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In our modern days, we find most people are used to social media.  It just became a part of our daily routine. But, at the same time, social media usage has become a new great addiction, similar to alcohol, gambling, and drugs.  To get rid of it,  how about a social media cleanse?  You may say that you can live without social media and you just don’t want it, and this is what every addict says. You will always end up getting addicted to it. So this is why you need a social media cleanse to get rid of your social media addiction. Believe it or not, the 30 days challenge without social media will transform you.

Social Media cleanse in 30 days challenge to transform.

The social media companies are well aware of how they can make us stay on the platform as long as possible and accordingly they have designed them. When you receive notifications on the likes and new followers, it releases dopamine in our brains, and this is why we get addicted to the feeling.  Dopamine is a chemical messenger between the neurons in the brain and so-called the neurotransmitter, playing a major role in our thoughts and how we plan. So let’s plan on how to stay without social media and find the changes. 

Why do you need a social media cleanse? 

Social media platforms are made with the intention of connecting people,  but in reality, it gives the opposite effect making you feel lonely and more isolated. According to a number of studies,  social media has been linked to an increased level of depression,  loneliness, and stress.  It is found that the children of age 10, who are active on the internet and on social media accounts have a possibility of getting a negative impact later in adolescence and throughout adulthood. 

Because it increases the level of anxiety and depression.  It is also found that the users who frequently checked their accounts had more than twice as high a risk of depression as the others.  This is because social networks create an artificial need to be available 24/7, in order to respond to messages and emoji reactions instantly, but this creates stress taking its toll on our emotional well-being. 

Why do you need a social media cleanse?

It can promote loneliness by harming the quality of relationships in both direct and indirect ways,  where when we post things personal on our personal pages, it can create unintended consequences. Quotes,  comments, links, or misplaced jokes can damage, encouraging quick sharing and rushed reading. Other than that, they are designed to make us come back for more, and are harmful to our physical health. 

What is social media cleanse? 

You would have probably already realized,  that social media is not the exact ideal environment for your mental state.  It is important to socialize and keep connected,  but you are creating a false perception of reality, just by checking the highlights of other people’s lives. Social media cleanse involves distancing yourself from any social media platforms by taking time off your phone. 

In other words, it is called a social media detox.  Psychologists recommend social media detox highly as it is scientifically proven to increase your mental performance and make you feel happier. You may think that you are not addicted to social media, but take a moment to think about the times you check your phone each day, and you would realize. 

Maybe you would have built this unhealthy habit of consuming a lot of time on social media will be because of your work that is based around it. During the lockdown, people were trapped at home being bored, so they would have found the online world as a place to spend their time. 

30 days challenge without social media

The 30 days challenge without social media, will surely transform you into a better life. This is not about advising you to completely stop using social media, but social media cleanse would surely help you to reduce the time spent on it. 

The plan is to delete Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat from your phone.  Banned websites on your laptop with an app called self-control. From then onwards no more scrolling, no videos, no posts, and no photos. 

Here below is a list of social media detox activities that you can do. 

Make a list

Make a list

You would have planned a few things to do, but had no time for it.  So now make a list of them as a first step.  It can be big or small like wanting to spend time on creative things or hobbies.  Choose one of the items from the list and work on it consistently for a few days, and when you accomplish it choose another for the next few days.  This will make you desire to complete the task and at the same time, forget about social media. 

Plan your day

This is one of the best habits to develop, where you would plan the next day before you go to sleep. Normally before going to sleep, most of us spend scrolling on our phones, where the minutes we spend turn into hours, making us a night of lack sleep. So instead of this, take a planner or journal and write what you need to do the next day. Include your priority tasks as well as your hobbies. Through this, you would make sure that you do not have to spend unnecessary time on your phone. 

Talk to people face to face

Having a conversation with people using eye contact, and facial expressions is better than talking to them through scrolling your phone and sending emoji reactions. It does a lot of encouragement in connection with people. You can make strong bonds by making them know that you are interested in listening to them by making eye contact while developing intimacy.  

Sit still

Sitting still has become a hard thing to do in the smartphone age. People do not feel comfortable about doing it and engaging themselves with their minds. It is common to hear people complaining about boredom the minute they have free time. When you feel like reaching out to your phone, let yourself be bored for some time. This may even trigger you to life-changing ideas and make you feel relaxed.  

Go to park

Go to park

We go to the park, take pictures, send snaps, and then come home and post them. Would you realize what you actually did there in the park? Did you at least watch the people around you? 

But people-watching is a good way to pass time. It is not about staring at them but watching. You can observe what they do, their behavior, characteristics, and their mood. We can be more aware of the people around us, which helps us to use our brains while expanding our imagination. It is especially good when traveling to new places to compare cultures and gain new perspectives. 

Do self-care

This is a good way to spend time. Where after a hard day, you can pamper yourself by doing things you love. It will surely be more relaxing and rejuvenating. This will also make your work better the next day. Find happiness and coziness in the small daily things in life. 

Doing these social media cleanse activities will help you get rid of social media while giving you a stress-free life. 

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