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Dreams always have been an important part of being human and for centuries we have been confused with all those dreams. Different theories have been put forward to explain why we dream. Also, there are common dreams we see and wonder what they really mean. 

common dreams people have

Sometimes you wake up and remember every detail of the dream while on other days even though you dream you might not feel like you dreamt at all. The fact is that everyone dreams and each night, an average person spends a total of about two hours dreaming. 

There are some super common dreams that many people have. You would be surprised to find that some of your friends, family members, or cousins have dreamed the same exact thing that you have dreamt. So what are those dreams and what do they really mean? 

Why do we dream? 

Before getting to know about the common dreams and what they mean it is better to take a moment to find out why we actually dream.  The fact is that there is no definite answer to this question and nobody actually knows why there are a lot of different theories that make sense when you consider psychology. 

Some researchers say dreams have no purpose or meaning while others say dreams are required for our emotional, mental, and physical health. They looked into the importance of dreams to our health and well-being. 

Some dreams help our brains to process our thoughts and the events of the day. Others may occur as a result of normal brain activity and mean very little. 

On the other hand, a lot of people find dreaming because our souls are connected to higher realms of consciousness when we are asleep. For others, dreams are there to shed light on our unconsciousness. When we dream, symbolism and imagery are used by our psyche in order to show us our deep desires and fears.

Although there are many thoughts, we can agree that dreams are important in order to move forward and flourish in life. 

Types of dreams

Suoer common dreams

It is shown in a few research that 65% of the elements that make up your dreams are associated with experiences you have when you are awake. There are most common different types of creams. 

Recurring dreams

You just refer to a dream someone has over and over again.  It is often caused by recurring behavior patterns that occur before having the dream. 

False-awakening dreams

This is a dream characterized by the perception of waking up in a familiar place.  It is about starting a normal morning routine and then realizing that you are dreaming. This occurs during REM sleep. It is actually similar to sleep paralysis since both are states that fall between being asleep and being awake.  But during sleep paralysis, an individual is mentally awake while in a false awakening, they believe that they have woken up but are actually still dreaming. 


When part of the brain falls asleep while others remain awake daydreaming occurs.  A study found that slow brain waves similar to those of deep sleep occurred in the frontal areas of the brain right before daydreaming.

Lucid dreams

This is when you wake up in a dream and realize that you are dreaming and sometimes you can control the dream as a wish. This typically occurs during REM sleep. It is found that lucid dreams are associated with higher levels of physiological activation and increased activity in the frontal and front lateral regions of the brain.  These are the areas that are associated with higher levels of conscious awareness and typically power down during normal REM sleep. 


These are frightening dreams that involve intense negative emotions.  It includes dreams like being chased,  losing teeth, being attacked, falling,  ending relationships, and more.  These are often caused by upsetting, mishandled issues, and difficulties in waking life.

Common dreams people have

We have listed a few common dreams and what they might mean. Have a look and find out whether you have had any of these dreams. 

Dreams about falling 

common dreams about falling

One of the very common dreams is actually falling from great heights.  This dream has even a myth that says that if you hit the ground in your dream you will die in real life which is simply not true. 

So what does this dream really mean? 

Many popular dream interpretations and at least one study suggest that falling dreams occur when something in your life is not going well. It is a symbol of fear in real life, like failing at work or losing your love life. Simply when you feel let downs and disappointments, especially by things you had high hopes for. This also happens when you feel no support, either financially or emotionally. 

It is found to be a dream that suggests rethinking a choice or considering a new path in some area of your life. It is to express the need to let yourself go more and enjoy. 

Dreams of falling teeth

Most people have had this dream at one point in their lives. Some people use to get this dream and would wake up with a weird taste in their mouth. 

So, why do you dream about your teeth falling out? 

This dream typically signifies anxiety and stress. Your teeth are a big part of your appearance, and so dreaming about them falling out suggests that you are anxious about how other people might see you. 

