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After removing the wisdom teeth, you might feel hard to eat. So what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal? Wisdom teeth have chances of developing at odd angles or only emerge partially. So sometimes you need to remove it. 

You might experience some swelling and will have mild discomfort. So you need to change your diet to eat foods that are not painful to chew. Some people feel difficult to open their mouths after the surgery.  

And this effect chewing, swallowing, and food intake. So let’s see what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal? What foods do you need to avoid? 

What are wisdom teeth? 

wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the third molars and grown at the back of the gums. These are the last to emerge and make up the total of 32 teeth. You get it at the age between 17 and 24, and some will get it a bit later. 

Some people have four wisdom teeth one in each back of the corner. Due to the less space at the back of the mouth, the wisdom teeth will grow at odd angles and partly emerge. And it can cause various problems like getting infected, tooth decay, and damage to other teeth. 

So it is better to remove the wisdom teeth because it is hard to clean. 

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The importance of concerning on foods

So after removing the wisdom teeth, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right nutrition. 

This is important because a nutritious diet minimizes the risk of complications and helps to reduce the swelling, and supports the wound healing process while providing nourishment. The foods you eat should be soft as well as easy to chew. Most importantly, they need to have lots of vitamins, protein, minerals, and energy to help the would to heal faster.

Some will advise you to consume a liquid diet and then progress to soft foods. Your dentist or oral surgeon will provide you with some instructions. So you need to follow what foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Maybe you need to avoid eating or drinking for 8 hours before surgery, but this depends. You can get instructions from a dentist or surgeon. You need to check with your dentist. 

To avoid many of these complications, you need to focus on the diet in the immediate aftermath of the surgery. You need to prefer soft foods because the gums will have wounds that will make chewing very uncomfortable. You should avoid the bacteria getting trapped in the open gum. You also need to eat healthy meals.

If you do not eat enough or drink, you won’t get the necessary nutrients. Falling short on vitamins and proteins will slow down the healing process. 

What foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal? 

After the extraction of the wisdom tooth, you will be instructed to drink a lot of water and eat soft foods. The foods should contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins.


soups for healing process of teeth

Blended soups are foods in liquid form. You can use tomato, beef broth, or pumpkin for the soups and it’s great to eat as your wisdom teeth food.  It is very easy to consume the soups and it doesn’t contain bits that could be irritating to the area of surgery.

They are generally rich in vitamins and minerals and heads to ensure that you get the daily nutrition recommendations when you can eat mini Whole Foods or vegetables. They keep you hydrated which is very important for aiding the healing process.

Your soup needs to be either lukewarm or cold because hot soups can irritate your teeth. Blend the vegetable-based soups as much as possible.


Applesauce is a smooth and pure texture and this makes an excellent soft food that you want to eat after wisdom teeth removal.  This contains a lot of vitamin C and dietary fiber.  To eat this,  you can have a little jaw movement to support the healing process and this prevents soreness.  It is a great way to increase the food intake without eating whole apples. 

To make applesauce a wide range of Apple varieties can be used, depending on the sweetness or tartness.  Sour apples are used to make savory applesauce.  

But most of apple’s nutrients lie within the skin so when the skin is removed it decreases the nutritional value. But still, a skinless apple is a good sauce of vitamin C and it helps to boost the immune system and support the wound healing process.

You can make homemade applesauce to reduce the amount of sugar.


milk after wisdom teeth removal

Milk is one of the effective food that helps you during the healing process of wisdom teeth. It is great for your bones and teeth.   It is a high source of protein and contains a lot of nutrients. It will strengthen your jaw bone and help you have natural teeth while fighting tooth decay.

But do not drink it right after you have had your wisdom teeth removed. So you need to make sure that you wait for three days before taking a sip. 

There could be a risk of complications like nausea and vomiting when you drink milk or consume Dale products on the first day of the wisdom teeth surgery. 

Scrambled eggs 

One of the best foods to eat after the wisdom teeth is removed is eggs. It is one of the easiest and most nutritious foods to consume. They are a high source of protein and are packed with vitamins and minerals. This helps the healing process and improves the recovery speed. 

It also includes calcium, vitamin D, and A that is beneficial to maintaining healthy sets of teeth. This also prevents tooth decay and the formation of plague. 

When you buy eggs, make sure to find pasteurized or omega-3-enriched varieties which would aid wound healing. When you prepare scrambled eggs to eat, they can be easy to chew and swallow than the other methods of preparation.

Mashed potatoes

This contains a lot of fiber. And moreover, they are great to eat after removing the wisdom teeth. You can prefer creamy mashed potatoes which are easy to eat and can be topped with butter, sour cream, and gravy. This allows for more variety in your diet. 

