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Welcome to Healthy Monday.

Some of us get jealous of people who eat a lot but stays slim for the rest of their lives, but here we are controlling our consumption of food and still looking fat. Have you ever wondered why? Or do you already know the reason? Most of you would have guessed it as the role of Metabolism. There are so many assumptions and facts like it get faster, average, or slower and it should be maintained for the proper functioning of the organs and to maintain weight. This is true but there are things that most of us have misunderstood the real meaning and the role of metabolism.  

What is Metabolism?

The metabolism is in every cell and it is a process of a chemical reaction inside the body, where the calories are converted as energy for the functioning of the body parts and gives a better feel. When there is a higher metabolic rate, high calories get burnt. This helps for digestive systems, cells repairing and breathing while also helps to carry out the activities of growth, development, and movement.

The speed can be faster or slower and this is depended on the size of the body, age, gender, and genetics. If the body consists of more muscles than fat, it has a faster metabolism, where more calories are burnt. Because it is estimated that each muscle uses about 6 calories a day. BMI, which is the Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories needed to fuel for the functioning of the body.

Reality of metabolism

When you have a slower metabolism rate, it burns few calories and the remaining calories get stored as fats in the body that leads to gaining weight. But a faster rate helps in the quick burning of calories. And this is why some stay slim even after eating a lot of foods and some remain overweight even after cutting calories.

Slow metabolic rate is when you get old, you lose your muscle mass that results in burning few calories. Also, the speed of metabolism rate varies on gender, where the men have more body mass and muscles and heavy bones than women so the calories will be burnt quickly in the bodies of men. And genes too determine the size of muscles and their ability to grow, affecting the speed. But the slower metabolic rate cannot be entirely blamed for weight gain because they only play a small part while the main factors are inactivity and irregular diets.

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Be aware of the real facts and add changes to the lifestyle with some routine and tips to follow in order to stay healthy.

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