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What would come to your mind if I asked you “Who is Tom Holland?” Most of you would think of Spiderman. Yes, if you are a fan of Spider-man, then you would know Tom Holland for portraying the role of Peter Parker in Spiderman

The name Tom Holland has become a household name for the popular portrayal of his role in the movie playing as a teenager who becomes a superhero after being bitten by a radioactive spider.

But apart from that really who is Tom Holland and what is Tom Holland story? A few years ago, he was actually an actor with a background in the theatre. So how did he become famous?

Keep reading to find out more about Tom Holland and how he became one of the most popular faces in Hollywood?

Who is Tom Holland? 

Tom Holland

Tom Holland fully known as Thomas Stanley Holland is an English actor and dancer. He began his career in the field of acting on the stage for ‘West End’ for the role of “Billy Elliot the Musical” from 2008 to 2010. His hard work and efforts made him accomplish a lot over the years and through his dancing and acting career, he was able to be recognized and achieve international fame. 

Tom Holland net worth by 2022 is estimated to be $18 million. He portrayed Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero films Spiderman: Homecoming, in which Robert Downey Jr starred,  Captain America: Civil war, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Spider-Man: Far from Home, and so on. In 2017, at the age of 20, Holland won the BAFTA rising star award and was recognized to be the second-youngest recipient at that time. 

He received the London Film Critics Circle award for young British Performance of the year, for the role he performed in the 2012 film ‘The Impossible’. 

The early life of Tom Holland

Tom Holland was born on June 1st, 1996 in Kingstone Upon Thames, London, England. He was brought up in a well-settled family. He was born to Dominic Holland who was a stand-up comedian and author while his mother Nikki Holland a professional photographer. His father was in the industry for over 30 years. 

Tom is the oldest of four children with his brothers Harry Holland, Sam Holland, and Paddy Holland. Harry and Sam are twins.

Tom Holland went to ‘Donhead Preparatory School’,  which is a free Day School arranged in Wimbledon,  South West London. 

During his school days, he showed an intense interest in dance and began going to dance classes. He got his interest in dancing to the music of Janet Jackson. And so his father and mother noticed Tom’s natural rhythm and signed him to classes. 

But he was experiencing suffering from his classmates for choosing dance. After finishing his school Training, he went to Wimbledon college and got graduated in 2012.  Then he went to the renowned ‘BRIT School for performing arts and Technology’. There he took in the subtleties of acting and moving. 

His debut as a titular character

Holland has a natural interest in theatre. So he went on to take dance classes at UK-based studio Nifty feet. Following the performance at the 2006 Richmond Dance festival, the owner of the studio, Lynne Page was convinced to try out for Billy Elliot the Musical. He arranged the movie Billy Elliot (2000) and Tom Holland was about to take the role and he played Michael, the friend of Billy.

Tom Holland in Billy Elliot

Actually, Tom had never done ballet, tap, singing, or acting before and was never cast in any of his school plays. Although he had lack of experience, he was still caught in the eye of the director Stephen Daldry

It approximately took two and half years to prepare including ballet, tap, and acrobatic lessons before acting as Michael, and then in 2008, he finally went on to the stage as Billy at Victoria Palace Theatre in London’s West end. 

The children who participated in the Billy Elliot were all exceptional talents and it was impossible for one to stand out from them, but Tom Holland was able to show his uniqueness. 

The 2012 movie the Impossible

How did Tom Holland become famous? Before concluding Holland’s run in the music, he was the lead role with three other performers in 2010. And then he was selected to star in a special fifth-anniversary show before leaving the role. 

His performance impressed the musical’s composer, rock legend Elton John. Two months after leaving the musical, Holland won an audition for the starring role in the disaster drama The Impossible which was his cinematic debut. He scored a role in the UK dub voice acting role for the studio Ghibli animated film Arriett in 2011. 

Holland co-starred Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor in the movie ‘The Impossible’ and was universally praised upon the film’s release in 2012. It was actually based on a true story of the struggle for one family to survive and reunite in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The character of Tom Holland was noted widely and the film garnered him several awards. 

He was said to be so professional and he was more connected with the story than other actors of his age. These movies firmly established him as one of the industry’s promising young talents as he shined as an adolescent who tends to his injured mother and searches for his missing father. 

It was around the same year, that Tom Holland was cast by the Oscar-winning director, Kevin McDonald in how I live now.   According to him,  Tom Holland had done  Billy Elliot and that gave him the confidence of having him on the stage in front of thousands of people night after night.  Tom Holland was enthusiastic to do his role. 

Tom Holland Spiderman

Tom Holland in Spiderman

Holland had the edge because of his experience as a gymnast.  Holland auditioned the Spider-Man in a scene in the script of him flipping. Marvel didn’t want him to do this,  as they feared that he would break his neck.  But Joe Russo was encouraging him to do it. 

