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At every start of a new year, people make resolutions to stay more healthy. So if you are one who is intended to make resolutions for 2022 to lead a healthy and better lifestyle, then here are a few health tips that you should consider.  

How can I be healthy in 2022? 

We have passed 2020 and 2021 with the Covid Pandemic. So even in 2022, we need to make sure of our safety. Therefore along with the common physical and mental health practices, we need to consider some health tips that will keep us safe from diseases. 

When following health tips it should be relevant to both physical health and mental health,  so that you can end up making a perfectly healthy life.  But people are confused about what actually should be done. Among such doubtful health tips, there are a number of health tips that are well supported by research to improve and follow a healthier life.  

What are the 15 healthy tips?

Diet and nutrition


The first thing that we need to make sure in order to stay healthy tips to follow a healthy diet, which means we need to take the right amount of calories.  A wide range of foods should be taken including fruits,  vegetables,  nuts,  whole grains, fiber, and leafy greens.  The body should intake the correct amount of food. Too much food than your body needs will put weight because the excess food will store it as fat. Too little food will make you lose weight.  Therefore on average, it is important for a man to take 2500 calories and a woman needs 2000 calories per day. 

Get enough Sleep 

There are a variety of health benefits that are linked with proper sleep. Good sleep is an essential part of life to improve your immune system. 90% of people complain about their sleep quality, which is not a good thing. This will lead to depression, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, and impacts brain function. On the other hand, 8 hours of sleep will increase concentration, memory power, productivity, activeness, and help in interacting socially. 

Stay hydrated 

Hydration is important, so drinking plenty of water is essential. 6 to 8 glasses of water are recommended to stay hydrated. This helps in avoiding unclear thinking, body overheat, kidney stones, constipation, and mood change. Water increases the feeling of fullness and helps in boosting the metabolic rate. It promotes weight loss and maintains a good body shape. Moreover, it is important to drink safe water. Because unsafe water can cause various diseases. Boil your water for at least 1 minute to destroy the harmful organisms and let it cool naturally.

Be active


Being active is the most effective way to have immediate and long-term health benefits. And it helps in improving the quality of life. You need to be active with regular exercises. Being both overweight and being underweight is bad for your health, so you need to maintain it with some regular exercise. This can improve your health and reduce the risk of getting several diseases. Other than exercises, you need to walk, play, do some gardening, do household chores, and travel. The amount of doing physical activity depends on the age group. Adults aged from 18 to 64 years need to do at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity throughout the week.

Do not skip breakfast

The first meal of the day is breakfast and it is the most important meal.  You need to have it within 2 hours of waking up.  This is important because the ones who skip breakfast will eat more portions of food in the next meal.  This will increase the body weight. But consuming a healthy breakfast will restore the level of glucose in the body.  When you start your day with the right kind of food, it will keep you energized throughout the day.  And will help the level of your body and brain sustained for the rest of the day. 

Clean your hands 

clean your hands

Hand hygiene is one of the most important health tips to everyone. When you clean your hand properly, it will prevent the spread of infectious illnesses. Because it is your hands that touch and keep contact with things that has harmful organisms. So washing your hands for 20 seconds will remove all those harmful stuff from your hands. Use a good soap or hand wash that is an alcohol-based product. 

Reduce fast food

8 in 10 Americans eat fast food at least once a month because they are convenient, affordable, and tasty.  Fast foods are high in calories, sugar, and fat, and consuming them can cause weight gain. They can make you addicted due to the salty sugary and fatty ingredients and will cause digestive and heart problems. Make sure to replace your fast food with nutritional foods. 

Get vaccinated 


To prevent diseases, vaccination is one of the most effective ways.  It works with their body’s natural defense building protection against harmful diseases. And youth is a coronavirus that exists presently, vaccinations are advisable to prevent it.  If there are 12 or older,  it is better to get booster shots or additional protective shots. Not only covid but still there are some diseases that need vaccination, so make sure to check your immunization and work accordingly.

No smoking

Most of us know that smoking causes harmful diseases. Lung cancers, heart diseases, and stroke have high possibilities to occur. Smoking kills both the direct smokers and the non-smokers due to second-hand exposure. If you quit smoking, you will have immediate and long-term health benefits. If you are not a smoker, it is better to not smoke. 

No alcohol 

Quitting drinking alcohol is one that can make a huge change in your life. There is no safe level of drinking and consumption of alcohol leads to health problems including cancer, heart disease, stroke, liver and brain disease. So cutting them will help you in having a healthy lifestyle.

Stay connected 

health tips

Staying connected help in reducing stress, and avoiding isolated feeling. It helps in reducing anxiety and instances of feeling down. Be in touch with those you love, and connect with distant loved ones. This can improve your overall health and wellness because taking care of your mind makes us strong. 

This helps in reducing depression because this can make you feel hopeless and worthless. Talk to someone you trust such as your friend, family member, or colleague. 


It is better to depend on others to be happy but moreover taking care of yourself is more important. To care about yourself, you need to relax with meditation, quality time, and relaxation with family and friends. 

Regular checkups

regular checkups

It is better to do regular checkups and find your health problems early to prevent them. If you diagnose them early, you have the chance of making early treatment and curing them. Go to your nearest health facility and check the health services that are accessible. 

Follow the laws of traffic

As time changes, they are many vehicles and high traffic. Therefore road crashes are happening around the world. It is said that over one million lives around the world and millions are injured. You can prevent yourself from road crashes by following traffic laws like using your seatbelt, wearing helmets, avoiding drunken driving, and not using your mobile while driving. 

Practice safe sex

It is also important to look after your sexual health for well-being and for your overall health. Practice safe sex to prevent diseases like HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Use the available prevention measures to be healthy. 

How can I improve my health fast? 


Following the above 15 health tips will help you to improve your health fast. To improve your health fast, you can do some simple and realistic changes to your lifestyle, like putting away the salt, drinking red wine at a moderate level that is good for your heart, and moreover setting regular sleep and wake up a schedule and sticking to it. Take the stairs instead of using the lift and make sure to stretch your muscles before and after your exercises. Follow healthy practices and live a better life. 

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