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laughing is good for the soul

We go in search of medicines outside to cure a few health issues, but we do not realize that there is a medicine within ourselves. That’s “LAUGHING”. It is enjoyable because laughing is good for the soul but most of us limit it to HAHA. 

Can you remember, when was the last time you had a really good laugh? A laugh so hard that you couldn’t breathe, with your belly pain, and felt like you might have a heart attack if you do not stop it. This could be rare in your life, but this is what you need to be healthy. 

We laugh but NOT loud, instead, we control it with a small chuckle or smile looking at the phone. To bring balance to your life, there is no better replacement than a laugh. 

After reading this article, I am sure that you are going to do things that you think would make you laugh. Here are some tips to make you laugh out loud.

Laughing Therapy

Laughing therapy is an approach to healing depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. It is in various types and shows improvement. 

Laughing therapy is conducted because laughter is linked to positive health. When you laugh, there will be positive changes in emotional responses rising from laughter and this contributes to physical body benefits and helps the overall body mentally and physically. 

It boosts your immunity while relaxing the body’s muscles, reduces stress, and improves blood flow to your heart and brain. Laughter benefits the heart that pumping better and more evenly and producing infection-fighting antibodies to reduce your risk of disease and it will attribute to your mind-body connection. 

The brain produces chemicals that trigger these responses when you laugh because it depends partly on feelings and thoughts. Even if you are not feeling well and maintain a positive attitude through laughter and the brain is likely to produce chemicals that boost your body’s healing power. 

Why laughing is good for the soul? 

Laughter is enjoyable, sought after, and socially contagious. To understand how laughing is good for the soul, you need to understand the impact of stress on health. When you are stressed, the body will react by increasing your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure and causing your muscle to tense. 

Stress would have an adverse impact on your emotions when you constantly feel this way causing you to feel upset, moody, tense, or depressed. But if you laugh at such stressful times, it can reduce the stress hormones like cortisol, epinephrine (adrenaline), and dopamine and increases the endorphins that refer to happiness hormones. 

Laughter helps to relieve physical tension and the mind and soul will follow while promoting a sense of ease and calm. And this is why laughing is good for the soul. 

A good Laugh is contagious

laughing is the best medicine

When someone else starts to laugh, you readily laugh. Have you wondered why? Sometimes a few jokes will not make you laugh when alone, but if you be with someone who laughs at the same joke, you get it too. 

This is because laughing connects you to others. We are always more likely to laugh around other people, even just hearing because laughter triggers us and our brain causes us to laugh in response. Laughing is good for the soul for such reasons. 

Laughing Benefits

You become a positive person

Laughing helps to make you like yourself and supports you in learning to accept yourself.  If you start to accept yourself for who you are with the flaws will be able to laugh at yourself.  This makes you likely to be more successful in life due to the mindset that prioritizes despite shortcomings. 

Laughter is good for the soul because it can promote a positive mood and mental health through hard times and embarrassing moments. If we are able to keep up this positivity, we become more positive people.  You do not have to rely on others to create positivity instead you can create a space for yourself to laugh. 

Makes you attractive

People do not love when you laugh at them which will surely praise you if you laugh at yourself.  Laughing makes you attractive not because of the act of laughing,  but it is because of what the laughter just says about you. When you have a joyful heart and shine bright it feels terribly attractive to others. 

When you laugh at yourself it shows that you have self-acceptance and the key to self-confidence.  So this is one of the other reasons that laughing is good for the soul because it also makes other people feel good about themselves. It relaxes everyone.

You will stand out in any group of people when you’re with that cheerful heart and it will draw others to you. It is laughter that cultivates a warm, fuzzy feeling to speak and forms a bond, and promotes a sense of togetherness.

Prevents diseases

It is true that Laughing is good for the soul but it is not only good for the mind but also for the body.  Laughter can improve a lot in your health and prevent diseases.

It helps to lower blood pressure, releases muscle tension, reduces hormones that cause stress, boosts the immune system, and burns calories.  It has been found to reduce tumors and also increase the effectiveness of cancer treatments. 

Laughing once in a while is not going to count,  but you have to make laughter a regular part of your life. Because it is simply a natural exercise.  Laughing is good for you because when you laugh the muscles will create a movement.  The repetitive expanding and contracting that happens when laughing for an extended period of time, engages the body’s diaphragm and the abdominal muscle systems.  This is why when you laugh, the sides of your stomach hurt slightly. 

