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Most of us are fond of fast foods. Generally, Fast foods are portrayed to be unhealthy foods, but the truth is different food serve different purposes and they provide us with energy and nutrients that our body needs. They are foods that are prepared and served quickly. So you can generally expect a meal that is somewhat pre-made and served quickly. But fast food proved to be dangerous when some people were welcomed with some things found in fast food that are disgusting and unbelievable. 

things found in fast food

When you eat fast food at a restaurant, the only thing you worry about is the added amount of sugar and fat to your diet. But there are people, who have found unwanted additives added accidentally, and they were horrible. So we will be talking about a few disgusting and unbelievable things found in fast food. 

No matter what, they are actually just foods but when your fast food comes with rotting creature heads, alleged needles, a human finger, a dead mouse, and so on, it would be more horrible and will be unhealthier. So as we reveal the disturbing things found in fast foods, you need to be conscious of avoiding these unhealthiest foods on the planet and stay healthier. 

Things found in fast food

A syringe in a burger

In December 2010, a Hawaii-based soldier Clark Bartholomew took a few bites into his burger king Triple Stacker. After a few bites, he got injured to find a needle inside the burger. He was eating the meal at home and allegedly bit into a wayward needle that made his tongue bleed. He was hospitalized for six days and to his shock, they found another needle in his small intestine. He appealed against the company for a severe physical injury that was in his tongue, rectum, and his stomach by eating the fast food. 

A dead mouse in a sandwich


Back in October 2015, a customer of One Oregon Subway said that he found a wet, dead mouse inside his fast food, the sandwich. He quickly took a snap of the sandwich and complained to the manager, who was also shocked to find it. 

As soon as the customer alerted the owner about the dead mouse in the sandwich, they immediately gave a full refund and launched an investigation. All the products in the sandwich were disposed and they did a thorough cleaning. The health department gave the restaurant a clean health bill, ensuring no other complaints were made. 

Needle in a burger

Back in 2011, Angelina Cruz said that on her way to work, she stopped at the burger king for breakfast in Astoria, New York. There she bought a sausage and egg croissant sandwich. 

There when she was eating, at her second bite, she felt immediate pain feeling something inside her cheek. She started to bleed. And she found a needle it to be a needle. sh e hired an attorney and filed an $11 million lawsuit against burger king.

Condom in the sandwich

This is one of the disgusting things found in fast food. This happened in 2007 when a customer of Vermont Burger King bought a sandwich. When he bit the sandwich, he felt an odd, rubbery taste. He pulled it out of his mouth and noticed an unwrapped condom that was sticking to the sandwich. 

He complained to the management about the additive, but they laughed about the matter. So he filed a lawsuit for the cause of emotional and physical distress that was caused by the incident. Three years later, in October 2010, the case was settled for an amount of money. 

This is not the first time, in 1999, in Easton Pennsylvania, a customer called William Smith bought a big Mac in McDonald’s. He found a condom between the buns and the manager who was on the duty gave him two coupons to convince him. But the customer filed a suit and claimed to have suffered physical and mental illness. It was noted that the condom shop was in the same mini-mall as McDonald’s. But later it was reported that this lawsuit was dismissed.

Extra toppings in pizza


Maybe you think pineapples in pizza are annoying, but do you know about the most disgusting topping made back in the year 2011. A customer Ken Viacercia of Ballston Lake New York ordered a large supreme Pizza from the Clifton Park Pizza Hut. 

But he was not able to finish it all and he put the leftover pizza in the fridge. The next day, he decided to put it away in the fridge for later. The next day, he rolled around, and ken went for a cold slice of pizza, and when he went to take a bite, but then he felt something swirling around his mouth and when chewing he found it to be almost plastic. 

Then he found that the plastic feeling came from a blue band-aid that was being baked right into the crust. He sealed the band-aid as evidence in a plastic bag and showed it to the company. He asked for his refund, but the pizza hit did not corporate and they said that the bandage style and dough were not consistent with the protocol of pizza hut.  

Chicken head in wings

One of the weirdest things found in fast food is the chicken head.  It was in the McDonald’s wings,  they found the chicken head.  McDonald’s customer Katherine Ortega bought chicken wings in 2000,  from a Newport News, Virginia location.  While she put the wings on a plate for her children,  she found a surprise there she pulled out the grizzly fried chicken head. 

She noticed a beak and eyes and screamed.  The meal was ruined,  and she contacted the McDonald’s location and informed about the head they offered her.  So they refund her or gave her a box of free wings.  The story quickly went viral and they found the image of the deep-fried chicken head.

She went on to a higher lawyer and contactor the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate the case. but the investigation seemed to come to a standstill with no real conclusion as to whether Ortega was part of the hoax, an employee of McDonald’s made a gross prank, or was there a mishap at the poultry processing plant. 

