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Life is important to all of us. Some feel like they are the center of the universe and expect the world to revolve around them, while some feel like standing alone looking at people and things from a distance that is limited to a small space. All lives are not the same, each individual handles a different life including happiness, sorrows, achievements, and problems. The worst moment is when a life is gone, which is really hard to accept. But can you estimate how many lives are taken intentionally by themselves in the name of suicide?

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Every year, more than 700,000 people die due to suicides, and many more are attempting suicide, which is the most important risk factor for suicide. It takes around 9 to 10 months to form a life with more pain and it is destroyed within few minutes by intentionally killing themselves. Suicide is an unacceptable tragedy that affects families, communities, and countries. It should be prevented by any means.

Suicide causes

It is really hard to imagine what made a family member, friend or celebrity commit suicide as there will be no clear signs of warning and clues. Many factors would lead a person to make decisions on taking their own life. Let’s see the common causes that force a person to take his/her own life.

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The main common cause for many suicides is depression. When a person is undergoing a severe depression, it makes them feel emotional pain and loss of hope and they would end up thinking that there is no other way to relieve the pain than to end it. And this is why advice is often given to prevent being stressed that can result in depressions. Traumatic experiences such as rape, abuse, childhood sexual abuse, or war trauma are a greater risk for suicide. As when such experiences are faced it leads to depression and helplessness and hopelessness kills the person.

When a person has a fear of loss, then he would decide to suicide. For example, when teens fail in their academics they get disappointments, ending up their life. Apart from that, getting bullied, humiliated, arrested, or imprisoned are some other factors. Some people lose their life due to relationship problems and unacceptance of sexual orientation by family and friends.  The 4th leading cause of death for teens ages 15 to 19 years old is suicide. And according to researches, 77% of suicides occur in low and middle-income countries and one of the main reasons for this would be financial problems.

When a person is already in the pain of losing a job or relationship, they use alcohol which influences suicides.

If a person is having an illness or chronic pain and has no hope or reprieve from those sufferings, they feel suicide as a way to regain control of life and dignity. These illnesses will also lead to anxiety and depression and in some states, this suicide is legal for such reasons.

Suicide Prevention strategies for suicide

Suicide is a serious problem and any threat of suicide and attempts should be taken seriously in order to prevent the risk of losing a life. When your friends or family members have an issue, never think about them very easily, because that issue would be perceived by them seriously.

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Depression often tells us that we are not in control of our lives. But the actual fact is that it is controllable. Life is not the same and it won’t be the same. Even though it takes time to get relief, still it is going to be fine one day. But if you feel that suicide is the valid option you have for your problems then these are some strategies to prevent it.

Suicide prevention

Suicide is not an option to end your life. Beat it and start living. 

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