If you laugh, you will notice your blood pressure decreasing. laughter does indeed improve circulation and can reduce blood pressure, which is one of the major causes of heart disease and cardiac issues for many people.  

Laughter uses the respiratory system very quickly stimulating and increasing the blood flow. It increases the amount of oxygen flowing to the brain because of heart rate increases temporarily., In this way, it promotes healthy brain function. While it also helps to improve memory in different ways

Laughing strengthens your relationship

Laughing strengthens relationship

When couples laugh together, they are more likely to manage conflicts because the laugh helps them when they feel high tensions.  You will find it much easier to solve problems and share a more positive outlook. Moreover, you will easily agree with each other when the stress levels are low and will be able to manage your emotions.

Through laughter, you can create a space, and if there are any conflicts you will have the mindset to solve them easily.  This not only applies to romantic partners but also to families,  friends, and colleagues. It also eases other painful feelings and goes a long way to help create an overall sense of well-being.

Moreover, laughing is good for the soul because it helps to create a strong social Bond disclosure of personal information is important.  Think about how it feels when you share something personal with someone you trust. When you laugh it can temporarily influence the willingness to share personal information and creates intimacy between you.  Laughter can definitely strengthen your relationship.

How to laugh more? 

We laugh once in a while because we do not try to make things that make us laugh.  Finding something funny to make you smile can have the same benefits.  The humor will allow you to see things in a new and unexpected way. So you need to allow yourself to see the lighter side of life more often to release the tension. 

Here are some tips to bring more giggles and chuckles into your every day.

Seek laughter

There are times when you are made to laugh even if you have no idea what is so funny. If you see or hear people laughing and do find it a common joke, ask them. They will love to get another chance to talk and laugh about it and you can make a new friend out of it. 

Humor does not always have to come from others but sometimes it will benefit you to find some humor yourself, rather than dwelling on a mistake or something embarrassing.

Don’t hold back your laughs

Change your environment to laugh

You might hold back your laughter because you think it looks dumb. Maybe you think your teeth look bad or you don’t want to sound weird. But suppressing laughs will suppress it every time. 

Start by noticing other people’s laughs, and think positively about them. Make a conscious effort to find the joy and freedom they are expressing. 

Go for a laughter yoga class

This is a type of class where you do not have restrictions to whisper and giggle about things.  If you join Laughter yoga, it would be an exercise routine that totally focuses on inspiring real and contagious laughter.

The basic principle of this brand of yoga is that laugh with everyone. The brain doesn’t differentiate between real and fake laughter, and you can easily turn a fake laugh into real, releasing powerful happiness brain chemicals. 

Make humorous and funny friends

Laugh with friends

To help keep yourself positive and funny, minimize the exposure to those glass-half-empty types in your life. It is all about balance, and it is healthier for you to tip the scales in favor of those who love to laugh versus those who are. Find friends who are good at being humorous and love to be funny. 

Staying and doing fun will really be a positive thing and would keep you out of stress. There could be a few people in life, who have given funny memories and you would laugh at them no matter at what times you recall them. It is good to keep such people with you. 

Make giggles the first thing in your day

People in the morning start their day watching the news and repeatedly checking it throughout the day and this can keep them stressed and anxiety state. Try to switch from 24-hour news to comedy radio and podcasts to lift the spirits and start your day in a positive frame of mind.  

on the way to work,  on the way home, when you’re taking a walk, or doing dishes and household chores, listen to some humorous podcasts. Otherwise, watch some funny videos to create positivity and happiness in the day. 

Adjust your environment

Being in an awful and stressful environment will not make you laugh, even if funny things happen. But you can bring some spirit to the office for you to be in a sunnier mindset that’s more receptive to humor. 

Keep toys or family photos at your desk. Tuck feel-good items in your glove compartment. If you have a smartphone, load it with photos and games that make you happy so you can access them anywhere.

These things will keep the mind free of stress and leads you to be fun. 

Other things to do

laughing good for you

Final thoughts

It is rare nowadays that we used to laugh out loud uncontrollably. Sometimes we use to stop laughing cause we believe the myth that something bad will happen. Get rid of all those negativity and be positive. 

Laughing benefits the body and mind in many ways and helps to live a healthier life and that is why they say Laughing is the best medicine. As it prevents many diseases and illnesses. Find all ways in which you can laugh out loud and be around people who would appreciate you doing so. 

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