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An immune system is one of the most important things that is needed to keep us healthy. It prevents us from diseases, cancers, and various other health issues by defending us from invaders like bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Immune system topic played an important role. Wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands regularly, and getting vaccinated is done to keep us safe from Covid, and along with that, we need to have a strong immune system especially in the seasons that cause cold and flu. But what can weaken your immune system? 

We can make a strong immune system by eating nutritious food, getting good sleep, and doing exercises.  But still, these things can break when we do things that weaken our immune system.  Therefore we need to identify them in order to avoid them and keep us safe. 

Things that can weaken your immune system


weaken your immune system

If you are a person who is undergoing stress, then you need to see ways of being stress-free, because stress can affect your immune system. It creates a hormone called cortisol in your body which can reduce the effectiveness of your immunity and makes your body fight off the invaders. If you have had a high level of stress for a long time, your body will start to accept this stress level as a normal level and it will continue to produce stress hormones at a high level which can compromise the immune system causing colds and cough. 

Try maintaining a calm, normal, and balanced state with mindful practices like meditations, and yoga. Take a break and do what you like, such as watching tv, listening to music and various others. 

Eating salty foods 

Diets that include high salt, will increase the risk of diseases because it reduces the amount of energy that the system makes and will stop them from working normally. It can be chips, fast food, frozen dinners, and other salty foods that affect an important arm of the system. According to the recommendations of the world health organization, adults should consume five grams a day and not more than that which is approximately one level of a teaspoon. 

Not spending time outside

Nowadays working from home has become a normal thing and most of you might work from home, sitting in front of your laptop, for hours and looking at your phone. Or you might be a person who hates going outside. But do you know that this can affect your immune system? 

immune system

When you spend time outside in the sun, you will get Vitamin D that helps in supporting your immune. In addition, spending some time outside will help you to fight off the stress that suppresses your immune level. So make sure to take breaks and spend some time outside to be stress-free while getting your essential nutrient to stay healthy. 

Smoking and alcohol 

Most of you know that smoking affects your health. The chemical compounds in cigarettes can affect the system that making it less effective in fighting with the invaders. One of the important nutrients that are needed to keep high immunity is Vitamin C, but smoking can reduce the level of this nutrient that making it hard to support the prevention of infection and protection of lungs. 


As there is a link between smoking and the immune system, people who smoke are more likely to get coronavirus. Because they already have lung diseases, that puts them at high risk for contracting covid.  The capacity of the lungs may have been reduced for them, which can even make them suffer through a life-threatening case. 

On the other hand, alcohol also plays a role in suppressing the immune system, and drinking even once can suppress the immune system for a short time. According to some research, a light amount of alcohol is said to have a positive effect on the immune health, but this is not yet proven well and remains controversial. However light drinkers( women who drink less than one drink a day and men who drink less than two drinks a day) are less likely to get negative effects than those heavy drinkers. But it is best to prevent alcohol completely. 

Lack of sleep

lack of sleep

Sleeping for a short period of time has become common nowadays, due to busy schedules and more working times. But a good sleep will provide support to the system enables a well-balanced immune defense. It helps you to get adaptive immunity, fewer allergic reactions and will respond well to vaccines. During the night sleep, some components of the immune system are produced and this is driven by sleep.

The activity of breathing and muscles will slow down during sleep and it will free up the energy for the immune system to perform critical tasks. Therefore make sure to get enough sleep and be healthy with a good immune system so that you will be safe from the diseases. 

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