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Leech therapy

Have you ever experienced leech bite? If yes, then you know that it is an annoying and awkward feeling. Leech bites do not carry diseases, do not sting, and don’t leave the poisonous stingers in wounds, but they bleed a bit. But do you know that leech therapy was used 1000 years ago? The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, and Arabs used it as medicine for problems in the nervous system, skin diseases, dental problems, and infections. They believed that when blood is removed, it prevents illness and cures diseases. And now it is used by medical professions for blood clots. But is it safe to use leech therapy? 

How leech therapy is done? 

Leech therapy is used for bloodletting, wound healing, and stimulating blood flow. In leech therapy, the leech is made to pierce the person with their tiny teeth, they secrete peptides and proteins through their saliva. And they extract blood for about 20 to 45 minutes of a small amount of blood up to 15 milliliters.

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When a severed part of the body is reattached, it is difficult to repair the small veins than large ones, and as a result, it can swell with blood. To prevent this, the leech sucks the excess blood and keeps the reattached part healthy while veins get fixed together and heal. 

Benefits of Leech therapy

Treated for varicose

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Leech therapy is adopted as a natural healing method for varicose veins. When the leech is attached to the body, it bites the skin and feels painless due to the anesthetic. Due to the blood thin properties in the saliva of Leech, it prevents clotting and thins the blood clot, and so there will be a better flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body.  When the leech sucks the blood, the blood pooling pressure on the lower part of the feet is reduced. The veins in the leg will become normal and they will be able to function properly, transporting the deoxygenated blood. 

Heart disease

Leech therapy helps in enhancing the blood flow and reduces inflammation, so it is used by people suffering from heart disease. This has become an acceptable alternative therapy for people who have vascular disorders and diseases. 


Certain blood cancers are not advised to use leech therapy, but few cancer treatments use this therapy due to special enzymes in the saliva of the leech. It slows the effect of lung cancer, while it prevents cancer cells from colonizing the body.


Diabetes causes numerous problems that prevent or limit the blood from reaching various other parts of the body. To stop this process, circulation should be done in the affected tissues without the risk of blood clotting. People with diabetes have thicker blood and a substance called Hirudin in the saliva of leech helps to relieve the pressure on the heart and in the cardiovascular system by thinning the blood.

Cosmetic use

Leech therapy is popular in preserving soft tissues and healing facial reconstructive surgeries. During and after surgeries, leech therapy’s effect on blood clots helps the body to heal more naturally and completely.

Is leech therapy safe?

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This is easy and has a lower risk of side effects when compared to other therapies. But still, the bacterial infection might be a problem so the leech should be avoided outside of a regulated environment. Leech will try to move to other areas of the body where you do not need any treatment that causes unnecessary loss of blood. If you have allergic to leech saliva, then do not try this treatment. But apart from these problems, it is a natural treatment for varicose, that helps you to prevent problems. It is proven to be successful and used by many institutions, especially by ayurvedic treatments. 

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