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Welcome to healthy Monday. Today we are going to share a common issue faced by many of us. It is about stress, where it is identified that the majority of people are facing extreme stress and are finding it hard to get rid of.

What is stress and why it is happening? Continue reading to know more.

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What is stress?

Stress is a common thing that is experienced by most people in the world. Stress is actually the response of a body to the changes happening in life.  Stress puts you down and creates uneasiness in life and is recognized as a common condition in everyone’s life. The happenings and different situations taking place are seen from different perspectives by different people.  When our mind realizes the situation is going to bring out pain, then it creates stress and the mind will start to get prepared for that. It is not possible to completely cure other stress, but unnecessary stress can be eliminated.  It can affect a person both physically and mentally.

Stress is caused for many reasons. The perception of life which is based on personality traits and thinking patterns will decide whether it is stressful or challenging.  Most people can handle stress but for some, it will be extreme, which they will find complex to manage. 

Financial issues, career, relationships, health, and family problems are common causes of stress. Different people are subjected to different stress for certain different things. A condition or situation that never bothers you, will be a cause of stress to another person. For example, a student might get stressed when the exams are near, while another student would not even bother about it, because both of their perceptions vary on exams and accordingly they react to it. So specific reasons cannot be identified for the occurrence.

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The body is created and designed in order to react and experience stress.  Stress can keep us prepared to avoid dangers and difficult circumstances. It can be both positive and negative.  It is positive at situations doing something for the first time or when great responsibilities are about to bear, such as promotions, becoming a parent, meeting someone for the first time, and various other things.  But when a person feels pressure without relief and finds the effects it is considered as negative stress, and so tensions related to stress will be built. 

This can be even related to the issues of career and relationships. In such situations, the stress creates headaches, stomach issues, low energy, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, and insomnia which are difficult to handle.  It can even cause depression, skin conditions, asthma, and high BP. 

Some people use tobacco, alcohol, or drugs to get relief from their stress but they will end up with harmful effects which will lead them to be in a worse state of stress and can cause harmful issues. 

Stress should always be managed well before it gets extreme, where there are possibilities to suppress the immune system,  mess the digestive and reproductive system,  increases the speed of physical appearance of aging,  causes problems to the brain, and even gives you  Heart Attack and stroke. And so always remember to not consider stress so easily and try managing it properly.

How to manage and get rid of stress?

Stress can be cured or prevented when we spend some time and take care of ourselves. When you feel stressed,

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