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Breakfast is the most important part of our diet. But due to the busy schedules and lack of time, we never give our attention to breakfast and we skip them. You skip our breakfast and eat heavy food for lunch and dinner, thinking that you can gain the required energy and healthy diet through them. But if you really think so, then you are wrong. This will only make you overeat the whole day and makes you gain weight. Kickstarting your day, burning calories, providing energy, improving focus are the main benefits of eating your breakfast. But what exactly should you eat for your breakfast? 

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When you wake up in the morning you need food to fuel yourself to work and so breakfast helps you to give that energy for you. The common mistake done by people who are on diet is cutting calories in the meal, and for sure this is not going to work.  People who eat breakfast and reduce their food consumption for the rest of the day tend to lose weight than those who skip. 

Moreover, you should pay attention to what you should eat and should not eat in the morning. 

why is breakfast important?

Eating a large amount for your breakfast is really beneficial and so try taking heavy foods that will boost your energy and metabolism. There is a phrase where it says, “Eat your breakfast like a king and your dinner like a beggar” which means you should eat more in the morning and very little at night. So if you have heavy food for breakfast, then you can reduce it in your lunchtime and then eat a small portion of food for dinner. This will only help you to reduce weight as it will burn calories and getting fat will not happen. 

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Choose a mix of food that includes proteins, fibre, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Protein will help you to stay energetic the whole day and fibre keeps you full. Carbohydrates are branded as food that is unhealthy and leads to obesity and so many try to skip them. But morning food with carbohydrates is the best because it provides glucose to the brain. More than any other nutrients, the brain uses carbohydrates to concentrate, and boost you with energy. 

What foods to eat for breakfast?

Heavy foods are recommended for a healthy breakfast but you should focus on what exactly you should eat. Eating anything you find is not a proper way to fulfil your morning food. So choosing the right food is important. Here are a few foods that can be suggested to take for your breakfast. 


What foods not to eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is not about eating anything you find. There are some foods that are not good for you and some might be dangerous. Here are some foods that you should avoid taking in the morning especially with an empty stomach. 

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