mixed handed where people prefer using the left hand for some tasks and the right hand for other tasks, and the fourth category is truly ambidextrous. 

Mostly, everyone develops either a right-hand dominance or left-hand dominance and the majority which is 95% will fall under the category of right-handed, while 20% of people will fall under the category of left-handed. Such people with one-hand dominance have high asymmetric brains, while the ambidextrous people are considered to have symmetric brains. 

What is it to write in both hands? 

It is really rare that only 1% is truly ambidextrous. There are a few people who would train themselves to use their right and left hand and can write in both hands pretty well, but they are not ambidexterity, but comes into the category of cross dominance. To understand them, means you need to understand the function of the brain. 


Normally, it is found that a left-handed person is right-brain dominant while a right-handed person is left-brain dominant. This is because one side of the brain controls the function of the other side of the body. 

But still, the new studies do not prove them that easily. They say that for the left-handed, there is more symmetry between both sides of the brain, and for right-handed, tasks are divided into each hemisphere of the brain. They say, language learning is on the left side of the brain, but for left-handed, it is not the case always, as they might find it on both sides of the brain. This symmetry will be similar for ambidextrous people.

What abilities do they have? 


This skill is actually connected to the brain but the fact is that these people have slightly low IQ than the people with one-hand dominance. They have low abilities in math, reasoning, and memory. But they are more good at physical activities and tend to do better in art, sports, and music. They can be athletes and valuable in sports as they can make moves that are normally difficult for a regular athlete. 

How do people become ambidextrous? 

They usually start with their dominant left hand. There are some people who use both their right and left hand, have started with the left hand, as they are forced to switch. For hundreds of years, they believed that the left-handedness carried a biblical association with witchcraft and demons. Many left-handed people from the middle ages to the 21st century experienced pressure to use their right hands and so ended up developing ambidexterity, while some others become so, after injuring their dominant hand. 

They can be linked to synesthesia

There are chances for them to experience synesthesia, which is when senses appear coupled. For example, it is when you hear music and see colors. It may be activated when two areas of the brain next to each other are activated at the same time. But it is not conclusive as to whether ambidexterity is related to experiencing it. But the brain symmetry is seen more often in people who experience synesthesia. 

Can you train for ambidextrous?

Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Cristiano Ronaldo, and a few other famous people are considered to be ambidextrous. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

It was actually popular to train people to be one because they believe that if one does so, it would help them to improve their brain function, cause they would use both sides of the brain equally. But studies have shown no connection to such a thing. Because they have mostly found the opposite. Some experts believe that when you train a person to be ambidextrous, it can cause them to have hardships in learning language, maths, and logical reasoning. But still, people try to become like them. 

To become ambidextrous, they use to do small tasks like holding a glass of water, drawing shapes, and writing letters in their opposite hand. When they train so, they will slowly progress to do more complicated activities like writing, brushing teeth, and eating. They will do so many things to improve the ability of the opposite hand. But the real fact is that it will be hard for them to achieve equal skill in both hands because the dominant hand will always be dominant. 

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