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An important organ in the human body is the eye.  It is the main organ that protects us from danger and 80% of our perceptions are received through the eyes. Healthy eyes and a good vision help us for good performance. There are possibilities where the eyesight might weaken and sometimes it can be exposed to eye diseases. Therefore it is a must to look after your eyes. You can improve the health of the eyes preventing from weakening and eye diseases by following some simple tips.  Keep on reading to know about the tips and routines to follow to maintain good eyesight.

Tips and routines for good eyesight

A healthy diet is necessary to maintain good eye health. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins and fiber along with antioxidants are mostly recommended for good eyesight. These are mostly included in the dark green vegetables and fresh fruits.  It helps to prevent dry eyes and helps in reducing damage.  Wholegrain is good to consume that includes zinc and Vitamin E to fight eye diseases.  Consumption of Raw red pepper, Salmon, tuna fish, eggs, beans, and broccoli prevent dry eyes, cataracts, and AMD.  Make sure to avoid food with high salt because it can cause damage and margarine,  processed meat, alcohol, and fried foods should be avoided has it causes risks to the eyesight.

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One of the common tips that are mostly suggested, is to get a proper sleep at night which is really good for your eyesight. The eye is mostly working the whole day with less rest, therefore it should be given a proper rest so that it can perform well by releasing the stress of the muscles in the eye. When people don’t get the essential sleep they complain about pain in the eye, restless and strain.  At least 5 hours of sleep is needed to freshen and function well. 

Give the eyes a proper and regular exercise for eyes which will assist in boosting the oxygen and the blood flow to the eyes to improve the health and this produces this reduces low vision.  This is suggested as a natural cure to prevent eye problems.  Eye exercises support in improving the vision.  Changing the focus, looking at distance, and tracing imaginary figures are some of the exercises that can be recommended. These exercises provide the eye with some breaks when continuously staring at digital screens because it is not good for the eye to look at a single object for a long time so make sure to focus on something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

The most important tip tips to maintain proper hygiene in the eye.  Never touch your eyes without washing your hands and never rub them when you feel itchy or annoyed.  Because this can cause infection and worsen your eye.  When you wear a contact lens ensure to clean it with proper solutions.  And never sleep with contact lenses and eye makeup. Be sure to not use inappropriate expired cosmetics.

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When you go out in the sun, the UV rays can be harmful to the eyes causing cataracts, eyelid issues, and even cancers. Therefore make sure to wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes.  Also, use it when going swimming, working in the garden, and cooking with oil which causes injuries for the eyes. Be careful in what you do and how you handle them for the safety of the eyes.

Eyes should be kept hydrated to prevent dry eyes.  8 glasses of water are recommended per day to keep the eyes hydrated and maintain the fluid.  Also, try using cucumbers to place in the eyes that give a cooling effect to maintain moisture. 

Try following the above tips and improve your eyesight.

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