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Jared Leto

There are a few actors who work with so much dedication to giving life to the role they play. And one such actor is Jared Leto. He is recognized as an American actor, video and music director, and lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band “30 seconds to Mars”. He makes impressive commitments to his role. The life story of Jared Leto is filled with a troubling past, and he has done things that most of us will never do. He does not spare his health when he wants to get into things and as a result, he won appreciation for his works. 

The Life story of Jared Leto

Childhood of Jared

Jared Joseph Leto was born on December 26th,  1971 in Bossier City, Louisiana. When Jared was too young enough to remember, his father left the family and so he spent his life with his mother, Constance, and his brother Shannon. Jared was not able to see his father again, as he suicide for reasons unknown when he was eight years old. Jared, his brother, and his mother moved to live with the grandparents, where his grandfather served in the military and so Jared moved to many places in the United States. 

Financial struggles

Life story of Jared Leto

The family was struggling with finances and Constance was a single mom for much of Jared’s youth. She never finished high school and was poor. But she managed to make a better life for herself, Jared, and Shannon. She made them love arts and Jared was always surrounded by various musicians, painters, actors, and photographers. At a young age, he started to play music. Later Constance married Carl Letto, who adopted Jared and his brother and gave them his last name. But even this marriage didn’t last for a long time. 

Interest in filmmaking 

He enrolled at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a visual art major. But later he got interested in filmmaking and shifted to a school of visual arts in New York City. 

Drug addict

At the age of 16,  he had very little Direction. As a teenager, he went deep into becoming a drug dealer and was involved in petty theft.  But later he managed to get his life under control. He refrained from drinking and drugs. 

Career life

He moved to Los Angeles to pursue directing, and at the age of 22, he did his role as Jordan Catalano in My-So-Called-Life and became a teen heartthrob. 

Jared Leto biography

Jared and his brother Shannon played together in 30 Seconds to Mars, a controversial arena-rock band. Jared Leto had no ambition to become a celebrity or a rockstar. He believed in the power of music to bring people together.  The band set a Guinness World Record for most live shows in 2011 with 309 concerts.  The actor made a documentary about his complicated Journey,  titled Artifact. 

The roles he did

He chooses roles that need risky physical and psychological transformation.  His first extreme role was to play a heroine Junkie in Requiem for a dream in 2000. To make the role look true, he lost a ton of weight and hung out with junkies on the streets of New York. He tried to become one of the group.  He did not eat and later he was struggling to eat and experienced health complications like liver damage and bone marrow loss. As well he gained 65 pounds of weight for the role of John Lennon’s assassin, Mark Chapman. He ended up in a wheelchair and walking became painful. 

Jared Leto  band

He then dropped to a measly 116 pounds for his award-winning movie where he played a transgender in Dallas Buyers Club. He only ate half a cucumber for an entire day. For his hunger, he used to chew on the shoe leather. He shaved his eyebrows and came into the form of a woman’s body without any undergoing surgery. 

He took on the Joker role. But the public was not thrilled by his interpretation of the infamous DC Comics villain in Suicide Squad in 2016. He terrorized his castmates and never broke his character. He sent a letter to Margot Robbie a love letter in a black box with a live rat, bullets to Will Smith, and sent a dead pig to the cast. 

Whether it is a failure or a success, Jared never fails to give his effort to make things successful. He is still in the film industry giving his best to make the roles look real. 

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