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Are you bored of using the same common type of mushrooms like white Button, Cremini, and Portobello? If so, try something new like Blue Oyster mushroom. 

One of the most versatile ingredients in the Kitchen is mushrooms and you can cook and eat them in a variety of different ways with tons of flavors and textures. Only a few mushrooms are more satisfying and one of them is the Blue Oyster mushroom is a unique mushroom and a subspecies of the oyster mushroom. 

Read to know more about Blue oyster Mushroom and how you can cook it in many varieties, the taste, usage in the kitchen, nutrition, and the recipes. 

What is a Blue Oyster Mushroom? 

Blue oyster mushroom

It is an edible subspecies of pearl oyster mushrooms with a large blue cap and grayed colored gills. They grow in humid regions on rotting wood and are consumed worldwide. This is named because of the blue color and the subtle oyster flavor. 

The common use of this specific mushroom is to eat. This dish is mostly recognized for its delicious tenderness, with the texture of meat and few amount of chew. To make your standard meals jazzier, you can add blue oyster mushroom. Moreover, it is a delicious side dish and is super easy to prepare. 

Growing the mushroom

Originally these blue mushrooms come from Western Europe. They usually grow effectively in plenty of cool temperatures for them to thrive, and now they are found all around the world. 

You can mostly find them mostly in sub-tropical locations where there are dead trees and rotting logs in forests and mountains with high humidity. These species grow mainly during Spring and Autumn when the temperature is naturally between 55°F and 65°F. 

They will get fruit in temperatures that are as high as 80°F to 90°F, and they prefer humidity of approximately 50% to 70%. 

This is actually a great choice for home-growers as it is attractive to watch while it grows. It needs only a little maintenance and produces a lot of edible fruits. They grow well on any wood-based substrate. 

 These are three main steps for the growth of blue Oyster mushrooms. 

You can get so many mushrooms in a small period of time. For beginners, this is really easy to grow. The fruits will grow rapidly and they will double in size every day. This will start to get strikingly blue and it would turn grey as it matures. 

Can you eat Blue Oyster mushroom? 

mushroom foods

You can eat blue Oyster mushrooms, and the most delicious part is the cap. More than the other Oyster mushrooms, blue Oyster mushrooms have typically a thick cap. It is more edible with a rough texture compared to the rest of the mushrooms. 

There are some people who use discard the entire stem and cook only the caps. The bottom part of almost discarded because it can bit of wood or dirt that is difficult to remove and is simply too tough to consume. 

What does Blue Oyster mushroom taste like? 

The opinions on the taste of Blue Oyster mushroom differ from the person you ask from.

These mushrooms provide an amazing addition to any meal cause they provide a deep umami flavor and meaty texture to any main dish or side dish.  They have a unique flavor and make the dish a bit more delicious than the dishes in which you use the standard mushroom. 

The flavor of the mushroom tends to be more towards the savory side and when cooked they will taste best but are not good to eat in raw preparations. The texture of the Blue Oyster mushroom is a little meaty, delicate, and slightly chewy. 

When you cook them, they will get crispy and the middle one will stay soft and chewy. A great layer of texture and flavor to the dish can be added. The blue oyster subtle also has a seafood flavor. 

When roasting or pan frying them, they get crispy and flavor-rich and it gets enhanced and will be a good balance of savory and sweet. Some people describe them to have a very mild subtle licorice or anise flavor.

You need to clean and separate the mushroom and pan fry or roast them for a perfect crispy taste. You can eat them with sauce, add them to soups or stews and throw them in omelets or frittatas. The ingredient can even be added to the favorite pasta dish, roasted potatoes, and quinoa bowls. 

Blue Oyster mushroom nutrition

If you are trying to follow a meal plan, then Blue Oyster mushrooms because they are loaded with fiber and make you feel full while being low in carbohydrates. If you are looking to reduce the intake of carbs, then this mushroom is the best meal. 

In one cup of Blue oyster mushrooms which is 85 grams, you can get about,

They are also a good source of Vitamin D  to balance the phosphate and calcium levels in the body. This strengthens the bones and teeth. They are also a good source of Vitamin B such as Niacin, Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), and folate. This increases energy. 

