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Welcome to the Tasty Sunday. We have come up with a different topic related to food and it is about the butter which makes most of the food tastier.

Butter is marvelous where we use it to cook, bake, and spread on the pieces of bread to eat. Even if we are not big fans of butter, I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons that most of our food is tastier is because of adding them. Butter is with so many controversies in the nutritional world, and there is a debate on its positives and negatives. Let’s have a look at what is butter and how beneficial it is in our life.

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Butter is the concentrated solid form made of milk. It is a dairy product, made from the milk of sheep, buffaloes, and goats but traditionally the milk of cows is mostly used to make it. It is yellowish in color and there is a variety of butter because the production process and the ingredients used are different from each other and as a result salted, unsalted, and clarified kinds of butter are formed. It has a look of creamy texture and it is rich in flavor. It contains fats, calcium, vitamins, and proteins, and phosphorous which is good for health and considered highly nutritional.

How was butter formed ?

Thousands of years before camels and water buffaloes’ milk was used to get butter and then sheep and goats were used. But presently cow’s milk is mostly used to make buttermilk. Norsemen found butter to be precious because they buried them in large tubs to take them to their afterlife. There was a time when butter had a huge demand in France too.

In the Bible, it is mentioned that a feast was conducted using butter, meat, and milk and so butter is a food that is meant for celebration Many years ago, the milk bags were shaken vigorously and that turned into butter and later they kept the milk in an earthenware container, which made the cream to get separated and to float. And presently they use centrifugation as an efficient method to make butter.

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What does butter contain?

Butter has high calories (102) where one tablespoon of butter consists of 14 grams and it consists of 80% of fat. It also includes different fatty acids more than 400. There are controversies that butter is not good for health, because of the content of high saturated fat. But in the later period, the positive side of the butter was viewed and butter was started to consume by people.

Butter is rich in diary Trans fats which are considered healthy and it contains properties that assist in fighting cancer and also helps in improving the immune functions. It is also rich in vitamins such as vitamin A which is good for vision and the health of the skin, Vitamin E, which is good for the health of the heart, and Vitamin K2 protects against heart diseases.  Calcium is also included which helps in strengthening the bone. Butter helps in maintaining health and in quick reduction of weight.

But it is also found that eating a large amount of butter will result in gaining weight and it causes health issues. And high intake of butter which contains saturated fat will lead to an increase in the level of cholesterol and sometimes according to some research it is blamed for the risk of the heart. Therefore butter is healthy nutrition only if it is consumed at a moderate level. Therefore a high level of butter consumption should be avoided.

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