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Each of us likes to be happy, and the happiness looks different for everyone. Some consider happiness as peace, while some think about freedom. Others may think of happiness as a secured network of friends. It can even be a delicious meal, a favorite book, or a relaxing day. But these things only bring temporary happiness, but true happiness is gained differently. Happiness is a state of mind and well-being, and learning how to be happy is something that can be practiced intentionally. A few regular habits can make you find true happiness. 

How to be happy? - 8 habits in your routine

For some, a few bad habits will bring temporary pleasure. But here let’s make some positive habits to lead a truly happy life. Do not stress to follow everything, instead find out what habits just suit your lifestyle, and with little practice and time, figure out what works for you. 

Habits to find out how to be happy. 

Find your happiness

Happiness doesn’t come with luck, wealth, or good-looking. But it comes with the effort you put in to be happy. So how to be happy?  Do not wait for it to come, instead create it yourself. Make it a priority to do what makes you feel happy. Just let go of the thought that the circumstances affect our own happiness. Each day, ask yourself what you want and whether you are creating things about peace and beauty. Creating happiness can be by reading a book, going out with friends, helping a neighbor, or playing outdoor games. Just avoid things that cause negativity and frustrations.  

Think flexibly

This is one of the essential things to be happy. It allows you to see many possibilities you get than thinking about the terms of extremes. So make it a habit to be happy. Rather than seeing the extremes or the negativity, people who want to be happy see the positive possibilities it would give and pick things that would work best for them. 



When we are happy, we tend to smile. But you can do it the other way around too.  Smiling helps the brain to release dopamine and makes us happier. It is not about faking your smile all the time, cause it is not going to bring happiness, but just smile genuinely each morning looking at the mirror and seeing how you feel. It will surely make you feel great. Try this at times when you find yourself low and tired.

Focus on positivity

When you feel that the things around you are going wrong, and find yourself low, think about the good things that are in your life. Think about the life you live, your friends and family, and the comfort you have along with the opportunities you get to pursue things in life.  Even though you do not have everything right now, you will surely have certain of them,  which means that you have something good in life you can focus on.  It is about the perspective you have and happy people will mostly focus on positive thoughts. 

Breathe deeply

If you feel tense, nervous, and think that you might lose it, it can really make you negative.  In such times,  try to take a long deep breath to calm yourself down,  because the deep breathing exercises can help to reduce stress.  Close your eyes,  and think about a happy memory or a beautiful place. Through your nose,  take a slow and deep breath.  And then slowly breathe out through your nose or mouth.  Repeat this process, until you start to feel relaxed.  Try to continue to 5 in your head each time you inhale and exhale. 

Sleep well 

Sleep well 

In the modern days, we are pushed to get only less sleep. But for good health, brain function, and emotional well-being we need to have a good sleep. Adults need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and if you feel your body needs a nap during the daytime, then it needs more rest. Good sleep helps to reduce stress and makes you feel happy. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Do things like reading a book to feel relaxed. 

Live in the moment 

Live in the moment 

Most of us live in the past, thinking about the bad memories we had, while some fear their future. Nothing can change the past and the future. So try to live the potential until you learn to live the life in the present. Try to embrace the reality of this very moment. To live yourself at the moment, accept the past and make peace with it. And accept the uncertainty of the future, so that you will have a happy life. 


Exercise is a great habit to be happy. Doing exercise is not only for your body, but it has the power to reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Exercises boost happiness. You do not have to spend a lot of time doing your exercises, but even a small amount of physical activity can make a difference for you. Just take a walk around your place after your dinner, go for a yoga class, or start your day with 5 minutes of stretching. Other than that you can do fun activities like playing football, bowling, or dancing. 

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