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Every relationship is a mixture of happiness, love, problems, and fight. You need to be able to face them if you are in one. But how do you react and handle the problems in your relationship? May you feel frustrated and helpless, and you will feel like giving up easily. But still, you will need their love and affection. So how to solve relationship problems without breaking up? 

How to solve relationship problems without breaking up

According to research, 70 percent of unmarried couples break up within the first year. Why is that? Most probably people enter into a relationship just because of the love and affection they get from their partner. But when they get problems, they will not know how to deal with them. The truth is that only a few people will actually know how to handle the greatest challenges in the relationship. On the other hand, most people will end up saying Goodbye to each other and breaking up. 

Every couple will face an issue when they face life together. Some can be easygoing, while some can be hard to deal with. Although these problems arrive, you need to see them as a test of patience and find a way to overcome them. But couples find a few issues, which they can no longer resolve and break up. 

But remember that breakup is not always the right solution for every problem in a relationship, even if it is the only way to stop the heart from hurting. This article will provide you with a few inspiring tips if you want to know the ways how to solve relationship problems without breaking up. 

Causes of break up 

People enter into relationships because of the feelings they have for each other. In the beginning, everything will feel exciting and nice. But with time, the love may fade and it may weaken the bond between the two. If your bond gets weaker, it is difficult to build it again and sustain it. But the cause of break up is not always due to lack of love, but there are maybe a lot of reasons for them to break up. Even though couples try hard to fight their differences, they won’t be able to sustain them. 

Most of the time,  you get into a relationship with many expectations about how your partner should be and how they should behave. Even if your partner is madly in love with you,  but unable to express it well,  it will lead to misunderstandings and problems.  Because your partner failed to fulfill the expectation you had.  The lack of expressions of love can make you frustrated thinking that your partner has no love for you.  This might be because you comparing your relationship with others by seeing the images of happy couples. When they fail to do so, you get angry.

Causes of break up 

Usually,  it is commonly believed that the opposite behaviors attract and it sounds romantic.  But in some situations,  the differences you both have will become the issue.  If your wavelength doesn’t match the decision-making of your partner it can be very difficult and stressful.  You will start to argue even on the smallest thing.

It is common a true fact that with time the love will fade. The things your partner did at the beginning that made your heart flutter, can become annoying someday.  In every relationship, initially, the partner will do a lot to impress you but later, they will stop doing them. You will feel that your partner does not care about you and feel disappointed. 

You both would have your own sets of habits, likes,  opinions,  dislikes, and preferences.  So what you consider extremely important,  maybe felt worthless to your partner. This would cause so many problems in your relationship because you both are not seeing things from each other’s perspectives, and will end up with a lack of understanding. This will lead to frequent disagreements and fights. 

When the love fades, you will take efforts to keep the relationship to go on. But it is not about forcing yourself to make your partner feel loved, but it has to come naturally. When the need to show some love is missing, the couples will end up in broken hearts and drift apart. 

Tips on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up

When you have so many problems in your relationship, you are putting an end to your happiness, memories, and the love of your life. Break up is not the solution for every problem, you can still resolve it and have a beautiful bond with your partner back again. So here are a few tips on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up. 

Accept your imperfect love

First of all, accept that you are not in a perfect relationship. No one is perfect, it is just the way they live and love depending on their character. Everyone has and lacks something and it differs among each other. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You are not living in a fantasy world to have the perfect love story as you have read in fairy tales.

If you start accepting that the relationships are not going to be perfect and would make wrong decisions. If you accept the fact that it is you and your partner who should fix your relationship, then most things will get smooth to handle. 

Just because you or your partner made a wrong decision, breaking up is not the solution. Instead, talk about the real issues and understand the mistakes while learning how to solve relationship problems.

Accept your faults

Accept your faults during an arguement

It is ok to accept your faults, and take responsibility for them. If you have done something to your partner that has hurt them, admit it. Most people will try to defend themselves when they make a mistake and hold onto it. But understand that more than your ego, your partner is more important to you.

