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We use the washroom every day, but have you ever thought about what hygiene mistakes you do. We have learned basic personal hygiene habits to be healthy.  The small hygiene mistakes we do will lead to health issues and infections, without our concern. Because washrooms are easily accessible for bacteria to grow. It is important to follow proper hygiene and prevent health issues that can make us fall sick. 

Hygiene mistakes

Not paying attention to your toothbrush

hygiene mistakes

Your toothbrush is home to more than 10 million bacteria and it includes a germ that causes diarrhea and vomiting. So it is important to rinse the toothbrush thoroughly after each use and it is better if you can use warm/hot water to rinse the brush and store it upright. Buy a new one every 3 months. We think that the toothbrush is protected by the caps. But it is the one that makes it easier for bacteria to grow. Normally we store our toothbrushes in a cabinet in washrooms, but do not do it. Especially make sure not to place it near another toothbrush, as it can form infections. So place it in a medicine cabinet. 

Quick washing of hands

We wash hands and think that the bacteria is removed. But are you washing your hands correctly? They say that washing your hands with hot water will remove the bacteria, but it is a misconception because, either you wash your hands with hot water or cold water, the effect is the same. If you think hot water removes it quickly, then you should use boiling water for effective results, but you will end up harming yourself.

An average person doesn’t spend enough time washing hands. You should at least spend 20 seconds washing your hands for the germs to be removed. So when you wash your hands scrub them and sing a happy birthday song twice in your head and make sure to clean your nails. 

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Too often shower baths

Taking a shower removes dead skin cells and dirt. But if you do it too often then your skin would get dry and disrupts the skin’s natural pH balance, causing you to produce even more oil to compensate for your dryness. As a result, you get clogged pores and body acne. The natural oils are important and it works as a protective barrier but if you remove them from over-showering your skin might become irritated and sensitive to the sun. 

Washing your face in the shower

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It is time-consuming when you wash your face in the shower. But when you wash it in the hot shower it will dry out your skin bringing skin issues. Also, you should not wash your face in freezing cold water which leads to broken blood vessels causing little thread veins to appear. So make sure to wash with lukewarm water and wash it over the skin. 

Mistakes when flushing

We normally flush by keeping the toilet lid open, but this is wrong and it is not proper bathroom hygiene. If you flush while the lid is open then tiny particles of your waste in the toilet will spray up in the air over a 15-foot radius. This will stick into the toothbrush, towels, toilet papers, and various other stuff you have inside. This is called the toilet plume and says that the particles can carry infectious bacteria. So make sure to flush the toilet by closing the lid. 

Not using a proper towel

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How do you use your towel to dry your face? If you vigorously rub it all over your body it makes your skin irritated and removes off the important natural oils. So it is better to gently pat your skin with a towel post-shower and use a moisturizer after you step out of the shower so that it locks the added moisture while the pores are still open from hot water and steam. 

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