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Being in a relationship is a feeling of happiness, and it helps us to get rid of loneliness, depression, and stress. But, there are situations, where relationships become stressful. People look for relationships that are happy and healthy with no problems, but when they face relationship problems, that cause stress, they get fed up and feel to quit. But what are the causes of stress in relationships? Identifying the causes is the first step to handling stress in relationships. Some find it hard to solve stress because they are not aware of how it began in the first place. 

What is stress in relationships? 

Causes of stress in relationships

It is a few problems that occur between partners as a result of various situations. For example, if your partner goes through difficult times, it can also make relationships stressful. Dealing with stress in a relationship might be challenging but you should not avoid it because it may cause more problems. When you deal with them, you will get more benefits. 

Handling it effectively gives the impression of how each partner gives priority and value each other. It is the way you react that determines whether your relationship stays secure or not. 

Causes of stress in relationships 

Finding the causes helps to handle them effectively, so here are a few causes of stress in relationships.

Constant arguments 

Stress can cause when you and your partner have disagreements on everything. This may be due to various reasons. Maybe it might be because one of you is picking fights because it would have hurt by something done or said by your partner that is totally unrelated to the argument. There are situations when you think you are right and argue to figure out it or maybe you find yourselves heated about the same topic over and over again. 

relationship stress

You need to find out what makes you argue. The fact is that no one is right 100 percent all the time. More than being right, you need to be happy by making things work. Try to let the small things that cause fights go. And if there are any issues that are important to you, it is fine to argue but in a mature way. Come up with things that you need to exactly talk about.

When your issues are not resolved, when you need communication with your partner, or when you do not know to stop it in the middle, arguments arise about the same topic. To do this, you both need to take time and talk about it and come to a conclusion. 

Being close

It is common for a long-term relationship to change over time. When things change, you and your partner will also be changing in different ways as individuals. It is not that, your relationship has to end, but it is the time that you need to put some effort to spend some time to finding out about each other. Not everyone will stay the same every time because people grow, age, and adapt to various experiences in life. 

In these situations, it is important to stay close as a couple. Talk with each other and discuss honestly how you see your future. Find and enjoy how you both are growing and make it exciting to live a healthy relationship. 


This is one of the main causes of stress in relationships, as it becomes a serious problem. It can lead to abuse, jealousy, and stalking. It is a fear of loss and possessive people think that their partner will leave them, creating feelings like anger, sadness, and fear. You will want your partner to spend most of the time with you and not with others. 

It is the trust you need to have in your partner. Avoid the situations that lead to suspicions and talk to your partner calmly about your feelings. It is also a need for you to maintain relationships with other people other than your partner. 


Causes of stress in relationships

Money is one of the causes of stress in relationships, as couples argue about finances. It is found that most couples enter into a marriage when they are already in debt and the pressure that comes because of money can cause worse relationship issues when not properly addressed.  

Have a clear understanding of the responsibility each other have for money. Make a budget and plan on your finance to avoid arguments. For more information, you can find what money topics to discuss as couples.

Sex and intimacy

You can find many problems in relationships that are based on sex. This can be a problem when you are not sure of what you want sexually and when you don’t get the right feel from your partner. Lack of discussion on this topic can cause stress. 

You need to be honest and open to yourself and discuss with your partner what you both want. You need to have mutual respect for each others’ needs and desires and find some excitement in making changes. Some sexual problems need professional help to get through whereas, in some situations, you or your partners will have a fear of intimacy. So you can contact a sex therapist for your issues and solve them. 

Early experiences


We all have specific expectations and rules, it can be with parents, siblings, and friends. When you have these rules and expectations in love, it can negatively impact you giving you relationship stress. For example, you will feel that your partner will leave you when you need care. This also includes where you feel unworthy of love or support, not showing true emotions or you feel like something negative may happen. 

In such situations, you need to talk to your partner calmly about what you feel and how it came. Be mindful of what you expect from them. Work on maintaining a bond and building support and this can boost your self-worth and sense of belonging. Remind yourself of all the positive qualities that make you a good partner. 

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