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People get into relationships to find love and happiness. So what is about healthy vs unhealthy relationships? You may see happy couples and thought they had a perfect relationship. But you might get surprised when you find them disagreeing or arguing about deeper issues in their relationship. In contrast, you may observe couples who cheat, hide and lie. But the truth is that all relationships have issues. You will find it easier to diagnose the relationships of others but diagnosing the problems in your own relationship might be hard. But there are always things that can work on. And the fact is that you should always feel safe in a relationship and find equality with your partner. 

What is a healthy relationship? 

Most people think, that when their relationship isn’t perfect, it is not healthy. But as long as you both are willing to work at it, it is considered a healthy one. 

What is a healthy relationship?

To get into a healthy relationship, there are so many little details and factors. It balances a combination of effective communication, friendship, and physical intimacy. It is important to understand that there will be ups and downs in any long-term relationship. So it is important to remain flexible and have a mindset of wanting to work things out to have a healthy relationship. 

The one thing you need to have is solid communication for emotional intimacy. When you are able to express your emotions on what you want and need, share about your dreams and resolve the conflicts, you will be able to form a healthy relationship. 

How do build a healthy relationship? 

You and your partner should view each other equally. Both of you need to respect and see value in each other. 

How do build a healthy relationship? 

Communication is the main key to building a healthy relationship. You should feel comfortable expressing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings and should be able to agree and disagree in a constructive way. 

Trust is another main key and it should be established over the course of a relationship by showing consistency in words and actions. Support each other in good and difficult times and encourage others to grow separately and together. 

Be honest, because you can’t build a good foundation on lies and moreover, respect the boundaries all the time. Expose what is comfortable and what is not comfortable, where being able to say no within personal and physical boundaries. And being able to maintain your own friends and have separate interests. 

Make sure that you or your partner is not going to maintain power and control over each other. You should always feel safe and not be worried that your partner is going to harm you. 

What is an unhealthy relationship? 

An unhealthy relationship is pointed by many signs that are subtle and overt. In an unhealthy relationship, you might feel like you have lost your self-worth and most of the time you will feel unusually sad and anxious.

If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship,  being humiliated, demeaned, or made to question by your partner, then over time, your self-worth will erode. If you have a partner who abuses you emotionally, will put their selves in a position as if they are the only ones who can build you back up again. 

Another sign of an unhealthy relationship is when you get sick more often and hide things from your partner because of fear.  This can have a negative psychological effect and you will be exposed to ongoing toxic stress.  This stress in the body will manifest itself as increased stomach aches, headaches, and inflammation in the body. 

What makes an unhealthy relationship? 

When you have a lack of communication with your partner it will be hard to build a healthy relationship.  Maybe you are unable to talk about difficult topics and have a lot of misunderstandings that never work out and when you engage in any arguments, it is considered an unhealthy relationship. 

What makes an unhealthy relationship?

When you both break boundaries, criticize the other person’s choice and decision, and constantly question each other, it is not a healthy bond. Everyone deserves a certain level of Independence, but an unhealthy relationship can include, a person depending on someone financially, emotionally, or psychologically. Constant or excessive jealousy,  manipulating a partner to ignore their needs and wants constant fighting, and isolating signs of an unhealthy bond. 

Some relationships include partners who control the other and see what they do and where they go.  They may demand social media passwords,  check your phone, and use intimidation to get you their way.

Avoiding fights? : Healthy vs unhealthy relationships

Most of us think of healthy relationships without conflicts. But this is not the reality. In a relationship, being honest and managing conflicts is necessary. People try to avoid conflict and this can easily lead to resentment and passive aggression. This can weaken the relationships over time and unintentionally cause more harm. 

Avoiding fights? : Healthy vs unhealthy relationships

So when there is a problem talk it out, to increase an understanding and intimacy. It is ok to let the minor things slide, but it is recommended to talk about large issues. So chances are you’ll be able to resolve it better. 

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