You may not feel comfortable in your own skin or may feel embarrassed about how you look. This dream makes you aware that you need to work on your self-confidence and by using affirmations and crystals, you can build up your self-esteem and begin to see yourself in a much more positive light. 

Dreams about being naked

This is a common dream of finding yourself suddenly naked in public. And everyone stared at you and you would run around to find a cover. Dreaming about being naked suggests that you have shame and anxiety right now in your life. 

You might feel vulnerable about something and would be stressed about how other people see you. Maybe you are worried about the shortcoming and concerned about being viewed as fake by those around you. 

You need to take time to work on your self-esteem and confidence if you are dreaming about being naked in public a lot. You can also talk to those close to you in your life to make sense of your insecurities. 

Dreams about cheating

common dreams about cheating partner

If there is any state of being unloyal incident in your past,  it can either be in your relationship or in a past relationship,  this will keep on cropping because it’s the bone of contention within yourself. 

There is something that’s taking up too much time and attention away from you.  It could be the job, friends, family, and more.  Something is causing you to be cheated out of time and attention.  This can sometimes be a positive dream, so as long as you don’t wake up pissed at your partner for something they did in your subconscious.  The dream is to let you know that something needs to be corrected. 

Your dreams also are like you cheating on your partner.  This one can just be alarming. These types of creams are there often because of some doubt about the other person’s loyalty or the safety of other relationships. 

If you feel that your partner is prioritizing something or someone else before you or that there are not being fully transparent, your subconscious may try to process what is happening. 

Dreams about dying

Of all the common dreams, the dying dream is the one that would probably be the most disturbing. Dreaming about dying does not mean that you will die. But it has quite a positive meaning.

If you see a dream of dying, your psyche tells you that you are at the beginning of a new life, and it is time to let go of things that are not serving you. Your subconsciousness knows that there is something that you have to get rid of. It can be a toxic relationship or a dead-end job.

So it is time to move on. Just let go of situations and people that are holding you back. Take time to figure out what you want from your future, and what you need to do in order to get there.

Dreams about being back in school

dreams about being at school

Being back in school is one of the common dreams you will have. Maybe it would have been years since you were at school and you rarely think about all the teachers, so why do they come in your dream?

This is a super weird common dream of being in school at the age you are now, wearing the uniform.  When you wake up you will just feel extremely relieved that it was just a dream. This dream is usually suggesting that there is anxiety about work and a feeling of not being good enough. 

Dreams about being back in school reflect a degree of imposter syndrome which means when you have accomplished things but feel as if you have done so on a fluke and you do not feel like you are worthy of the job you have. 

So you need to work on your confidence and remember all your amazing talents. 

Common dreams of being chased 

The next most recurring common dream people have is about being chased. This is the most common dream for women according to a few researchers. This is the most common recurring nightmare for women and the second most common recurring nightmare for men. 

There are a lot of different types of dreams. You may have been involved in being chased by people, monsters, and animals. They all have the same meaning.

When you run from something or someone in a dream, it is because you are not handling something in the right way. You are running away from something you need to address in your waking world. People who tend to avoid confrontation at all costs have these types of dreams. 

Even if you have a feeling of intense anxiety experienced during the day, dreaming about being chased could occur. Dreams about being chased could be a kind of practice of escaping from predators.

Think about whether you are avoiding anything in life or whether there are any issues with friends or family members that need to be addressed. In order to move forward in life, you must face up to any problems in life. 

Meeting a celebrity 

This is one of the common dreams people have. It is said to be that celebrities are a symbol of a personal need for recognition. It is believed that the actual celebrity is relevant and may reveal what talents the dreamer values. 

There would be something about that person and it could be deep in the IMDB history which can be relevant to you right now. Just ask yourself what is it about the person that is related to you. It could be a movie they are in or a song of theirs. Or else the message will be in the title of that movie or the lyrics to that song.

The message could also be something related to that celebrity’s persona. Whatever it is in that celebrity you like is something you like about yourself too. It is something you want to be recognized for, too.

More facts about dreams

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