Fried mouse in chicken meal

A customer Rosemary Thomas of Popeye, found a head in her food at the Harlem Popeyes restaurant at 2730 Frederick Douglass Boulevard on West 145th street. She went with her sister, daughter, and niece. 

Her daughter got traumatized and she had to take her to urgent care, as she vomited with diarrhea all day.  The city department of health said the Harlem fried chicken chain was inspected on April 21st, 2016 and it received an A grade. 

But the year before the inspectors wrote that the facility was not vermin-proof,  and the conditions were conducive to attracting vermin to the premises. It was said the franchise owner was upset regarding the incident,  and Popeyes contacted the health department and found no unusual in the restaurant Monday. The health department told that it received 311 complaints regarding the Harlem Popeyes and sent a public health sanitarian to investigate. 

Human finger in Hamburger


A Bolivian woman named Estefany Benitez allegedly bit into a burger to find out one of the grossest foods, the decomposing human finger. At the moment of eating, she chewed on her finger. She posted pictures on Facebook, describing accidental cannibalism that occurred on a Sunday at the Hit Burger store in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. 

She claimed that she chewed on the severed digit upon her first bite of the nosh. She also filmed herself reporting the gruesome garnish to the restaurant representative, who offered to make amends. 

They pleaded that they will give anything to her, saying that the burgers arrive at the restaurant pre-made and that nothing like this ever happened before. After the post went viral, the spokesperson of the company called it an unfortunate incident and explained that an employee had lost part of his pointer finger while preparing the meat. And this story was confirmed by the police. 

The Bolivian vice-minister for the defense of user and consumer rights decided to close the burger branch temporarily and fine the fast-food organization. But it was said that this is not the first time a customer has found a human body part in their food. 

Knife in the bun

A customer named John Agnesini claimed he was nearly cut when he found a knife bait in the bun.  It was actually a cold-cut 12-inch sandwich,  that he had bought at a Subway restaurant in New York City.  Venky had his lunch,  he felt that it didn’t taste right.  But then when he found a 7-inch serrated blade in the sandwich, he was horrified.

It was protruding into the half of the sandwich I was about to start chomping and he said that it could have slashed the side of his mouth. He bit the melted knife partially but did not swallow any of it.  But he fell ill with severe stomach issues for hours after eating. He said it to be food poisoning from the embedded blade. 

When he reached out to the Subway to report the problem,  unfortunately, they did not respond well.  After the issue went viral,  they got calls from around the country from other people saying that they have experienced similar incidents. 

Kevin Kane, the Spokesman for Subway says that food safety and customer comments are taken seriously and the company is investigating the facts.  It was unbelievable for many to find out such a dangerous object in a food product.  This is a health issue because most of the people in New York probably rely on restaurant foods. 

Tooth in french fries

French fries

When compared to American cuisine, Japanese cuisine can be pretty far, but what about finding a human bone in french fries? This is one of the grossest foods reported as one of the unbelievable things found in fast foods. 

It was in the year 2014, a customer ordered a french fries from Mcdonald’s. She came forward to complain that she had found a human tooth in one of the french fries. The woman who found the tooth said that the store manager told her that it had been fried. But when McDonald’s tested the object, it was confirmed to be a tooth of a human. 

The Japanese company’s profit had been struggling since 2009, and this case made it worse. The sales dropped by 2014, to the lowest and they didn’t bounce back in Japan until 2017. Similarly, in several locations in Japan at the same time, the customers reported having found vinyl in chicken nuggets and plastic in the ice cream. 

Human skin in a chicken sandwich. 

David Scheiding sued a  fast-food restaurant operator for more than 50000 dollars claiming that he found a slice of skin on the chicken sandwich he bought.  After getting rejected on the settlement offer from GZK Inc, he filed the lawsuit in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court on  April 1st.  He bought a sandwich in the Arby’s restaurant in Tipp City, Ohio.

He said that he realized something was not right when he bit it into the sandwich and found a piece of flesh about three-fourths of an inch long.  It looked like fingerprints on it,  and so he got sick and went to the bathroom. 

The Miami County health investigators talked to the restaurant manager,  who was having a bandage on his right thumb while wearing a latex glove.  The manager said that he slide skin from the thumb while shredding lettuce and sanitized the area.  But he failed to throw away the bin of lettuce. And this lettuce was found on the sandwich Scheiding. 

Final thoughts 

Most Americans rely on restaurant foods and fast foods. But we need to make sure that they are healthy and hygienic. We crave some greasy, fried, and cheap food just for the taste. The brain’s pleasure center activates when eating them. You almost get fast food from anywhere on the planet. Moreover, it is really delicious. It is all fine until you find the grossest foods and weird things found in fast food, you will no longer feel to eat them. Knowing them will definitely help your mission to eat healthier foods.

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