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Rowan Atkinson

If you are a fan of the series Mr.Bean, then you also like Rowan Atkinson, who played the character of Mr.Bean. He is an English actor, comedian, and writer having a net worth of $150 million. And he is recognized as one of the masters of physical comedy and appeared in a range of roles that showed his comedic range and skills. But did you know the story behind his success? So many failures and rejections in life, but he used his weakness which was the reason for such rejections and failures to become one of the world’s popular comedians.  

If you are a fan of Mr. Bean, then this biography of Rowan Atkinson will be interesting for you to read. 

The success story of Rowan Atkinson 

Speaking disability of Rowan Atkinson

He was born on January 6th, 1955 in Durham, England to his parents Eric Atkinson and Ella May. He was the youngest among the four boys. His father was a farmer and he was raised with his two brothers in the Anglican household, whereas his third brother died when he was young. Rowan had a speaking disability with a lack of fluency and flow of speech when he was young. This disability made him suffer terribly. His schoolmates bullied and teased him for his looks and his stammering and so he became a shy, timid and withdrawn child with no friends. 

Proved everyone wrong

Atkinson Rowan

He was interested in studying science but he was criticized by his teacher that she doesn’t expect him to be a fantastic scientist, but he proved them wrong when he was placed at Oxford University. When he was studying for his degree in electronic and electrical engineering he was interested in acting, but due to his stammering issue, he focused on completing his degree. 

Failures he faced

He got really interested in acting after completing his master’s degree and started chasing his dream to become an actor. He was enrolled in a comedy group but he was not able to perform due to his speaking disability. This was the barrier that made him face several hardships. But still, he went for auditions and several Tv shows but was rejected in everything. His looks, body, and his stammering problem obstruct his growth in acting. 

Rowan Atkinson on a Mini at Goodwood Circuit in 2009

Believed in himself 

He had a great passion for making people laugh and focused on making his original comedy sketches.  And then he realized that whenever he played a character other than himself, he was able to speak fluently. And so used this as an inspiration for his acting and this changed rowan’s life. 

His career and creation of Mr.Bean

Mr. bean title card

His first work was in the world of radio and in 1979, he performed a radio show called the Atkinson people where Rowan interviewed and exhibited impressive voice acting skills. His first television show was canned laughter. He then started appearing in many projects and series. In 1990, he represented the iconic character Mr. Bean and from this point onwards he was broadcasted until 1995 and created movies centered around the character.

This character was created by Rowan himself during the times of Oxford university and this character resembled a child in a grown man’s body trying to solve tasks in different ways and making them more complicated. The series was created as an inspiration for his speaking disorder as a strange and non-speaking character. This made him famous globally, by his fifth episode of Mr.bean viewed by 18.4 million viewers. 

He is an inspiration 

Despite his looks and disabilities that made him rejected for many roles, he proved that you can be one of the most respected and loved actors even without a heroic body and Hollywood face. Through one of his series, he taught us that we can find our own happiness, without depending on anyone else. Criticism, opinions, and discrimination were defeated by the trust Rowan had in himself. He never gave up, instead, he moved forward and then life rewarded him. 

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