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Each food provides different benefits. We chew food and then swallow, but the only food that we keep on chewing is chewing gum. Have you heard of facts that chewing gum helps to increase your memory power? Most of you might have. We chew them without thinking much but it has so many benefits that it will even help you burn your calories.

But it is one of the most mindless things we do as humans and mostly we do not care what goes into it and how it is made. It has no real value but has created a desire. What is special about chewing gum? Is it because of its benefits? Moreover, Is chewing gum made from whale fat? 

This piece of gum has a backstory that would be fascinating and even it is honored and the national chewing gum day is celebrated on September 30th. 9000 years ago, the northern Europeans were chewing birch bark for enjoyment and for medicinal purposes to relieve toothaches. The ancient Mayan people chewed chicle which was from sapodilla tree for their hunger and thirst.

It was done in a way to stave off hunger, improve memory, and handle stress. During the world wars, the Wrigley chewing gum was included in the military rations, with the intention that it would help the soldiers to reduce thirst, hunger and to deal with stress. The Aztecs used chicle to chew and had rules for it, where kids and single women were allowed to chew it in public, married women and widows chew it privately and men chew it in secret to clean their teeth. 

Is chewing gum made from whale fat?

Chewing gum

Chewing gum made from whale fat is actually a myth. It is not made of whale fat but with a rubbery synthetic base. Chew gum cannot always be vegetarian- friendly but still, none of the ingredients are used from whales. 

The chicle was replaced by chewing gum in the modern days made using 4 main ingredients like sweeteners, food-grade colors, gum base, and flavoring agents. The gum base can be made of both synthetic and natural material and the regulations of deciding which substances are allowed and which are not, will depend on the countries.

The sweeteners can be nutritive, sugar alcohols, or intense sweeteners, which are calorie-free synthetic substances providing sweetness at a more concentrated level. The gum base ingredients are melted together followed by mixing other ingredients, which are then squeezed out and shaped to give the desired texture.  

Benefits of chewing gum

This piece of gum has become more relevant to the present consumer, because it is sweet, cleanses your teeth, and freshens your breath. So let’s go deep to see all the benefits it has. 

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Why do they say no to chewing gum?

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Although it gives many benefits, it is still not allowed in a  few places. In 1992, Singapore has completely tried to prohibit the gum with heavy fines of over $6000 for using it without a prescription. This was done to make Singapore clean. When people started chewing the gum, they stick in the train door sensors, making the doors malfunction, they disposed of it on sidewalks, in keyholes, and even on the seats of public transportation and so it took years and cost more to tidy up those gums. 

The biggest reason for teachers to be against it is because they think it is rude, messy, and distracting, and if it was allowed in schools, they will stick them on the furniture. 

Most Chewing gum consists of artificial sweeteners that would cause an adverse effect on the health and people who chew gum are less likely to eat healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables and are more likely to consume harmful foods like candy and chips. Excessive chewing gum can cause tooth decay, headaches, and cause cavities. Therefore chewing gum is better for a short period of time, so make sure to avoid chewing it for an excessive time. 

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