His brother Harry was doubtful because it became six weeks since the last audition in Holland and there was no response.  But then the president of Marvel, Kevin Feige called Holland and confirmed that he got the part. 

After the following versions that were led by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, Holland became the youngest to be cast in the role.

He then landed a supporting role in the 2015 BBC historical miniseries Wolf Hall. Then he launched the path to global stardom with an announcement that he would take the role of Peter Parker for the latest reboot of Spider-Man. He was chosen as he was much close to the age of Peter Parker’s role. 

He did the role of Spider-man in Captain America: Civil war (2016) and the film became monstrous and had a business achievement netting more than $1.1 billion worldwide. And this movie became the most earning film in the year 2016. 

It obtained Holland, a Guinness Book of World Records title as the most youthful entertainer to play a lead pot in the MCU.  

Following this,  he played  Spider-Man in Motion Pictures,  which paved a good Foundation for himself throughout the years.  He became an inspiration for the youths and genuine motivation for them to follow their fantasies. 

His Lip Sync Battle

He competed against the Spider-man costar Zendaya and impressed fans by lip-syncing Rihanna’s Umbrella on the spike show by Paramount Network. 

He wore a suit and hat and twirled an umbrella as “Singin’ in the Rain” played. And this start of his routine reminded people of his theater roots and then, he dressed in drag and danced as water poured down. Tom Holland said that he got more compliments on the lip sync battle than he did for any of his actual work. 

His other movie works

who is Tom Holland

He starred in the ‘Edge of Winter’ and played the role of ‘Bradley Baker’ in the year 2016. He was also a part of the movie ‘A monster Call’. In 2017, he starred in a movie directed by James Gray called the ‘The Lost City of Z’. and other successful movies were ‘Pilgrimage’ and ‘The Current War’. 

He was seen reprised in the role of Spider-man in Avengers on 27 April 2018 and later starred in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. In 2019, July, the movie Spider-Man: far from Home was released and gained huge success. 

His voice in the animated film “Spies in Disguise” in 2019 by the blue sky studios and then in 2020, he voiced in the action film ‘ Dolittle’, as a dog and the ‘Lightfoot’, an Elf in the animated film, ‘ Onward’.   He starred in the psychological thriller movie directed by Antonio Campos, ‘ the devil all the time’. 

​​He recently appeared in the film adaptation of Doug Liman’s book “Chaos walking” which starred  Nick Jonas and Daisy Ridley.  Is also staying in ‘uncharted’ that was based on a video game series co-starring Mark Wahlberg. 

Sony and marvel co-produced the  3rd Spider-Man film including The Amazing Spider-Man 2. 

His personal life

Tom Holland’s brothers Harry and same made their debut actings in small roles alongside Tom in 2012’s The Impossible. While Paddy Holland did a role in the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly-led Holmes and Watson were credited as Tough kid. 

Tom directed a short film called Tweet and he cast his brothers and parents in which Holland clan star as themselves. The brothers also launched the non-profit organization brothers trust with the help of their parents and this helped host charity events in 2017. 

He is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors and Spider-Man kept him busy. 

BRIT School for performing arts and Technology

He received his early education at Donhead, a Roman Catholic Preparatory School.  After the movie The Impossible,  he followed in his footsteps in many notable talents by enrolling in a two-year course at the BRIT School for performing arts and Technology.  This school was teaching children aged 8 to 16 and was well known for its famous alumni. 

Tom Holland had not much room in his busy schedule for a traditional college experience. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya

In the Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker is nothing without Mary Jane in the traditional Marvel Comics universe.  And she is  Peter parker’s long-time love interest. But in the  Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Michelle Jones, peter parker’s less than friendly High School classmate. This role was played by Zendaya

It was rumored that MJ and Peter are intended to be a love interest,  and the fans had doubts about whether this relationship goes beyond the big screen. Zendaya has been known to spend a lot of time with her co-star. 

They denied the dating rumor. And They have been super careful to keep it private and out of the eyes of the public, but they have gone on vacations with each other and spent as much time as possible with one another. 

Holland found fame as soon as he debuted as the web-slinging superhero in the 2016’s Captain America: Civil war. Zendaya joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe after her beau and entered the limelight years earlier while starring on Disney Channel hits, including Shake It Up and KC Undercover.

Due to the nature of their relationship, It isn’t clear exactly how long the couple has been dating. They were first linked in 2017, and they have both had other relationships since then.

The stars confirmed their relationship last July and their fans are eager to know on are Tom Holland and Zendaya are engaged. Speculation began about their engagement as fans noticed a yellow ring on her fingers.

Final thoughts

Tom Holland has been nominated for about 34 awards and won 16 out of them. He has shown us on following our passion and walk past the criticism. He always chose to look for opportunities and never give up in life. He kept on chasing his dreams with confidence although he had no experience before. He followed his hard work and efforts to grab the chances of his roles, to make you know who is Tom Holland. 

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