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There are ways to make a difference to save lives. One such difference is by donating. There are a huge number of donations happening around the world and Blood donation is one among them. There is an increased demand for blood and blood products because every 2 seconds someone in the world is in need of blood. The most precious gift anyone can give is blood and the most interesting part is that just 1 pint of blood donation can save 3 lives. Blood transfusions have saved about 4.5 million American lives each year. What happens when you donate blood, get a clear view through this section. 

Why blood donation is important?

Millions of people need blood every year. People suffering from accidents, diseases, and cancers need to be saved from blood. The blood donors say that they do it with the intention of wanting to help others, while the non-donors have their reasons like they are too busy, or they have never thought about doing it. But your decision to donate blood can save a life, or even several lives, as your blood separates into components like red cells, plasma, and platelets to use individually for patients with specific conditions.   

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There is a constant need for blood because it can only be stored for a limited period of time before usage. To ensure the availability of blood whenever and wherever it is needed, regular blood donation by a sufficient number of healthy people is required. Women with complications during pregnancy and childbirth, accident victims, children with anemia, cancer patients, and others need blood. Cancer patients who go through heavy treatments, need blood transfusions to act as a resource to put back the platelets into the body. 

Is blood donation safe?

In everything we do, the first thing we consider is safety. Donating blood is very safe for eligible donors. A complete health check-up will be done and questions regarding medical history and Lifestyle will be asked to ensure that you are eligible to donate blood that is safe for you and for the person who receives it.  If you are a healthy adult you can donate a pint of blood, which is half a liter and within a few days of blood donation,  your body will be replaced with lost fluids,  and within a few weeks, the lost red blood cell will be replaced. 

Advantages of donating blood 

Donating blood doesn’t only benefit the person who receives it, but also benefits the donor. 

When you wanted to donate blood you will get a free health check-up before donating to check whether you are fit enough to donate.  This helps you to get an idea of how is your health is and if there are any health issues you will know it early and cure them. 

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Blood donation develops new blood cells.  An average adult will have 10 pints of blood in the body,  and you can use about one pint of the body to donate and it provides you a way for your body to replace blood, giving you oxygen-rich blood cells.

Excess iron can narrow your blood vessels in the heart and liver which leads to diseases affecting organs and resulting in heart attacks, cancer, and liver cirrhosis.  So when you donate blood you will get rid of 225 mg to 250 mg of iron helping to prevent its overload.  You also get rid of excess amount of lipids of fatty substances, preventing fat deposits and lowering the cholesterol level.

You will be able to burn 650 calories of body fat when you donate blood because your body will get replenish the blood cells.

Are you Eligible?  

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First, you should be in good health to donate blood. People aged above 16 or 17 years old, depending on the law in your states can donate blood. And the upper age limit can vary accordingly. You should at least be 110 pounds (50 kilograms) and moreover, if you pass the physical and health history checkups, then you are eligible.

Before donating get plenty of sleep before the night you are going to donate, and eat a healthy meal, avoiding fatty foods like ice-creams, fries, or hamburgers. Drink plenty of water, and check whether you take any medications recently. 

After donating drink extra fluids, and keep your bandage on and dry for the next 5 hours. Add iron-rich foods to your diet to replace the lost iron and make sure to avoid physical activity or heavy lifting for about five hours. 

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