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Robert Downey Jr

So you like Robert Downey Jr. as most of you are fans of Iron man. But before Iron man character comes into the life of Robert, do you know how his life was? What did he go through? He faced ups and downs, he faced criticism, many left him, but still he managed to be successful, and now is considered as one of the versatile performers and gifted actors in Hollywood. Continue reading more on what struggles he went through to reach his current status. 

Biography of Robert Downey Jr. 

Robert Downey Jr. in full Robert John Downey Jr. was born on April 4th, 1965 in New York City. His father was Robert Downey Sr., an underground filmmaker and mother an actress, and so he was actually born in a family that had a cinematic background. So Robert got chances in movies to play roles as a child artist and made his first debut at the age of 5. But still Robert didn’t have a pleasant childhood, because he was surrounded by drugs, as his father was addicted to them and in order to have a good bond, his father gave Robert drugs at the age of 6.   

Although he was praised for his acting, his childhood life was terrible due to drug addiction. When he reached the age of 13, his parents got divorced and so he had to stay with his father in California. He then started consuming drugs and alcohol every night and so he dropped out of school. Robert started to continue his career in small theatre roles and began to grow. He participated as a youngster in the Saturday Night Live.

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But he was often criticized and was fired due to terrible ratings. He was struggling with career and then he got some attention from movies like ‘less than zero’ which portrays the life of a drug addict whose life goes out of control. This movie gave him so much praise and he said that it was similar to his life and Chaplin movie was a hit, where Robert practiced violin and left handed to be more authentic. He had a method acting and lived as a Charlie Chaplin character in 1992. And he was one of the nominees in the academy awards for best actor. 

He dated an actress and got married to her and after 2 years they got a son. But even then, Robert didn’t stop using drugs and then he hit the rock bottom. He gets late for shoots, where he stays hyper in the morning and silent in the night. His acting career went down in 1996, and was projected badly by the media, and he used drugs to escape from reality. He was arrested multiple times for possessing heroin and cocaine from 1996 to 2000, and was sent to rehab to get rid of them. But still he was not able to come out from it. 

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At a point, his marriage life seemed more problematic, due to his high consumption of drugs and so his wife and son left him. Due to so many issues, he finally decided to get rid of the drugs and became involved in yoga, meditation, Kung-fu and so desired for a drug-free life. He gave a comeback to movies and did small roles and led a life.

In 2007, Marvel cinematic was planning for the movie Iron man and was struggling to find a perfect match for the role. They then selected Robert to play the role and found him to be the best fit. The movie made billions worldwide and he became one of the world’s most influential people. It had the highest grossing and it created an image that no other person can fit the role of Iron man more than Robert Downey Jr. His roles became famous in comic book fans and his acting and attitude made him establish himself and became one of the favorites of the fans. 

The movie Tropic thunder was a good movie that received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor. He also starred in Sherlock Holmes and won many hearts. He appeared in many blockbuster movies and won awards and today he is one of the best and most expensive actors.  Robert spends time with children who are sick and helps the addicts who are struggling to get rid of drugs. His inspiring story tells us that no matter how worse your life is, you can always get rid of it and achieve what you want.   

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