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Usain Bolt Biography

Who would you think of, when asked about the fastest man? The answer would be Usain Bolt. This name is known to almost the entire world because there has been no one to match his speed on the race. Usain Bolt biography is something you need to know as he is the fastest man on earth and one of the greatest athletes of all time, holding a world record for the 100m and 200 m distance.

He is the first person who has broken his own records. Although he is retired now, he is still considered the greatest sprinter of all time. He is an inspiration for many growing up in a small town in Jamaica to becoming a champion in Olympics. He is even an inspiration to the sportspersons from all the fields. 

How did he achieve in his life? And what is his success story? 

The start of Usain bolt Biography

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt was born on August 21st, 1986 in Sherwood which was a small town in Jamaica. He was born in a poor family to his father Wellesley Bolt and mother Jennifer Bolt who ran a general store in a small village. He was raised with his brother Sadiki Bolt and sister Sherine Bolt. 

During his childhood, the village was not that developed. There were no streetlights and no drinking water. People have to line up in front of the public tap to drink water. Bolt had no other source of entertainment but sports. He loved to play and he use to play cricket and football with his brother and friends. He didn’t think about anything other than sports. 

He was born a week and a half later, but he was a hyperactive child. His parents found that he is not an ordinary child, and found that something is special about him. From then onwards, his mother was paying attention to Usain’s food. 

In an annual national primary school meet, he showed his sprint potential by running. He became the school’s fastest runner over the 100 meters distance. Usain Bolt had the aim of becoming a sportsperson, but he was confused on choosing whether it is cricket or football. 

He shifted to a new high school and there his cricket coach noticed the speed of Bolt on the pitch and encouraged him to try track and field events. The former Olympians Pablo McNeil and Dwayne Jarrett encouraged him to focus on his energy on improving his abilities in athletics. 

Usain was not able to get sports shoes, and it was the school management who got him the shows and trained him. 

Bolt was trained for various high school championships and in the year 2001, he won his first annual high school championships and got silver. 

His journey in athletics

Usain Bolt athletics

In 2001, it was at the age of 15, he represented Jamaica in the Caribbean regional competition and won the silver medal in 400 m and 200 m races. He won 3 medals including a gold in the world junior championship in 2002. 

He knee injury

It was during the race in 2002, that he suffered from a knee injury. Because of this injury, in May 2004, he faced many difficulties in the Olympics and he was not able to win any medal. Still, he never gave up. After getting his treatments, he practiced for the next Olympics. 

He made the world record

In the 2008 Olympics, he won gold medals in all the three 100m, 200m race,s and 400, relay races defeating all the other players. It was a world record because no one had won three gold medals in the Olympics before. Again after 2008, he was able to win gold medals in 100m and 200m races in all the Olympics and this became another world record. 

fastest man

There was no magic he did to become the fastest man, but it was because of his focused training, consistency, and talent, that he obtained a total of eight Olympic gold medals across a 12-year period. In 2008, Bolt completed 100m in 9.69 seconds. In Beijing Summer Olympics, he finished the quarterfinals and semi-finals in 9.92 and 9.85 seconds and made it to the finals. He completed the 200m race in 19.19 seconds in the finals and made records. 

Personal life

If Usain bolt was not a runner, today he would have been the fast bowler in cricket. He is fond of dance and a fan of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, Sachin Tendulkar, Chris Gayle, and Waqar Yunus. He lives a disciplined life and he was awarded the Laureus world sportsman of the year 2009. 

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