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Do you get angry quickly? Are you described by people as a short-tempered person? Have you lost things because of your anger? And do you want to stop being angry? Then this section is for you. Anger is a common emotion and it is a response to threatening and frustrating experiences.  Even when you feel sad, lonely, or fearful, you express it through anger. Everyone will get angry and should get angry as it is beneficial in some way, but it becomes problematic when it goes in extreme leading to aggression, outbursts, and physical violence. In order to prevent regretting it later, it is better to control our temper. 

The importance of managing anger

Have you experienced a calmness in you after being angry? It is because anger motivates you to do something in a time of being distressed physically and emotionally helping you to cope with stress by discharging the tension in the body and calming the nerve. But do you know about the consequences of extreme anger? Your body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate increase and cause damage to your health. It can be dangerous as or more than smoking. Migraines, depression, a decrease of immunity, insomnia, stroke, and negative emotion. So it is important to reduce our anger in order to live happier and healthier. 

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How to reduce anger


Deep breathing is effective to reduce your temper, as it takes off the things that keep you angry and it helps in cooling the emotions when anger overheats. Focus on breathing as it moves in and out, and spend more time on exhaling more than inhaling. Try breathing slowly into the nose and out of the mouth. Breathe deeply from the belly than from your chest and repeat it. 

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You can also breathe through meditation to carry out mindfulness techniques and this helps in shifting the mind away from anger during the situations which trigger you. 

One of the effective ways of disarming anger is counting from 1 to 10 and even more and taking a slow breath between each number. It brings a soothing sense of relaxation and helps to focus the attention on the present moment. 

Find alterations when angry

It helps to express anger in a way that limits to harm others like tearing a newspaper crushing ice cubes, punching a pillow, or screaming. Some cry when they get angry, and it is an effective thing as when you cry it releases two chemicals that bring your heart rate down and calm you after a stressful event. But it depends, as it doesn’t always serve as self-comforting. When you are comforted from crying it improves your mood, and on the other hand, if you feel ashamed or embarrassed of crying, you will not improve your mood. 

Play music to carry out away from your feelings, by putting your earbuds, or slip out to your car with your favorite music, and make your temper away. 

Calm feet and forehead massage 

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Apply coconut oil to your feet and massage by rubbing the soles of the feet. The cooling property of coconut helps to cool you down and releases stress and aids while calming your temper. 

You can also apply sandalwood according to the traditional practices, which has a cooling effect, calming the nerves, and helps in relieving headaches. You can balance emotions by placing a drop of sandalwood in between the wrists, brows, throat, and breastbones. 

Look for proper foods

Do you know that the foods you consume will also play a major part in triggering and controlling your emotions? So we need to consume the proper food and avoid other triggering foods to be healthier. Hot, spicy, oily, and salty foods can increase your temper, while also fruits that are sour and citrus should be avoided. Alcohol and caffeine also play a major role in increasing anger. 

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To balance emotions, consume foods that have cooling properties, like cucumber, watermelon, leafy greens, cheese, buttermilk, and herbal teas like basil leaf tea. This helps in keeping the head cool. 

Exercise and muscle relax

Exercises that pump your limbs are good for both the mind and body. Go for a walk, ride a bicycle, play something. So that you will feel relaxed without being stressed. When you feel angry, do some relaxing for muscles one at a time, or do some stretches like a neck roll or shoulder roll to control your body. There are some toys used to control anger, and here I recommend two toys, that will help in reducing your anger while you focus on it.

Toys to reduce anger


This is a mini punching bag desk that helps in relieving your stress by punching this bag whenever you feel stressed and angry. You can keep punching it until you feel calm so that you can avoid showing your anger on other people. You can use them at your office, or anywhere you want. Check this item on Amazon.


You can reduce your stress and anger while having some fun with this toy. Your anger can be reduced by squeezing them, pulling them, bouncing them, and creating fun shapes with these balls. You can take them everywhere you go, like to your workplace, sports games, or sitting in the park. Check this item on Amazon. 

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