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Some have special cooking techniques because cooking is an art for them, and for some, it is a responsibility in their daily routine. 

cooking techniques

In today’s life,  it’s hard to find time to cook.  People will always look for ways to make cooking easier and fit into busy schedules. But cooking can create bonds,  it sometimes feels romantic when you cook for your partner.  It is an intimate activity that brings a closeness to express love and care.

It is a practice of mindfulness.  Cooking is not just adding the ingredients to make it tasty,  but it is combined with love and care that makes it tastier.  No matter how far you go out to eat,  nothing would be tastier than your mother’s or grandmother’s meal. Even though you want to make your cooking easy, here are some cooking techniques that will make the food tastier. 

When it comes to cooking,  all of us make mistakes.  But you can avoid it by making adjustments in various stages and by tasting every step.  It can be too salty, sweet, bitter, spicy, or sour,  but if you can fix them and balance them,  then you can be a cooking Pro. You just need to have a little practice,  patience, and a basic understanding of how the flavors work. 

Every food you taste will be combined with flavors including salty, sour, spicy, bitter,  and sweet.   You need to keep several ingredients from each of these categories to craft a perfectly balanced meal. 


To add salty flavor to food,  you need salt. For sweet,  you can use sugar, honey, sweet potatoes, banana, corn,  dates, syrup, and various others.  To add sour to the food,  you can use red wine vinegar, fresh lemon, apple cider vinegar,  tomatoes, and lime juice. For bitter flavor,  eggplant, broccoli rabe, coffee, turmeric, Walnuts, bitter guards can be used. For spicy you can use chili, pepper, red chili flakes, and peppercorns. 

But what happens if one of the flavors becomes high? It might spoil the food taste. So we need to do some adjustments, here are some tips and techniques that you can make to adjust your meal’s taste. 

Simple cooking techniques

Too salty

Adding a pinch of salt and checking the flavor,  will prevent the dish from becoming too salty.  But if you end up making the food too salty,  then you can do a number of adjustments to fix it.  Add some sweet,  for example, a pinch of sugar,  or add sour like a Splash of citrus juice to reduce saltiness.  If it is a soup, try to neutralize it by adding water.  But remember this can affect the consistency of the dish. 

If you buy a grocery store ham,  salt pork, or a pack of bacon.  Cover them with water and let them sit for a couple of hours for the excess salt to be removed into the water.  If you are preparing a soup or a curry that becomes too salty,  then you can add a raw potato it is the dish that will soak up the extra salt. 

Too spicy

If your dish becomes too spicy,  then you can do some quick ways to reduce the spiciness. The easiest way to balance the food is to add more ingredients.  For example, if it is a soup,  add more liquid, vegetables,  protein, and whatever ingredient you can add.  So that the spice will be absorbed by those extra ingredients.  To balance spice in a dairy is a great source of food.  You can add milk, plain yogurt, or sour cream over each serving. 

And coconut milk gives a great 3 minutes to dishes to reduce the spiciness,  which is used mostly in Asian dishes.  But if you do not want to at any other ingredients,  because your dish tastes perfect with over spiciness,  then you can serve the food with something bland and starchy like pasta, crusty bread, rice, potatoes.  So when they are eaten together the spicy will be reduced. 

Too sweet


If your dish is too sweet,  then try rounding the sweetness by adding flavors that are sour, spicy, or bitter.  Remember to not add too much salty once since they can bring sweetness to food.  Lemon juice is a good ingredient to reduce sweetness or you can use unsweetened cocoa powder that will help the dish to taste less sweet,  and remember not to at too much because it might give a chocolate taste.  Try Chili Peppers, ground dried chiles, or hot sauce but do not over bored with them. If this didn’t work,  you can add more of the main ingredient,  and adjust other flavorings and seasonings. 

Too bitter

Food that has too many bitter flavors is really hard to eat. And this will waste the food. To reduce bitterness in the food and adjust it,  add some ingredients like a cream sauce, milk, olive oil, fatty cheese, and other Fatty ingredients to reduce the bitterness.  You can use this trick to make your kids eat vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, or Brussel sprouts so that they don’t recognize the taste of bitterness. 

You can use a pinch of salt because this will reduce bitterness.  Baking soda really works, that corrects over bitter dishes.  Sprinkle a pinch of salt into your food and mix it.  But be careful not to add more than a pinch or two. 

Too sour


Baking soda is a simple ingredient,  that will fix foods that are too sour.  Another way you can balance is by adding sugar.  Add sugar one teaspoon at a time until you have reached the expected taste. Or you can try something creative,  by adding vegetables to the dish.  Use potatoes and carrot that is capable of absorbing the sour taste, or use cheese where the calcium it has reacts to the sourness of the food. 

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