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Body heat is a common issue faced by most of us, but it can cause so many health problems.


body heat

Are you struggling with grey hair in your young days? Do you have skin problems, body pains, digestion issues, and other skin diseases? All these problems are classified under different types of health issues and reasons. But can you believe that body heat acts as the foundation for all these problems? Yes, the main reason for most of your physical problems is body heat. So regulating your body temperature has to be given special focus to lead a healthy life. 

What are the causes of body heat?

Several factors contribute to the rising of temperature. Extreme heat, the food you eat, and some health issues are the reason for body heat. 

If you feel excessive sweating, tiredness, weakness, faintness, low blood pressure, nausea, cool and moist when heat then it is because of body heat. 

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When you spend more time in extremely hot weather, like being directly under sunlight or doing physical activity, you will experience body heat. Even when performing intense exercises, you’ll feel the body heat because the muscles that are active and the circulation of blood create a lot of heat. 

Even foods play a role in body heat. When you consume spicy, fried, or oily food your body heat increases. The nuts and meat you intake will cause them. Sometimes when you wear fit and tight clothes, there will be no room for the air and it will make breathing hard. The moisture will be trapped when the clothes are tight causing the increase in temperature. 

Health problems like inflammatory diseases, thyroid, arthritis, and neurological disorders will also raise the temperature and some medications that you take will contribute as a side effect to increase the heat. 

How to get rid of heat?

Breathing exercises

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When you wake up in the morning, you find the sunlight that gives you body heat. The process of the cool body changing to be hot should be handled. Also, summer is so hard to deal with, where excessive heat makes us feel discomfort. So an easy step to regulate your body temperature can be done using some breathing control exercises, which is also called the Pranayama technique.

This helps us to trigger different energy in our bodies. In the morning sit in a comfortable position and practice them in a quiet place. 

You can perform the cooling breath by sitting in a comfortable place while closing your eyes. Stick out your tongue as far as possible and don’t strain. Roll it by folding your tongues, where your corner sides of the tongue are facing upwards.

Inhale for four counts through the rolled tongue like sipping air with straw and close your mouth and exhale for six counts through your nose.

This breathing technique cools your body as well as your mind giving a calming effect on blood pressure and the nervous system. The air gets cooled down when you inhale with your moist tongue. You can do this practice for 10 rounds at the start and progress it to 40 rounds. 

If the above practice is hard, you can go with the option of teeth hissing. Sit comfortably with a straight spine and relaxed shoulders. Bring your upper and lower teeth together and separate your lips without straining and allow the teeth to be exposed to air.

Inhale the breathe in between the teeth and try to focus on the hissing sound you make. And then exhale through your nose by closing the mouth. And repeat this up to 20 rounds.  This gives a cool effect filling your body following your lungs and abdomen. 

Be comfortable 

Shift to cool and comfortable dress codes than tight clothes. Make sure to select light-colored clothes with natural fabrics like cotton and linen that reduce high heat from the body. 

Take a cold water bath or go for swimming to reduce it. 

Drink water and eat good food

Hydrate your body by drinking water, because this is the most effective way of reducing heat. It keeps you fresh and alive.

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Consume food that consists of vitamin C that will boost your blood flow and metabolism. Both your internal and external heat will reduce. Watermelon, Orange, strawberry, and lemon are better foods. Avoid caffeine drinks and drink healthy pulpy juices. Buttermilk, aloe vera, and coconut milk also keep you cool by reducing heat. 

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