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How do you see periods? What importance do you give for periods? Many will have different opinions on this and they don’t see it, the same way.

Menstruation is the occurrence of monthly bleeding called the period, where the body discards the monthly buildups of lining in the womb. The importance of menstruation varies among cultures where some consider menstruating women as scared and powerful, while some consider them as impure and dirty. Some cultures go to the extreme of not allowing the women during their menstruation to participate in their normal domestic activities, religious ceremonies and to engage in physical intimacy. But contrastingly, there are cultures that do not consider period as a taboo topic and it’s really a normal thing.

Apart from them, what actually should be taught about the period? There are girls who are not prepared for their first periods and are unaware of the way to direct them. Some are taught to hide their periods. They feel embarrassed in carrying and purchasing their pads. Why is this? What makes them feel so? Let’s promote period positivity and learn the facts. Keep reading to know more.    

4 things to consider during menstruation

Period is normal


Many girls fear when they get their first period. Many women feel that their period is an interruption for their daily work as they make you feel down and tired. They get fed up when they get it and feels it as trouble. But the actual fact is that period is linked to your health. It is a normal thing and if you get them, it simply means that you are healthy. It is important as having a healthy diet. Take some rest, eat well and drink plenty of water and promote it as a healthy bodily function.

Stop spreading misinformation

Women undergoing menstruation are considered impure and unclean. And moreover, it is considered similar to a disability. You are limited to carry out activities in your daily life. But you can do pretty much anything during your period as on normal days. Regular exercise helps decrease painful menstrual cramps.

You lose a lot about two or three tablespoons of blood when you menstruate and there is no need to worry about the passing out of blood loss. You feel weak, achy, and irritated due to hormonal fluctuation but actual blood loss is nothing to do with it.

Teach on menstrual products

Girls should be informed so that they will be able to take control of their periods. Many have different choices on handling periods. They should be taught about different products and what they are used for.

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Most of the girls use pads when they get their first period. They are made of cotton and comes in lots of sizes and shapes. Some find tampons to be convenient than pads, especially when swimming or playing sports. It is a cotton plug that is inserted into the vagina and absorbs the blood. If you leave them for more than 8 hours it can lead to serious infection and this might cause irritation. Menstrual cups can also be used that are made of silicone, and this is inserted into the vagina and holds the blood.

Promote hygiene during menstruation

Hygiene is an important thing that should be maintained especially during menstruation as they deserve utmost caution and self-care. Therefore you should consider things in order to be hygiene.

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And so these rules of hygiene will help you to stay healthy and manage your periods.

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