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Can you spend around 20 minutes to maintain your health? And will you be able to burn about 200 to 600 calories within 20 minutes? Yes, you can and I am here to reveal the secret of how it is possible.

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During the Covid period, my body weight increased about 198.4 pounds (90 kg) and I felt really uncomfortable with my body and was affected both physically and mentally. I planned to reduce my weight by going to a gym but had no enough money and time. Moreover, the fitness centers were closed in the covid period. I called my school coach to get a suggestion of what I can do to reduce my weight and he said me to jog daily. I started researching the benefits of jogging and found that it helps in many ways. And below are some main benefits of jogging that you can obtain by jogging.

Benefits of Jogging

Helps in weight loss

Jogging for weight loss is possible and really a good way that burns calories and it is known as the straightforward exercise that assists in weight loss. When you consume food, it will convert them into energy and the remaining will be stored as fat. And this is how you gain weight. But when you jog in the morning before having your breakfast, the body will use the food you eat after jogging as energy and doesn’t store them as fat. So that the weight of the body will be maintained well.

Improves the health of the heart

Jogging helps to lead a healthy life. Because it reduces the risk of the heart and prevents cardiovascular and other heart diseases. When you jog your heart becomes stronger and it helps in improving the function of the heart. And according to researches, the runners who run daily have a low risk of early deaths and cardiovascular diseases.

Strengthen your muscles and bones

When you jog every day it is a benefit for your muscles to grow and be strong. The muscles in your legs will get stretched and you will be able to walk for a longer time and stand for long hours. It also helps in building up the bones and prevents diseases related to bones. Moreover, your joints get fewer strains and carry less weight while being more flexible.

Improves your mental health

One of the benefits of jogging is improving mental health. An early morning jogging helps you in relieving stress and anxiety where you only focus on jogging and will provide a beautiful sight in your morning view. This gives you a feeling of achieving and supports you to recognize your self-worth. And you will be able to forget your stress.

Increase in productivity

A daily jog will help you gain high energy levels where you will be able to be active, because of the stimulation of your physical and mental health. A good jog will support the adrenaline and endorphin to flow throughout the body and gives an intense feeling for a long time. And this will help you to do your work at the right time efficiently.

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I got to know that there are such benefits of jogging and came to the conclusion of trying to jog daily in the intention of jogging for weight loss. And got ready to jog in the mornings. On the first day, I was not able to do a continuous jog for at least 1 minute. I came home with disappointments and then decided to fix a destination. So on the next day, I started running and when I got tired I started walking and completed the targeted destination. On the third day, I didn’t want to feel the pain so that I started jogging with some music.

Similarly, the next two days went by but on the sixth day I thought to quit jogging. But then on a day when I ran to catch a bus on time, I realized that I was able to run for 5 minutes without a break, and when I thought about this I felt fresh inside the bus.

So I decided to continue my jogging routine and not to quit. So the next day I started jogging again and after one week I was able to jog for 8 to 9 minutes continuously without a break and I felt changes in my body. I felt fresh and energetic the whole day. In my office instead of using the lift, I began to use the stairs.

My distance of jogging got increased each day and on the 35th day, I achieved reaching my fixed destination of 4.9 miles (8km) by running continuously without a break. From 198.4 pounds (90 kg), I was able to reduce my weight to 165.3 pounds (75kg) by jogging along with a simple diet. And this is the difference I felt through jogging.

Basic accessories used while jogging

When jogging there can be injuries and in our upcoming blog, we would share recovery tips.

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