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Teeth care

Teeth care is an important part that we should follow. Presently the consumption of junk foods is increasing and when you eat a lot of junk foods it causes issues on your body. One of the main problems you get when you consume junk food is oral health problems. Gum diseases, bad breathe, broken teeth, cavities, and other oral infections are a few oral problems people have. There are various reasons for these issues and you need to identify the common problems one gets to prevent them. 

Look at the most common dental problems and find ways to get rid of them. 

Common dental problems 

Tooth decays 

This is one of the most common health problems faced and this occurs when the plaque combines with starches or sugars of the food you eat, producing acid that attacks the tooth enamel, and damages it. This leads to cavities which are holes in the teeth and if this is not treated it can lead to infection, pain, and loss of a tooth. 

oral health problems

Your teeth go through a process of losing and regaining minerals all day long but when you don’t take care of your teeth and when you eat a lot of starchy and sugary things, the enamel will lose the minerals leading to tooth decay. 

It can get worse when you get symptoms like toothache, sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweets and find white or brown stains on the surface. 

Bad breath

When you follow a poor dental health habit it results in bad breath. It can become worse when you have unhealthy lifestyle habits and when you eat the wrong type of food. 

The food that you eat will begin to break down in your mouth and foods are absorbed into the bloodstream and will move to the lung which affects the air you exhale. Even though you brush, floss or use mouth wash it will only cover up the odor temporarily and it will not go away completely until the foods have passed through the body. 

Gum disease

This is a very common condition and most adults get it. This is caused by the build-up of plaque which is a sticky substance containing bacteria on teeth. And if you do not remove the plaque it will build up and irritate your gums. 

The early stage of gum disease is when your gum bleeds when you brush your teeth and you will have bad breath. If this is not treated properly the tissues that support the teeth will get affected developing a condition called periodontitis. If this is not treated then the bone in your jaw will get damaged opening up small spaces between the gum and teeth. This will lose the teeth. 



It is the pain in or around the tooth. It can be minor that comes from temporary gum irritation or serious toothaches that are caused by dental and mouth problems. 

The pulp is a soft material in your tooth that is filled with nerves, blood vessels, and tissues. The pulp nerves are found to be the most sensitive and when they are infected by bacteria or irritates, they cause severe pain. 


Sensitive teeth

This is a pain or discomfort in the teeth as a response to certain things like hot or cold temperatures. You might have felt pain after biting an ice cream or drinking a spoonful of hot soup. This is because of your sensitive teeth. 

This can be a temporary problem or it can affect one tooth or several teeth and can cause due to many causes, but it can be treated with proper oral hygiene. 

Teeth care to get rid of Oral health problems? 

Brush twice a day

oral hygiene

Brushing is oral hygiene and you should brush your teeth twice a day as it prevents tooth decay and bad breath. When you do not brush for several days it can lead to the onset of gum disease. Brushing helps in removing the plaques. 

Look for a soft bristle toothbrush that provides enough room to easily reach all the different areas. Make it a practice to change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months. 


Floss regularly 

Flossing is an effective way and easy tool to prevent dental diseases.  The small gaps and the tight spaces between the teeth will catch the food remains.  So it will be hard for a toothbrush to reach all those gaps. Flossing cleans such areas where the toothbrush cannot reach.  Make it a practice to floss your teeth regularly to keep your gums clean and healthy.  

Apply Clove oil 

Clove oil is used to treat dental pains by reducing inflammation.  It contains eugenol which is a natural antiseptic that sterilizes oral wounds. You can apply a small amount of oil onto a clean cotton ball and dab it to the affected area to treat the toothache or tooth sensitivity. 

Use Saltwater mouthwash


When you rinse your mouth with warm saltwater it will help to lose the food remains that are stuck in cavities or between the teeth.  It also boosts healing and relieves a sore throat. 

Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse in the mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting out. 

Use supplements 

It is hard to maintain dental hygiene but it is extremely important to care for your dental health.  Most people do not take care of it. You cannot always prevent oral problems by just brushing your teeth.  You will find dental appointments to be highly expensive and many cannot afford them.  But apart from that, there are a lot of supplements that will treat dental problems.

The supplement I use for my dental problems is steel bite pro. 

This is made using natural ingredients with no addition of chemicals or toxins. This focuses on maintaining overall good oral health by curing tooth pains, cavities, gum diseases, bad breath, and other infections. It takes the vitamins and minerals in the saliva and will clean up the different parts in the mouth killing bacteria and reducing inflammation. 

The natural ingredients used in the product are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that helps in preventing oral diseases like Gum disease and Gingivitis. Some of the ingredients have properties that can regenerate and heal while some support health. These ingredients help in taking out the bacteria found in plaque while some help in whitening the teeth naturally by cleaning the tartar and stains from the teeth. It is made to cure your oral pains and stop bleeding from your weakened gums.  Moreover, it helps you to have a clean and fresh breath.

This supplement has no side effects as it is made with natural ingredients.  As long as you keep within the product’s recommended dosage you don’t have to worry about the side effect.  It recommends two capsules per day, but if you take higher than that you might be exposed to side effects that can be mild or extreme.


Contact a dentist

If your oral health problem is much more serious it is better to contact a dentist. Talk to them to heal your dental problems in an effective way.

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