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We are into healthy food choices and go around searching for foods that contain high nutrients. For long years, our grandmas use to recommend a few most popular types of soup to be healthy and prevent health problems. Why? Because the soup consists of nutrient-dense meats and vegetables that are slow-cooked and the ingredients retain the nutritional value. It is packed with great flavors, easy to digest, and looks in good texture. There are a variety of soups and among them what are the most popular types of food you should try? 

popular types of soup

Before looking into it, you need to understand how beneficial the soup is.

When you are fighting the flu, you would have seen doctors recommending you to have a warm bowl of chicken or pumpkin soup. It is because the chicken soup is filled with nutrition and will boost your immunity with the needed minerals and vitamins that will help to rehydrate the body. You will find the soup to be naturally healing, cause when you have a nasty cold, the hot vapors of soup will warm you and will clear the nasal passages. Moreover, it is a perfect food when you have a sore throat as it helps in easy digestion. 

It is power-packed with nutrients because of the variety of vegetables added to it. If you find it hard to eat 7 to 8 servings of vegetables a day, you can make a pot of soup to eat throughout the week. And there is nothing healthier than eating soup. 

Most popular types of soup

Let’s see a few delicious soups in the world.


Minestrone is a thick and chunky Soup and can be found in traditional Italian cuisine.  It is made with whatever vegetables are found in a season.  Food dates back to the year 30 CE and is recognized as a peasant-style soup made with mashed beans and leftovers from various side dishes and other meals.  The most common ingredients used for making this dish are onions, stock, tomatoes, carrots, legumes, and celery.


You need to cut and sim the vegetables for a long time and make sure they do not turn mushy.  Finally, you can add rice or pasta to this dish.  This can be made in two types where minestrone a Crudo uses raw vegetables and often garlic-flavored olive oil at the end of cooking while minestrone col Soffritto uses vegetables that are first fried in butter, oil, lard, or pork fat together with bacon.  This will be perfect comfort food on a cold day to warm you and it’s better when you serve it hot by reheating for the flavors to deepen. 

Miso soup

miso soup

This is a traditional Japanese soy-based soup and it is made from a stock called dashi, miso paste, and additional ingredients like tofu and seaweed. The main ingredient that is used is the miso which is a paste made of combined rice, salt, water, and fermented soybeans. This soup has medicinal properties like reviving the nervous system and more than 70% of Japanese people drink this soup for their breakfast and it will be commonly available at any time of the day.

You can find this soup in Japanese restaurants in the United States which are offered as an appetizer. 

Caldo Verde

types of soup

This dish is famous in Portuguese, in the region of Minho. This is made using the thinly sliced greens meld with onions and potatoes and this is now available in rural kitchens as well as upscale cafes. 

This dish is made in many different versions, where the Portuguese add an undercurrent of smoky, salty flavor to make the soup more delicious. 



The Gumbo soup represents the real taste of New Orleans and it is a cultural and gastronomical symbol of Louisiana. This is prepared in large, black, and iron pots and can be based on seafood, and okra with tomatoes, or on turkey and chicken with added ham, poached oysters, and sausage. 

It is intensely fragrant and aromatic when you add garlic, onions, bay leaf, thyme, and this liquid is added to bowls with the steamed white rice. 

Tom Yum

This is one of the best-known dishes of Thai, which is described as a sour, spicy, and aromatic soup served traditionally with rice. You can find the dish consisting of lemongrass, shrimps, shallots, minced fresh ginger, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, Thai chili peppers minced, and lime juice.

Thai soup

This soup is usually served as an appetizer and is traditionally garnished with coriander leaves on the top. Tom Yum is very popular, and so many versions started to be created over the years with added chicken, mixed seafood, and Tom yum Talay. 

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