You need to boil the potatoes and mash them along with the additional milk, butter, salt, and pepper. Whip the potatoes to a smooth consistency and it will be a delicious meal and super easy to eat. The potatoes have to be lukewarm or cold when eating because the hot foods can irritate the wound. 


avocado for wisdom teeth

Avocados are different because they are low in carbs and high in healthy fats, compared to other fruits. This can be considered wisdom teeth food because they are smooth and with a creamy texture. This makes them great for eating when you are recovering from a wound. 

They are a very nutritious and rich source of Vitamin K, vitamin C, and potassium. They may help to speed up the healing process according to one study. They are easy to consume. 

They consist of potassium that helps keep the bones and teeth strong and reduces the risk of tooth decay. It improves bone mineral density. 

Cottage cheese

The cottage cheese is actually low in calories And it is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Cottage cheese is soft and creamy and it makes it easy to chew and swallow when you are recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. It is packed with protein that helps to support wound recovery.

It can be actually eaten three days after the wisdom teeth removal.  Make sure that the cheese is plain because cottage cheese that contains added Sugars and sodium is not that good during the recovery process. 

You can include it in your diet by adding it to the scrambled egg or in a smoothie. 


wisdom teeth food smoothies

After oral surgery, you need to be careful until the pain is recovered.  Smoothies are packed with proteins and nutrients and provide a delicious and easy-to-eat snack for patients after wisdom teeth removal.  You can use supplements to add more nutritional benefits to replace your meal. 

Smoothies can be prepared in many ways and with different ingredients. You can use seedless fruits like bananas to make smoothies so that you don’t need to chew.  Along with them you can use ice and yogurt and blend them for a healthy smoothie. But do not make smoothies with raspberries because it can impact surgical areas causing discomfort and the recovery period will get long. 

You can blend milk, Ice cream, and other protein powders as supplements to create your own smoothie. But make sure after wisdom tooth removal, do not consume the smoothie through a straw because the pressure can disrupt the healing process.

Canned peaches

If you wonder what can I eat 7 days after wisdom teeth removal, then peaches are a great source of vitamins and other nutrients that help you to recover faster. It is safe to eat.  You need to mash the peaches to make them easier for you to eat. 

Do not turn your food into a soupy mess as the wound heals as this could make the recovery period long.  They can be a sweet treat and one of the best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

Foods to avoid after wisdom teeth removal

You need to pay attention to food after removing the wisdom teeth.  So if you want to keep the recovery fast you need to avoid foods that contain acid and spice,  especially the food that needs a lot of chewing.  This can cause pain or irritation which will lead to infections. Because your gums are swollen, sore, and sensitive and you should make it an aim to eat what is easy for your mouth.

Here are a few foods you need to avoid,

Spicy foods

Even if you are a spicy lover,  you need to avoid it.  Because they can irritate and cause infection.  Hot sauce, spicy pepper,  spicy curries, hot noodles, and other spicy foods should be avoided. 

Seeds and nuts 

Seeds and nuts are not the best post-wisdom teeth removal foods to eat. They can be a hard and crunchy snack that can disrupt your gums and make your healing process worse. Seeds and nuts include small and less-crunchy varieties like chia seeds after wisdom teeth removal. They can lodge in your wisdom teeth and irritate them. 

Food debris can lead to a dry socket which is when a protective blood clot over the wisdom tooth socket gets dislodged.  This brings pain to your bones and nerves and increases the risk of infection.

Crunchy foods

There are crispy and crusty foods that you need to avoid.  They can be rice, hamburgers, pizzas, chips,  and even popcorn. The list can go on more.  You need to avoid any food that requires forceful or excessive chewing, or any food that breaks down into hard or sharp bits. It can also be cookies, crackers, and nuts.  This can interfere with the blood clot that forms to protect the socket.

Sticky foods

Sticky foods can cause a lot of irritation.  This includes Chewing gum,  sugar daddies, caramel, toffees, and various others as it can stick the food particles in the surgical area causing more trouble. 

Final thoughts 

Wisdom teeth removal is something you need to concern about. It takes time to heal, so you need to be careful in making them heal faster and in a safe manner. So the main thing you need to prioritize is your diet. You need to include soft foods that can be easy to chew and make you less interrupt the surgical area.

You need to avoid dairy products on the first day as they can cause trouble. Eating hard foods can make complications making the healing process worse and causing infections making space for the growth of bacteria.

So you need to be concerned about the foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal and foods to avoid.

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