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Meditation is one of the amazing ways to comfort you when you feel stressed and pressurized. But maybe you do not have much time to spend on meditation, due to your busy schedules. You might want to escape from your daily work for a moment and think for yourself. So one of the best ways to do it is when you shower. It is the shower meditation done during your showering time, giving you a private and soothing moment of your day, and is considered a perfect time to give you mindfulness. This is a perfect option to handle the summer, giving you extra relaxation.  

What is shower meditation? 

What is shower meditation? 

Shower meditation is a mindful practice and showering is actually a daily part of your routine, and there is no need to think about finding extra time in your day to do this meditation. It is also known as waterfall meditation and water meditation. You use the water to wash the stress and tension in your body. For a relaxing shower meditation, the essential things are movement, gratitude, awareness of senses, and mindful attention. When you become more comfortable with this, you can come up with your own ways to personalize the meditation practice. 

It can look different for different people, and make sure to develop a practice that you feel is right for you. It is not compulsory to follow a formal and guided meditation, but you can still develop and practice a few mindful habits while you wash. 

How to do shower meditation? 

There is no need to make alterations to your shower routine, instead, you can keep it clean and simple. Try to keep your primary focus on your breath to notice how much it is perfect and steady.  When you take a shower, make sure to concentrate on one of the five senses.  For example,  you can note the fragrance of your shampoo, the temperature of the water, how the soap feels on the skin, and the sound of rushing water.

When you are in your shower, maybe your kids or your spouse will ask you something, and it can distract you. so be sure to spend your time mindful. The more time you spend working on it, the more beneficial it will be.

Setup your environment 

Setting up your environment does not need much work.  Just try to find a small and quick action that you can do to signal your brain and body to make it know that the shower is going to be mindful.  You can use color light bulbs instead of overhead lighting because it will feel harsh.  The small color light bulbs in the lamp will make you feel calm.  The softer and moody lights will remind you that you are here to do some relaxing.  A simple candle, scent, or incense will all the signal you about your medicated shower.  This will take only a few minutes to set up.

Feel the air and water 

Once you are ready,  turn on the shower. The first thing is, you will listen to the sound of the water.  And then feel the air around you.  You will notice the change and the warmth you get.  Feel the air that expands in your lung and the steam that hits your skin.  Feel the water on your skin, and the way the little droplets run down your body. When you feel each of the individual particles of water in your skin, you will feel a relaxation while imagining that it takes all your stress,  tension,  anger, sadness, and negativity. think that the water is cleaning all of them from your body. 

Massage your head and body

Massage your head and body

Through massage, you can clear your head while closing your eyes in the shower. This will help you to let go of the worries of the day and give you the enjoyment of the warmth. Start massaging your skin starting from your shoulders and arms and feel that it is cleansing you. Work it downwards by pushing your problems into the floor as you wash your lower back, legs, and feet. 


In the shower meditation,  the most important part is breathing.  When you have a steady and mindful breath you can meditate doing absolutely anything.  Breathing practices help to manage stress and through slow and steady breaths you can guide your moments and center your intention.  Breathe in the steam around you and noticed how your body feels. 

Doing this by thinking,  and breathing takes away your stress.  Exhale fully, by imagining that you are letting out stress and notice the water rushing over you and draining down. Then inhale by visualizing the healing and relaxing steam that fills your body and soothes your nerves. 

Feel each of your body part

Feel each of your body part

This brings awareness to the body, where you can focus on one body part at a time.  Through this you can experience an emotional sensation like your heart is filled with a lack of sensation like you can’t feel anything on one of your body parts. But it doesn’t matter because you are noticing it without any judgment. You can begin by focusing on your feet and come up noticing your body.  You will feel that you are washing yourself part by part and release or soothe the uncomfortable feel. 

Engage you senses 

You can use colored soaps, fragrances, gels, and wash clothes to help your senses engage. You can even decorate your shower with beautiful curtains, plants, or cute decors to make the place feel more ritual. You can hand lavender from the showerhead to provide scent to your shower. The smelling sense works well because it is a strong trigger for memory. You can use fresh, citrus soaps or similar others to make you feel protected. 

Engage you senses 

Other than that,  you can engage the feeling sensation.  The temperature, the pressure of the water, and the bubbles of the soap that touches your skin will help you to stay present and meditative.  Sound is also a good resource to make you calm.  Just listen to the sound of the water and place your attention.  You can even add other sounds like music.  A shower is also a good place to chant.  This is a great place for you to repeat Mantra,  and you can experiment with different mantras on different parts of the body. 

Finish it off properly

Just like starting, this is also a part you need to pay attention to. Closing the meditation will help you to hold the experience you created in your mind, and so you will easy to revisit it. Bring both your hands over your heart and be silent with the water for a moment and thank it for taking great care of you. And finally, you will feel happy and stress-free when you step out of it. 

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