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Vladimir Putin early life - Journey to the world stage.

If you know about the Russian-Ukrainian war, then you would have surely heard of the name Vladimir Putin, the longest-serving Russian leader. He led the country for more than 2 decades either as a prime minister or the president. He is a man who achieved what he aimed for and has an image of an action man. But apart from his personality in public life, Vladimir Putin early life is extreme. Have you noticed Putin walks by swinging his left hand and does not move his right hand? And it is found that it is because he is following KGB’s training till now. So who is Vladimir Putin? Continue reading to know Vladimir Putin story. 

Vladimir Putin early life

Joseph Stalin was a dictator who ruled the Soviet Union from 1922 until his death in 1953. Joseph Stalin had a personal cook called Spiridon Putin, and he was none other than Vladimir Putin’s grandfather. Putin’s father was a decorated war veteran, and he got married to Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, Putin’s mother at the age of 17. Vladimir Putin was born on October 1st, 1952, in Leningrad, which is now St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Vladimir Putin early life

He was actually the third son, but the only one to survive as his eldest brother died in infancy, and his 2nd brother, was taken from his mother to survive in the siege and died in a children’s home. It was during world war two, that Putin’s father got injured and disabled by a grenade. Vladimir Putin lived with his parents in an apartment with two other families. After the war, Putin’s father took a factory job and his mother swept streets and washed test tubes. Life was not easy, as there was no bathroom, no hot water, a stinking toilet, and constant bickering. Putin spent his time chasing rats with a stick. 

During the Siege of Leningrad, his mother was trapped and nearly starved to death. 

He joined martial arts

Putin was a small built child, short and a slim man. But he was able to hold his own in fights. He decided to join martial art classes. At the age of 16, he was a top-ranked expert in sambo, which is a combination of wrestling and Judo. He attended a prestigious high school, School 281. This school only accepted students with perfect grades. He worked at the school radio station and while at school, fascinated by spy movies, he became interested in a career with KGB. he found that the organization did not take volunteers and handpicked its members, he applied to law school to be selected. And got graduated from Leningrad states university. 

Joined as a Spy

Joined as a Spy

He landed the job with KGB, the only one in his class of one hundred to be chosen. He was assigned to a branch responsible for recruiting foreigners who will work to gather information for KGB intelligence. In 1985, he was sent to Dresden, East Germany, and lived undercover. He appeared to genuinely enjoy spending time with Germans and respected their culture. 

In the 1980s, he met his wife, Lyudmila,  a former teacher of French and English. 

Vladimir Putin entered politics

Putin was a firm believer in changes. In 1989, the Berlin wall which stood as a borderline separating East from West Germany, for forty years, was broken down and the two united as one. Putin was disappointed and the soviet leadership had not managed it properly. It was during that time Vladimir Putin entered politics. He went to work for Anatoly Sobchak, the mayor of St.Peterburg and in 1994, he became the deputy mayor. 

He seemed not worthy

In 1996, Sobchak lost his mayoral campaign, and so Putin was offered a job with victor but declined out of loyalty. In the next year, Putin received a letter to join President Boris Yeltsin’s inner circle as deputy chief administrator of the Kremlin. In 1999, he was named secretary of the security council, which advises the president on matters of foreign policy, national security, and military and law enforcement. 

Yeltsin appointed Putin as a prime minister and many thought that he was not worthy of succeeding the ill president, because of Putin’s little political experience, and his appearance and personality seemed to be boring. 

The rise of his popularity

Then came the war in Chechnya. It was during this war, Putin’s popularity increased as he blamed the Chechen terrorist for various bombings in Moscow and other places, and used harsh words to criticize his enemies.

The rise of his popularity

In 1999, December, elections were held and Putin was not a candidate but was the obvious front-runner in the upcoming presidential race that was scheduled for June 2000. But Yeltsin unexpectedly stepped down as a president and named Putin as acting president. A little was known about him due to his secretive background as a KGB agent, and so it caused many westerners and some Russia to question whether he should be feared as an enemy.

But he promised to protect the basic principles of civilized society. In 2008, he made Dmitry Medvedev the president and he became the prime minister. But then on May 6th, 2012, he was in the election for the third term, and so protests took place in Moscow the day before his inauguration marred by violence. 

The Russian-Ukrainian war

In 2014, the Russia-Ukrainian war began with Vladimir Putin. Before both the nations were members of the communist soviet union. By 2013, Ukraine wanted closer ties with western Europe and on the other hand, president Viktor Yanukovych wanted closer ties with Russia. The protest began, and violence broke out overthrowing Pro-Russian Yanukovych. During the period of Vladimir Putin, Russia initiated a military attack and the war started. 

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