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How to lose weight fast? Is natural weight loss possible? If we decide to reduce some pounds, we do things like buying a gym membership, dedicated to getting 10000 steps every day. We decide to go on weight watchers and start fasting food.  Everyone’s body is different and so what works for others, won’t work for you.  But there are some things, that we all should do to keep the pounds off forever. It requires a shift in our lifestyle. 

If you are not willing to change your habits then you cannot expect to lose weight permanently.  The reality is diet doesn’t typically work for the long term unless you make serious lifestyle changes.  95% of diet fails.  It’s not about losing weight but gaining a healthy lifestyle. 

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So here are some steps that will help you to fall into the 5% of succeeding in your weight loss. 

Tips to follow for fast, permanent and natural weight loss

  1. Change your mindset

If you find your habits to lose your weight, as a burden and sacrifice then you are fighting a battle that is going to lose. This works on motivation that is hard to continue why sometimes you don’t feel motivated and have more food than you consume, or you might feel like sitting on a couch the whole day.  But if you practice and be disciplined on what you should do to take care of your body enjoy the right amount of food that is allowed and wait from your couch to do some gardening then you could easily lose weight.  This discipline helps you to maintain your weight loss and this is a natural weight loss way. 

Create a visual of what your goal is, and how you wanted to look or create some messages and stick them to your walls on mirrors to remind yourself on what to achieve and trick your brain that you can do things so that even if you get defeated you won’t quit your habits of losing weight. 

  1. Remember what you eat.
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You can do this by writing, keeping a journal on what you eat a day, taking pictures of your food, or using apps and electric tools to be aware of what you eat. This will help you to control your unhealthy food intake, as you will know whether you have eaten more junk food and the amount of healthy food you have consumed. 

You can include fruits and veggies that are healthy and low calories such as Melons, berries, apples, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, and various others.  Fiber-rich foods are really good for your diet as it helps increase the feeling of fullness.  It delays emptying the stomach so that eats less naturally. It’s also in Calories and proteins so that it is a good food to lose weight. Count your calories once in a while so that you will be conscious in choosing your food. 

  1. Eat when you are hungry

You feel bored and take some snacks to eat, or when you pass your refrigerator you feel like opening it to see what’s there to eat.  Some think that they can eat anything if it is in moderation.  But this is where you go wrong. Weight gain is caused when you constantly keep on eating.  Always remember before you put something into your mouth why you need it, think whether you are hungry you feel stressed or bored. This will not allow you to have a natural weight loss.  Avoid eating anything at all if you do not feel hungry. 

When you eat your breakfast, lunch, or dinner,  try eating it slowly.  If you eat too fast you are eating too many calories. But if you chew your food slowly you eat a few calories while increasing the hormones of having a natural weight loss.

  1. Physical activity is a must

Not all workouts are equal. Cardio workouts are recognized as the best to lose weight but to maintain it, interval and strength training are the best. These weight loss habits will be effective as it helps in replacing the fat with muscles while boosting your metabolism.  Do this twice a week and aim for an hour for physical activity a day like running, walking, or swimming to get the best results. If you have to skip your gym or normal workouts then force yourself to walk home from work instead of taking a vehicle. The more you take your steps, the more you’ll lose weight. And so being active will help you to have a permanent weight loss.

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  1. Eat your breakfast

Skipping breakfast has become a common habit for everyone.  You skip your breakfast and eat your lunch and dinner.  But this habit plays a major role in gaining weight.  When you skip breakfast,  you feel less energetic and hungry at lunchtime so you eat more food that turns into fat.  But when you eat your breakfast,  the meal you eat is utilized to be energetic.  So that you avoid eating a lot of food your lunch naturally. 

Follow them to have a fast, permanent and natural weight loss.

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