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Welcome to the 1st biography of Infinitum Tuesday. We are here for you to discover interesting biographies of the famous personalities in the world. Today we have come up with the story of a person who was the greatest humanitarian ever. “Whoever saves one life, save the world entire”, is a quote that reminds about a person known as Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of over 1000 Jews during the holocaust. How did one man manage to save and make deep connections with the victims?

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The Biography of Oskar Schindler

Oskar Schindler is a German industrialist and was in the Nazi Party. He was known as a war profiteer and a Nazi spy. He was a great human who saved 1000 Jews by providing employment in his enamelware and factories and was a hero to many of the Jews.

Schindler was born on April 28, 1908, in Svitavy town (Zwittau) in the region of the Czech Republic, and lived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which is in the region of Sudetenland. He was a catholic and an ethnic German and held Czech citizenship after the Czechoslovak Republic was newly established in 1918. Schindler was dismissed from school for doing false in his report card and so he moved into doing a series of odd jobs like working on his father’s farm, selling government properties, and opening a driving school and in the later period he served in the army of Czechoslovaks and then in 1928 he got married to Emilie.

He was a person who enjoyed life with excessive drinking, womanizing and had no interest in having personal responsibilities. Schindler was interested in making quick money and he started seeking business opportunities. In 1936, he worked for the German Armed forces in the office of military foreign intelligence. He joined the Nazi party in 1939 after annexing the Sudetenland with German, and as he was an opportunist for profit, he managed to convince the Nazis through bribes and acquired the lease of the former enamel factory owned by Jewish.  

Nazis established a city called ghetto and many industrialists used the forced labor of Jews and so Schindler too used Jews residing in the Ghetto by paying low wages to work in his factory and obtained extraordinary high profits. But in the later period, he began to connect with his Jew workers and built a personal relationship. And his daily interaction with his workers made him connect politically where he then started saving the lives of Jews instead of looking for profits. In the camps of Nazis, he protected his workers from death.

He bribed and gave gifts to the Nazis to help him save the lives of his Jew workers, where once when the Nazi ordered the Jews in the camps to be shipped to a killing center, Schindler put a list of over 1000 of his men, women, and children and influenced to transport them to a new factory of him and saved them by bribing the officials of the Nazis. He protected them until the world war came to an end.

After the war ended, Schindler was penniless and so moved to West Germany with his wife and got financial assistance from the relief organization of Jewish. He tried moving to the United States due to the threats he received from the Nazi officers but it was declined. But later he moved to Argentina with his wife and his Jewish workers. His financial woes continued and his new businesses repeatedly failed and so he depended on the charity of the Jews of Schindler.

On October 9, 1974, he died due to liver failure and was buried on Mount Zion in Jerusalem as he wished. In 1993, he was honored with the title of ‘Righteous among the nations’ because of his efforts to save the lives of Jews.

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