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Lockdowns, travel restrictions, and stay-at-home orders due to the pandemic situation were slowing down when countries started getting vaccinated. But the truth is, it is not completely over. The variant of coronavirus is emerging, where recently they have reported about the Omicron Covid variant. New symptoms were identified in Botswana and South Africa which is reported to be worse that can spread rapidly and now about 38 countries have been recognized with Omicron. Even though scientists are still studying this, it is better to be aware of the symptoms of Omicron. 

What is Omicron? 

Delta variant remained as the most dominant one than the other variants. but, the omicron variant has been reported to be very different from two other variants. This has arise panic across the globe and countries started banning flights.  The Omicron variant is said to have a high number of mutations that make the virus spread more easily.  But this is not clearly confirmed as researchers are still going on.  Some evidence that this can even reinfect people more readily.  They found about 30 mutations in spike proteins which is a component on the surface of variant allowing it to bind human cells and gain entry to the body. 

What are the Symptoms of omicron?

The severity of the illness is not completely clear. There is an increased rate of people hospitalized in South Africa but it is doubted to be due to an increase in the overall number of people infected than the result of the infection of Omicron. 

There is no proper information to say that the symptoms associated with this variant are different from the other variants and the younger individuals who are infected are said to have more mild disease. But all variants of covid-19 are said to cause severe disease or death and so prevention should be done. 

Omicron variant

However, this variant is found to have slightly different symptoms than the covid 19 virus and the delta variant and so far the symptoms that have been identified to be mild are, headaches, scratchy throats, body aches, and extreme tiredness. But there are no reports that say that people will lose their sense of taste and smell while dropping oxygen levels like those previous strains. 

The symptoms can be categorized as the most common symptoms, less common symptoms, and serious symptoms. 

The most common symptoms can be fever, cough, loss of taste and smell, and tiredness. The less common symptoms are sore throat, pains, aches, headaches, rashes, red eyes, and discoloration of toes and fingers. Serious symptoms are found to be breathing difficulty, loss of speech, chest pain, or confusion. 

How concerned should we be? 

Health experts believe that the Omicron is spreading and is undetectable. The symptoms are said to be extremely mild. But still, this reminds us that the Covid-19 is not yet over. It is essential for people to get their vaccinations and continue to follow the advice in order to prevent the spread of the virus. 

There are no deaths reported yet due to omicron and it would take weeks to determine how infectious the disease could be. But the spreading has warned that it could cause more than half the Covid cases in Europe in the next few months. 

wear masks

Try reducing the risk of exposure to the virus to protect yourself and your family. Make sure to wear a mask and remember that both your mouth and nose should be covered when you go out. Always make sure to clean your hands whenever you put on and remove your masks. Maintain social distance for at least 1 meter. Wash your hands properly for 20 seconds and sanitize. Avoid crowded places and open windows to get proper ventilation. 

Are the covid vaccinations effective?


Still, the researchers are looking for impacts the Omicron variant has on the covid-19 vaccines. But according to the world health organization, it is believed that the current vaccines will provide some protection against severe illness and deaths. You should get vaccination not just to be protected from omicron, but also from the other widely circulating variants like Delta. If your vaccinations involved two doses, make sure to receive both for maximum protection. 

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