The potassium in the ingredient will help to regulate the level of fluids. And vitamin A that is consisted helps to maintain the functioning of the optimal organ and the other amounts of copper, iron, and riboflavin

Blue Oyster also contains Chitin which promotes healthy digestive bacteria and antioxidant properties to reduce oxidative stress. Like many other types of mushrooms, they protect the body against cellular damage and inflammation through antioxidants. 

Blue Oyster mushroom benefits

There are a lot of benefits to eating this specific mushroom. They are really healthy and provide you with essential nutrients. When you consume them,

How to store the mushroom? 

You need to keep them in the fridge once they are harvested and should consume them within a week of picking because they can grow even in the fridge. The mushrooms can be dehydrated using a dryer once they are harvested. 

Make sure to store them in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dry place. Take the dried oyster and place them in the boiling water for two to five minutes, or you can soak them in lukewarm water, or broth for 30 minutes to bring back them to their original state after storing them in the fridge.

Make sure to store them properly. They will be sold in plastic containers with plastic wrap. Transfer it to a paper bag so that they will be allowed to breathe and this prevents them from becoming gross or slimy, moreover, use them within a week. 

If you find them dried, you can use them in soups and other meals that include soaking up in the liquid. But if they get slimy and start to smell, you need to throw them. 

Blue Oyster mushroom recipes

mushroom recipes

Blue Oyster mushroom salad with Grilled Tuna


How to make

First, you need to preheat the grill.  And rub the tuna with olive oil.  Use salt and Zaheer which is a middle Eastern spice blended with dried oregano, sumac,  and sesame seeds to season the Tuna.  Grill the tuna on one side until it marks a dark color and then flips to the other side and continue to grill for 1 minute. 

Toss the mushrooms and the garlic scapes in olive oil and use  Salt and Pepper to season it.  Grill the mushrooms and the garlic scapes until it gets to a soft texture.  Then toss the green and radishes with little olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. 

Then arrange the tuna on the plate and top it with grilled mushroom salad.

Pan fried Blue Oyster mushroom


How to make

Take a large and heavy Skillet and keep it over medium-high heat.  Add the olive oil to it. Spread the mushrooms out in a single layer in the pan.  Cook it for 3 to 5 minutes without disturbing it and wait until it starts to turn brown in color.

Then stir the mushrooms and cook for another three to five minutes until it gets brown in color completely. Add some butter,  garlic, and thyme to the skillet and reduce the heat to low.  Cookies for another 5 to 6 minutes and spoon the butter over the mushrooms until it gets dark brown and slightly crispy.

Remove the thyme springs and season the mushrooms with salt and pepper. And serve it.

 Sautéed Blue Oyster Mushrooms


How to make

The first step is to remove the freshly harvested mushroom into small pieces.  Take a large frying pan and on medium heat, add extra virgin olive oil.   After the oil gets hot add the chopped onions and sauté for 3 minutes.  Add the mushrooms until they have released the high moisture content for 10 minutes.  And make sure that you do not cover it with a lid.

Add the chopped garlic, thyme,  salt, Rosemary, and pepper to the pan and sauté until the moisture in the pan gets evaporated and the mushrooms become Brown.  You will find an aromatic smell.  If you want you can deglaze the pan using white wine for 5 minutes or add error cream and cook for 3 minutes. 

Remove the mushrooms from the heat and sprinkle with hot Pepper seeds,  you can add additional salt.  Serve immediately.

Blue Oyster Mushroom Cream Sauce


How to make

Take a large skillet or a frying pan and heat it over medium heat.  Once it is warmed, add olive oil and let it heat up for about 30  seconds to 1 minute.  Once olive oil is heated, add the shallots and garlic. Stir them around and let them saute for  2 minutes. 

Then add the blue oyster mushrooms and saute with shallots and garlic for 3 minutes. Add the cream,  rosemary, thyme,  salt, and pepper, and bring to a very gentle boil.  Let it sim for about 15 minutes and it should start to reduce and get thick. 

Stir in the butter and continue to let the sauce sim.  Reduce it until it reaches about 1/2  of its original volume.  Turn off the heat and stir the cheese until it is melted and then serve.

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