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When a baby is born, we expect it to cry and make sure that it is healthy. People think that crying makes a person weak and so try to avoid it. But the exact truth is crying actually makes you stronger, and experts say that people who cry often are mentally stronger than people who hardly shed a tear. So is it ok to cry, if so, why is crying good for you? 

 As adults, we often try to hold back our tears and are ashamed of crying in the public or at work. But researchers have found that crying can benefit both your mind and body and this actually begins from the first day of birth. 

Why is crying good for you? - Health benefits

When it comes to crying, the Japanese are strong believers in finding it healthy, where some cities in Japan have crying clubs and people come there to cry. It releases stress and therefore they consider it a great practice to stay mentally healthy. So let us see why is crying good for you. 

Why do people cry? 

People cry when they are sad, and also people experience happy tears. Crying can actually happen at the most inconvenient times, and sometimes it takes us by surprise. It is a biological mechanism for your body to get released from a very strong emotion, whether it is an intense sadness or uncontrollable laughter. 

Crying can also be considered as a signal to others to show that we are in danger or stressed, and so others would help or show their affection when we need the most. 

But not all tears are the same, where tears when dust enters your eyes, the reflex tears emerge to wash away it. On the other hand, emotional tears are triggered by sorrow, joy, and anger. Many people try to avoid it entirely, while some find it hard to produce even when they feel the need for a good cry.

The causes of crying

Crying in happiness

Crying in happiness

Once in a while, people experience a happy emotion that triggers tears of joy. Crying with happiness is mostly ink to love and personal connection.  This can be due to amusement where when you laugh at something uncontrollably you shed tears.  Tears may come from affection,  like when you’re giving birth to a child, or at a wedding, or having an unexpected rush of gratitude,  and it is common to cry for someone you care about. You get happy tears even when you are overtaken by nature,  or by beautiful music. It is more common to cry when you achieve something in life. 


When you feel relief you cry and this is something different from crying with happiness. Relief is one of the benefits of crying because we cry when we reach a point of contentment after long stress or sadness. 


We all would have experienced a horrible feeling of worry and tension. It may be because of a personal relationship, pressure at work, or big life changes. When you cry from stress, it gives a release and helps to think more clearly. 


During arguments and you want to appear strong, or stay calm under pressure, you cry at the most inconvenient moments. Anger is linked to fear, and when we feel danger, crying brings others to our aid. 

Physical pain

When we are physically hurt, we cry to signal everyone around us to help. 



One of the best ways to cope with feelings of sadness or loss. The tears bring out empathy in others. We cry when our feelings get hurt, when we get disappointed and when we have empathy. 

Why is crying good for you and what are the benefits of crying?

Is it ok to cry? The answer is yes because crying is good as it has many benefits for your overall mental health. When you understand these benefits, it will help you to get relief without linking it with negativity and supports your mental health.  

Improves your mood

Crying is portrayed as making people sad and worse, but in reality, it helps to improve mood. The tears will release stress hormones. When you cry, the level of stress lowers and it will help you sleep better and strengthens the immune system. After a good cry, you will feel better because the hormones will leave your body, making you feel relief. 

Recover from grief

We stay in grief and it involves, numbness, sorrow, anger, and guilt. And during this time, crying is particularly important and it helps you process and accepts the loss of a loved one. 

Detox the body

Three kinds of tears are produced in the human body, and they are reflex, continuous, and emotional. Each of them serves the purpose of helping to cleanse the body. The reflex tears clean the smoke and dust and help to protect them. Continuous teas protect the eyes from infection and keep them moist. Emotional teas contain a toxin that flushes from the body. 

Improves vision

Each time a person blinks, basal tears release to keep the eyes moist and prevent them from drying out. The lubricating effect of basal tears helps people to see more clearly. 

Lessens pain

Crying is good as it helps to lessen the severity of the pain, whether it is physical or emotional. When you cry the endorphins are released and help to numb the pain and give an overall calm. It helps in self-soothing as well as lessens the intensity of pain felt.  

Gets the support you need

Gets the support you need

When you feel down, mostly you tend to isolate yourself and stay without telling those around you about your struggles. When you cry, others will notice that you need help. Crying is an attachment behavior that helps people to engage in receiving support from others. When others see you struggling when you cry, you are growing your support circle for assistance. So is crying good for you? obviously, yes and don’t know find it a shame to cry.

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