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When you get an issue, you try every possible way to cure it, and so you should put an effort to do so. But it is said that more than curing problems, it is easier to prevent them from happening. The same applies to our bodies and health. More than struggling to cure the disease and health problems, we should be able to prevent them

We give our attention to the body to prevent such issues, and so teeth deserve them too, as they play an important role in our life. Teeth give our face its shape, we chew, digest food, speak and talk clearly with the help of our teeth. It is identified in the research that the number of teeth a person has a strong link with the period he lives.

For example, those in the age of 70 with 20 or more teeth have a higher chance of living for a longer period of time than those with less than 20 teeth. Moreover, teeth give us confidence and we are allowed to smile comfortably and confidently. Therefore we should give our teeth some attention and prevent it by taking care of them.

Best practices for healthy teeth

It is believed that the most significant tooth care happens at home. So prevention against tooth decay and gum diseases can be done at home.

Brush twice a day

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The first thing most of us do after waking up brushes our teeth. Have you ever wondered what would happen when you do not brush for days? If you do that, it will lead to the onset of gum disease. So common advice and order we get from doctors, family, and friends are to brush twice a day. And this is the simplest way to clean it.

This removes the plaque which forms constantly on the teeth after you eat or drink, causes cavities, and destroys the tooth enamel. So when you brush, the build-up of such plaque formation is prevented. So make sure to brush in the morning after waking up and at the night before going to bed.

When you brush, the position of holding and brushing should be taken into consideration. The toothbrush should be positioned at 45 degrees over the gum line, making sure that the gum line and the surface of the tooth are in contact with bristles. At least 2 minutes of brushing should be done to cover most of the surface of the tooth, and afterward, clean your tongue to make your mouth free of bacteria and prevent bad odor.


Many ignore doing this. But when you brush, it doesn’t completely cover your teeth’ surface. But when you floss, it removes the food particles and harmful substances that are hard to remove using a toothbrush. Through flossing, you can reach the deep ends in the teeth and remove the plagues. So it is highly suggested to at least floss once a day for healthy teeth. It might be hard for children or older adults, so try doing it with safe dental flossers.

Mouth wash

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The next important thing to consider is mouth wash but neglected by many. The acid in the mouth is reduced and the teeth are re-mineralized by mouth washing. And the areas that are hard to brush and the place around the gums can be cleaned using mouth wash. People and children who find it hard to brush and floss can be benefited from the mouth wash. Carefully choose the best and prescribed mouth wash to clean them.

Drink water

How drinking water helps teeth to be healthy?

After every meal you eat, you drink water and this helps you wash out some negative side effects formed by the acidic and sticky foods and beverages.

Choose the correct diet

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Caring for teeth externally is not enough, instead, internal care should also be given for each tooth to be healthy. The best choice to keep them healthy is the consumption of crunchy and fresh vegetables that contains more fiber. It is healthy to chew foods and prefer harder to eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t cut things into tiny pieces and eat over-processed food, instead give your jaws the work to do it.

Plenty of calcium is required and so you can choose foods with calcium and vitamins.  Beverages like tea, soda, and coffee provide nutrition but avoid consuming them too much as they can stain and weaken the teeth and lead to dental problems like cavity formation. And they are to be blamed for your teeth’ discoloration. 

Limit sugary foods

The sugar you consume will get converted as an acid in the mouth and this is how you get cavities. This happens by the bacteria breaking down the sugars and creating acid. So make sure to clean your mouth after eating sugary foods by brushing or washing your mouth.

Visit a dental doctor

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One of the effective ways of keeping your teeth healthy is by visiting a dentist at least once in 6 months. It will help you to look for cavities and to spot issues in the teeth while providing solutions.

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