Do not fall into defending your faults as it may push your partner from you. Do not shift the blame on your partner or anyone else, instead take full responsibility, and try to solve the issue by saying sorry. Don’t just say sorry, instead think about solutions you can take to make sure that these issues won’t happen again.  

Listen to your partner

Most of the problems arise when you are not ready to listen to your partner. When you listen to them you will avoid misunderstanding each other. Do not underestimate the value of listening to each other. Everyone will make a mistake at some point in the relationship and so if you listen and make an attempt to solve the problems more than just apologizing. 

Talk about the problems openly

There is no better way to solve problems than talking to each other openly about your issues, misunderstandings, and problems. It is the golden key to making your relationship last, especially if you are trying to solve a problem that is affecting you both. If you are not able to make a decision. Talk about it and try to understand what went wrong. Do this calmly and clearly without arguing and fighting, while putting the blame on each other. This is only going to make things worse and leads to break up in relationship. 

Tell your partner about your thoughts as well as allow them to talk about their ideas. Think from each other’s perspectives and accept them, because there is nothing to prove which opinion is better because, in the end, it is you both who are going to leave with a heavy heart. 

Talking is really a better way as it helps to avoid even future problems. You will learn about each other on how you think and accordingly, you can come up with a compromise over the issues you argue about even in the future. 

It is fine even if one person makes a mistake. You both need to get together to fix the issues. Try to find solutions, apologize, and forgive. When you give each other a chance, you learn from the shortcomings.  

Avoid passive-aggressive comments with your partner, because it is coming from hurt and anger. Make honesty your priority and do not be afraid of addressing things. You will be able to figure out the truth and express it in the right way that your partner can understand. Without talking, choosing to fight in an extreme way is only going to spoil the relationship. So choose to talk openly with your partner.   

Have some healthy arguments

It is usual to have arguments as a couple. Moreover, it is fine to argue unless it is a healthy argument.  People stay together for many reasons in a relationship that does not make them happy.  Maybe the person is afraid to be alone, or the person is stuck due to some circumstances.  First of all,  find out why you are with your partner and decide whether it is worth staying in. 

If you feel toxic,  then it is time to end the relationship, but there are couples,  who live together for a long time and fight over nothing, making them into large issues. If you keep on fighting just because you miss understanding each other you can still fix it with healthy arguments. 

Healthy relationship

You can do this healthy argument, even while holding hands. This can be highly recommendable, as it can solve a lot of issues. When you hold hands while discussing the problems, you will feel each other’s emotions more than the words. A more intimate connection will form and allows both of you to exchange empathies. Both of you will start to take decisions sincerely and wholeheartedly.  

Take some space

There is nothing to worry about taking time from each other. Because it is a good way to calm and cool the emotions down. This works out well when you reach a heated argument. When you are in high emotion, you won’t be able to come up with a better solution. So it is a good way to take some time off from each other. 

Instead of continuing your argument, take some time and spend it with your friends and family, or just with yourself. This will make you calm and relaxed and will let you think clearly. Just be sure that both of you take the space by discussing it together until you are ready to face the problem.

Do not forget to set a time limit. Take the period of being away from each other for both of your emotions to calm down and then dedicate a specific time to discuss your problems. 

Be patient

When your relationship issues are because of being in a long-distance relationship, you need to consider the important quality of being patient, because people end relationships due to impatience. Let yourself give your relationship another chance to adjust to a long-distance relationship. Have a little faith in your partner, because when your partner is doing everything to make it work, why would you give up?

Final thoughts

“Let’s break up” is the most painful word you can hear. If you think that these things will make you feel better, surely they will not. This is the mistake most couples make. So what to do instead of breaking up is no matter how hurt you feel, never let the idea of breaking up. Do not give up, especially if you want to fix it. 

Take some time to meet up and solve issues, instead of talking over the call and text messages. Because having conversations during meet-ups is the best way to resolve the problems. You will be able to understand each other’s point of view completely. Dedicate some time to talk things through by meeting for dinner, or lunch. If you have an intimate environment, it will allow you both to discuss issues comfortably.

So make sure not to break up in relationship and always try to resolve issues and live a happy life with your partner. Following the above tips on how to solve relationship problems without breaking up will allow you to maintain a healthy relationship

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